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  1. MonMarty

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    Jun 30, 2012
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    Regalia V6 is starting pre-production soon, but before we can begin, we need to have a rough understanding of how we want to lay out the city. The Yanar District and the Hangman road were great concepts on paper, but the execution often left much to be desired, because of how chaotically these districts were organized, and how little common space there often was that didn't rely on Staff to do decoration for.

    The Community Street Polling is kind of like a test of interest to continue and ramp up the idea of Community Streets or Neighborhoods to encourage more rp between houses instead of in houses, or away from the houses. The idea is that a bunch of players all rent properties around a communal garden or street, and that they manage a list of users that have edit rights to this communal garden or street, thus allowing the players to edit it to whatever they want at any time without Staff intervention. Want to host a street BBQ? you can set it up. Want to create a community garden? Change it any time you like.

    In theory this sounds great, but again, on paper, it is very hard to manage. Hangmanroad and the Yanar district only succeeded because of the communities behind it. There was once one for the Allar District too, but that one died out when the population died, and it could be said that Hangmanroad is also on its last legs in V6 right now. Before we start planning out the road map for V6, it is as such important to understand what the relation between community streets and single-rental properties should be. The current design layout is something like this and because it's off the main streets, we have a lot of room for unique thematic designs or housing styles, to give a really strong theme vibe to the area. The eventual community area would look some something like this though obviously with the understanding that all the buildings here are placeholder templates.

    So. In order to know how many of these we need, and in what styles, this thread exists less as a registration, and more as an interest polling thread. While a registration thread may well easily flow from this thread, it should not be considered official for now.

    How to Poll for a Neighborhood/Community Street

    You need:

    • 9 Player Characters , no less, but up to a maximum of 11. It is in theory possible to create underground housing as well, but only if a community is so large that it is absolutely necessary, in which case, sign up 22 players. It is also possible to create 2 neighborhood districts right next to each other, so 2x9 or 2x11 housing. If that is the case, mention it on the final point of the Sign up Template.
    • Characters that are considered "Mains". Housing like this isn't for side characters or characters that aren't really active. Side characters that you play less than 30% of the time should co-habit other characters or make use of one of the apartment complexes.
    • Characters cannot be Clandestine owners/co-owners or Noble Estate owners/Noble Estate family members. This is because these people already have custom private areas. If a noble has a really active side character, a case can be made for that character to be recorded, but primarily, nobles and clandestine progression system people should make use of clandestine bases / Noble estates.
    • Co-habitation is strongly encouraged. When V6 comes out, there will not be enough houses for everyone, and housing combining by breaking down walls between them is no longer possible. Consider putting siblings/lovers in the same house together.
    To Sign up:
    • Reply to this thread:
    • List at least 9 Character names + their associated Usernames up to a max of 11.
      • While you have 9 to 11 slots for housing, you can assign 2 or 3 names for a single slot, in the case of co-habitation.
    • List the District where this neighborhood should be from the list below:
      • Hightown: The classy/rich district.
      • The Commons: The harbor/commerce/common district.
      • Crooktown: Previously Crookback Bay & Old Town combined
    • State some sort of theme, like Ithanian or Alt-Regalian or Varran or Sihai.
    • State some sort of special decor if not, ignore this point. All decors:
      • Greenhouse: Glass roof over the communal Garden
      • Lake: Communal garden is instead a lake or cistern.
      • Sewerline: Communal garden becomes a Sewer Entrance.
      • Indoor: Communal garden becomes an indoor bazaar instead.
      • Cityedge: If you want to live on the city's edge instead in perhaps tents outside the city.
    • Anything else you think is necessary to add.
    Signing up will not guarantee a neighborhood or common street is made, this is purely for polling interest. That being said, we are inclined to work with people who sign up early if their concept is accepted for a neighborhood, and if it is accepted, then the usernames recorded have a guaranteed house reserved for them +1 month of rent paid for.
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  2. SupremeCripple

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    May 10, 2013
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    Character Names |

