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    The Game Department is responsible for in-game moderation, player support, survival content creation, and balancing gameplay mechanics.
    • Game Department members are expected to undergo a training process and learn how to effectively moderate within the community and what punishments are expected for specific rule violations.
    • When gaining a rank, Game Staff are expected to train the lower ranks as they were trained, and host events alongside their fellow staff.
    • Aspirants inclined toward team-building, mentorship, and rule enforcement will find themselves drawn toward this Department.
    The World Department is behind every fantastical build on the server, from giant survival world maps to charming cottages in Regalia. The World Staff handle building within Minecraft in all its forms.
    • World Staff members are expected to be able to not only build on request in a short period of time but to be able to give constructive feedback to their fellow staff on how to best improve the current build style.
    • MassiveCraft build quality is in a constant state of self-improvement, so builders of all kinds will be welcome within this department.
    • Few World staff members play a direct role in world building. Their primary focus is updating Regalia and creating new builds for the other departments.
    The Lore Department hosts Lore Events, writes and processes the lore on our Wiki, processes Character Sheets, Player Quests, Special Permissions, and much more.
    • Lore staff will be expected to write, edit, and host lore events in-game.
    • Artists can also find a home in the Department by creating art for the Wiki.
    • Aspirants who took a liking to their English Classes, who can edit and give constructive writing critiques, and have a firm understanding of the Lore will find this Department a welcome spot.
    The Media Department handles all press the server gets internally and externally.
    • Any background in Public Relations (whether it be in political campaigns, website management, community organizing, the lot) is a desirable trait for applicants.
    • This Department is the ideal for someone who wants to innovate how Massive is exposed on external sites and help grow our brand.
    • Content creators (video editors, illustrators, etc) are always in high demand.
    The Tech Department handles all forms of coding and server maintenance, as well as the creation and tweaking of all our existing plugins.
    • The Tech Department is the ideal place for anyone with coding experience who wants a crack at developing and working on the server itself.
    The Direction Department is the only department that can’t be joined right away. Direction members are in charge of the overall running of the server and assigning the most vital tasks to ensure the server continues to innovate and grow.
    • Direction Members are hand-picked from the 7 Departments to play a larger role in running the server and communicating the needs of it to the rest of the Team.
    • These members have usually been with Massive for months, if not years, and every month undertake large-scale projects to earn their place and help the server grow.
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