The Birkwood Corporation

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    The Birkwood Corporation is a company that owns all Birkwood companies, so they can all act as a single entity. The Birkwood corporation also has purposes other than combining the companies owned by House Birkwood. It attempts to gather and record historical data in its archives, and financially support Regalian wars, and people, and companies.

    The Bronze Antler is a Mercenary Guild owned by house Birkwood.

    The Silver antler is a private investigation organization owned by House Birkwood.

    The T.P.G.R (The Peacekeepers Guild of Regalia) is a guild who's main purpose is to keep peace in regalia, peacefully, and to keep the isle, and maybe even the empire one day, united, for a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    OOC: Meetings for each of these organizations will take place in tavernroad7, although I hope to soon move to a larger location.

    President of the Corporation: Wulfric Amadias Birkwood.
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