    Sterke-enn House
    Sigrid | ArtisticPlanet
    Aren | Diablodonut

    Viduggla Estate
    Garth | BeashSlap
    Ardige| Hydralana
    Tuija | annie_short
    Tove| falcvns
    Frejnir | OliverOnly

    Larkson House
    James | Bwmwags3
    Hermeaus | Bayonettarded

    Haagenvig House
    Rolf | FarmerBlakeyBoy
    Markus | CainsTedTalk

    'The Boys' House
    Zsasza Kosmatka | RaggedyGrace

    District |

    Theme |

    Special Decor |

    Extra Notes |
    Possibly a fighting pit and statues of the Old Gods within the communal garden, as well as a Helbolwen too, if possible.

    Listing organized by the helpful AtticCat. Thanks for organizing us.
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  3. HeyitsNano

    HeyitsNano Regalian Lesser Supremium

    May 7, 2017
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    Character Names |

    Keen Residence
    - Alaric Keen (HeyitsNano)

    de Piedmont Residence
    - Violetta de Piedmont | Audianna
    - Pierre de Piedmont | Cap
    - Anne de Piedmont | Lilbeast_23
    - Elliott de Piedmont | Simplytriumphant
    - Ambrose de Piedmont | Matt_dayman

    Rossolet Residence
    - David Rossolet | Faunfire

    Myriil Residence
    - Myriil | Faith_Bug

    Xilynn Residence
    - Zhoron Xilynn (RadioMike99)

    Singhateh Residence
    - Wasa Singhateh (sarpbp)

    Archblood Residence
    - Andro Solzas (cowboys0211)

    Jones Residence
    - Ben Jones (Chrothicovic)
    - Augustin Mohren | Legoclub22

    Chef/Cook Residence
    - Amidee Cera | plumu

    - Hightown

    Purist community/anti-aberrant neighborhood

    Special Decor
    Garden with seating to have central roleplay hub for the community

    Extra Notes
    Fighting pit, signs hinting anti-aberrant likeliness
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  4. Nixces

    Nixces Gremlin Cat Nyan-binary

    Nov 22, 2016
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    Rose Court
    Have more than 11 people but have 10 houses in total. Each description was written by the individual house owners. The requests were also collected from each participant. The majority of the neighborhood is made up of main characters, all house owners are mains. The majority of the characters listed center around the Nook & Cranny and Honeydew Clinic roleplay wise and we plan to keep up the activity.

    Health Insurance Scam House 01
    Aya Drevis | @Aspenn_ | Owner
    Percival | @Distressor | Roommate
    Nyima | @Catannine | Roommate
    Finn | @zomgsevey | Brother

    • One of the cleaner houses in the neighborhood, doubling as the Honeydew Clinic and Pharmacy

    House Blackhawk 02
    Fen’nan Solaveira | @Nirnro0t | Owner
    Milo Shinseki | @Plt_Hasagi | Roomate
    Oma | @Qoll | Roomate

    • One of the more larger, (fanciful?) houses in the neighborhood, equipped to be used as a criminal hangout/meeting spot.
    Old Roommates 03
    Sylvi Valendal | @skullpanda90 | Owner
    Bruce | @FluffHairBebop | Roomate

      • A cozy, small house situated much further from the other houses. Cramped, but in a warm and homey sort of fashion. Very little windows. A very private pair.

    House Lykke 04
    Sibÿllad Lykke | @Sujitation | Owner
    Molly (Lykke) | @OliverOnly | Wife/Roomate
    Isobel/Kaina | @FrostedDewDrop | Kid/Roomate

      • The Largest home, if possible, so that the larger characters don’t need to squish into a small space. It’s just a standard home, gonna be used to parties, with some orange and grey coloring. Homey, but spacious, and be creative with the space I guess.

    Rat Shack 05
    Yuri | @MrSpideyPool | Owner
    Vael | @PapidaCarrot | Roommate
    Ashton | @wolfen_ | Roommate

      • A horribly run down house with boarded up windows and little furniture beyond blankets and rugs. Not well taken care of.

