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    The following details application instructions for applying for staff. Note this application process (should you be approved) makes you an Aspirant, meaning you do not get any staff powers straight off the bat. Be prepared to work for the staff position you have an ambition for.


    To become a team member you must,
    • Be at least 16 years of age. People who say “Oh, but I am very mature for my age!” will not be accepted and we take a very hard line on this rule.
    • Be an active member of the MassiveCraft Discord and have Discord available daily. This is absolutely required because we want to be able to quickly communicate with our team members over voice chat. You will also need to speak to the rest of the team on Discord if required.
    Once you have these 2 requirements out of the way you can consider applying to become an Aspirant. The Aspirant rank is the ONLY applicable rank for players as other staff positions are handled internally.

    The following is required:
    • Age and date of birth.
    • Minecraft username.
    • Discord username.
    • Timezone.
    • Your motivation to become an Aspirant.
    • The department you are interested in.
    • Why you are interested in said Department, and what you intend to do to progress it.
    The following are optional:
    • Past experience in Administration.
    • Past experience in Community management.
    • Past acts or services done for MassiveCraft.
    • Particular skills or traits we could use.
    • Past material like writing or otherwise production that could help in your application.
    • Portfolio of art/buildings if you have any when applying for world/lore/PR
    As you can see we do not ask for premium payments or time spent on the server. The team have internally agreed these are not good indicators of how helpful or dedicated you are.

    Remember a rejected application is never final. Feel free to re-apply in a month or so if you feel something has changed in the situation. For what it’s worth, good luck with your application, should you decide to post one.
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