    Tin Can 06
    Abad| @Bruh | Owner

      • A weird looking house, hoping I can have some hidden rooms. Relatively decent shape, though not the best

    Paella Palace 07
    Catalina/Imizael idk| @zuwuwa | Owner
    Calypso Kato| @aesthotic | Roomie

      • A very cozy, cluttered and eclectic house, bright and reminiscent of the warm shores of Daendroc. Open to all, probably literally no door at all - a welcoming space OVERWHELMED by shades of orange and blue. Just cute and probably overly disorganized

    House Pavise 08
    Zelgius Pavise | @KingdomKnightz | Owner

      • A nicer home, yet humble in appearance. Nothing too intricate, with shades of dark brown tones. Possibly a balcony, but it's not needed. Very clean and orderly, displaying a more Burdigalan feel upon closer examination.
    Folen's Fort 09
    Folen Thaynore | @Timetotalk | Owner

      • A nicely-sized home that has it's share of secret places to be found within it's rather comfortable dwellings. Big enough to sponsor some guests, while also being double-used for Pack-related or Criminal activities.
    Luci's Nest 10
    Luci | @falcvns | Owner

    • A house that blends in with the rest of the neighborhood but holds an Ithanian twist.(edited)


    District | Commons District, preferably next to Crooktown.
    Theme | Rose Court/Nestled Nook , Slummy and overgrown with flowers. Worn down with multiple attempts to make it look presentable.
    Special Decor | N/A
    Extra Notes/Requests |
    -Two gates adjacent from one another.
    - Tree in the center of the neighborhood
    - Would like to be close to the Nook & Cranny + Honeydew Clinic
    - Small lake + Tables/benches outside
    - Well
    - Would like to be close to a sewer entrance (If sewers still apply.)
    - Reading Nook/picnic blanket
    -Sparing Area
    - Would like to be close to Nadies
    - Skullpanda would like (1) burning barrel.
    - Garden
    - Corners/alleyways/hidden out of sight areas are ratty and slummy
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  5. Lazzulai

    Lazzulai no. Staff Member Quest1

    Feb 4, 2014
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    1. Bera Syllbess (CRASHIR), Eihnherjar (Bahmboozled)
    2. Aeawyn (Lazzulai), Ingemar (Caelamus), Paedon Syllbess (Molagballin)
    3. Aeda'lyn Kee'lyth (Sneakylinguine)
    4. Fae (Joglak), Faran (Sevenbirds)
    5. Ysil Yahdga (Hoshiwomp)
    6. Canzawa (Good Dreamer), Zahzo Ssalerzyra (AWildRhia)
    7. Heidi (Goldifish)
    8. Va'la Tahruil (Ziggystardusted)
    9. Callon Corthro (Restiv)
    10. Lzalizali Zz’lissaav (Zubile)
    11. Boromar (killianvanbaste1)
    12. Osira (Anseran)
    13. Celeste (Thatburningfox)
    14. Connak Fayden (Tonybones)
    15. Beryl Castion (Malir_bromtor)
    16. Kuzmich ‘Kuzma’ Ustinra (Dredjok)
    17. Myriani Syllbess (mcmann)
    18. Thalion Amlugonnen (BrandedTripper)

    List the District where this neighborhood should be from the list below:
    -The Commons

    State some sort of theme, like Ithanian or Alt-Regalian or Varran or Sihai.
    -Plains Community centric with nature as an overall theme

    State some sort of special decor if not, ignore this point.
    -A greenhouse/Estel shrine/ A well

    Anything else you think is necessary to add
    -Some sort of water feature would be neat to!
    -Preferably set up right next to the Oka's Altalar district and/or a forested area.
    -I know it's not 22 to do an underground housing but this is really the most people I was able to muster for a sign up.
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  6. MonMarty

    MonMarty My husband is a gun Staff Member Server Owner

    Jun 30, 2012
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    While we appreciate high detail in stuff like this, it's necessary to temper expectations: All houses will be delivered with clean floors and without interior, and all houses are the exact same size with a template built into a circular fashion. The screenshots of the stuff is in the original post.
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  7. Ghirko

    Ghirko Snek Intensifies Supremium

    May 18, 2016
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    1) Cro-Maarx (@Ghirko), Ztril Al-Vyzal (@Eyrok), Si'Zralli Zu-Yaotl (@Ceilidhe)
    2) Pavel Al-Vyzal (@Camzuwu)
    3) Yautja Mu-Azulon (@SuperKamiRed)
    4) Cro-Zzhao (@MrBlwe)
    5) Muzhu Al-Vyzal (@Surrealizm)
    6) Ortoak Es-Azulon (@KrakenLord01)
    7) Lloxern Mu-Vyzal (@Lizehrd)
    8) Cro-Zzarotos (@KytilSeren)
    9) Liang'an (Yuomr)
    10) Barb Mu-Vyzal (@dimetros), Tika (@Hellatious)

    • List the District where this neighborhood should be from the list below:
      • Hightown: The classy/rich district.
    • State some sort of theme, like Ithanian or Alt-Regalian or Varran or Sihai.
      • Allar
    • State some sort of special decor if not, ignore this point. All decors:
      • Greenhouse: Glass roof over the communal Garden
      • Lake: Communal garden is instead a lake or cistern.
    Additional Notes: Something deeper and water-themed for the lake to tie in with the new Mai-Allar and/or other underwater-y races perhaps?
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  8. LumosJared

    LumosJared The Lord Chancellor Staff Member Lore3

    Jul 17, 2012
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    Team Faulty Dragony Anglian-y Towers

    The Commons: The harbor/commerce/common district. (Alternatively Classy District if that works better for worldies planning)

    Pitch: Anglian/Dragon Worship/Liberial Unionist mix of culture. Homely Anglian Influences, more inviting to the commons area, close to the main street/docks/spawn and ideal for people to walk around and into. Make the gardens easily accessible to ppl who dont own the houses. Hodgepoge of styles and English Townhouses/Pretty Tower aesthetic. Bits of Isldarrin/Dragony influence in the upper levels/roofs, opened up, lots of views and balconies and shit. As close to the center of the city possible.
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  9. Bellarmina

    Bellarmina Moth? Staff Member Lore2

    Jun 8, 2016
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    Character Names |
    Commoner District: The Harbor
    Regalian Style building. Pro Magic/Aberrant area.

    State Special Decor:
    Greenhouse: Glass roof over the communal Garden.

    Anything else you think is necessary to add.
    • Pier/docks to fish from nearby.
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  10. OkaDoka

    OkaDoka eighty thousand steamed buns Staff Member Lore2

    May 9, 2018
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    Character Names |

    Avalorn House
    Vivana | OkaDoka
    Tehrathel | F0llower
    Cyrillian | PuffyPigeon

    Helvath House
    Nym'vrae | Katiesc
    Nae'vyre | EdnaMode_

    Ungrouped (presumed one House per person.)
    Caeda | Clewii
    Kavia | microwavemmm
    Molly | OliverOnly
    Dymphna | Boss_Of_Runes
    Cieli | GhastlyMo01
    Wilvamair | Winterless
    Mosmo | Lutowski
    Osowiec | Bel-Gyarbrin
    _Sundreamer_ | Lithuandir

    District |

    Theme |
    Altalar, modeled after the Finalond district. Water and statues.

    Special Decor |

    Extra Notes |
    Requesting adjacency to Petalcourt.
    In the current iteration, the Avalorn Estate is part of the Altalar District. I recognize the bar on Nobles holding community property in this system, however, I would like to request some sort of Noble housing or accommodation here in lieu of a distant Estate, if at all possible, similar to how it is right now. It could take up two slots maybe?

    I stole AtticCat's format. Thank you, AtticCat. Your service will not be forgotten.
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  11. Shade_Star


    Mar 14, 2017
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    | Character Names: |

    Waters Household
    - Dusk Waters (Doeelk)

    de Pierre Household (v1)
    - Palina de Pierre (CanadianNeighbor)

    Thorner Household
    - Lieven Thorner (Tracked_)
    - Joseph Marini (tin77)
    - Jack Velcantine (ThePear)

    Cassim Household
    - Jasper Cassim (thecrazy13)

    Kra'zzla Household
    - Fawzi Kra'zzla (Slothfuul)

    Mortain Household
    - Derrian Mortain (Derrian_Mortain)

    Otonu Household
    - Neovara Otonu (KageTenshi)

    de Pierre Household (v2)
    - Yvonne de Pierre (Shade_Star)
    - Rowen Rivera (froginsink)

    Willow Household
    - Bliss Willow (KeysReborn)

    Reevali Household
    - Ceara Caineal Reevali (xJ54x)
    - James Waters (jono_98)

    | District: |
    Commoner District, near the Harbor

    | Theme: |
    Ithanian, with some Tolonne influences.

    | Special Decor: |

    | Additional Info: |
    It'd be highly preferred if items related to the harbor could be integrated somehow.
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  12. Kyriosus


    Oct 15, 2017
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    - House 1
    [+] Daedrin Saiiel | Kyriosus
    [+] Vesiara Lophiera | Ascelus
    [+] Lisa | Spookmas
    - House 2
    [+] Sivo Driss | DogVibes
    - House 3
    [+] Zambezi | GamingLeopurred
    - House 4
    [+] Aq'uello Cionessa | KrakenLord01
    [+] Amaranthae Venberos | Sheeple_Herder
    - House 5
    [+] Shalia Zordrush | BritishAnimaLove
    - House 6
    [+] Cazna Teken'rret | Iyyiushi
    - House 7
    [+] Valeskah | LadyCorrin
    - House 8
    [+] Lloimanna Fyaellymn | Paganizm
    [+] Nevaria Trae'nne | ElderShrub
    [+] Gizeh | AggressiveCloud
    - House 9
    [+] Oldtritch | Deusphage
    [+] Gilbert | Kingdom56
    [+] Ayas Yelfina | TheGhoulishOne
    - House 10
    [+] Zadicus Luthar | MidnightRey
    - House 11
    [+] Atre Phiti | Gwyndo

    - Crooktown

    - The Void. The architectural style could be Kathar-inspired, as a template.

    - Communal garden, Void-corrupted.

    Extra Notes
    - Shrines and/or places of worship, for the various Void deities.
    - Grassy and Void-corrupted.
    - Atmosphere should be somewhat unsettling.
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  13. MrScafuto

    MrScafuto MassiveCraft's token ethnic

    Jan 6, 2014
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    Housing Slots:
    • di Caitagna Residence.
      • Zubile | Lzalizali Zz'lissaav.
      • Spookmas | Niriana dei Moreno.
      • Ailethi | Camilla di Caitagna-Moreno.
      • MrScafuto | Pellegrino di Caitagna.
    • TalkChat | Zolatan Halefi.
    • Mortisian | Deo dei Termini.
    • ArtisticPlanet | Florencia Ortega.
    • MrH_ | Mateo Silva.
    • hautee | Saoirse Bohorquez.
    • Aibori | Inara Xi'llieth Elaquinal.
    • Farryn | Keres Victoria.
    • Caduto Residence.
      • SaltyLikeTheSea | Faedryn Caduto.
      • war_pig | Dario Caduto.
      • Ynzy | Lucia Caduto.
    Commons District.
    Southern Ailor Cultures (Dressolini, Daendroque, Azzizzari, Etosian, Bragacao, Toulonne, Jendeskea, Guneyliler, and Mevoriim).
    Extra Notes:
    Possibly a multifaith building (Unionism, Muz'havel, Ibadet), outdoor bazaar, Mediterranean trees (palms, populars, willows, olive, etc), public vineyard with a mix of vine-based edibles (tomatoes, grapes, etc), public use forum or amphitheatre.
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