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    Be prepared to work for the staff position you have an ambition for. Remember, a rejected application is never final. Feel free to reapply when you feel something has changed in your situation.

    We do not ask for premium payments or time spent on the server. The team has internally agreed these are not good indicators of how helpful or dedicated you are.

    • Be at least 18 years of age.
    • Be an active and positive member of the MassiveCraft community.
    • Have weekly availability for staff meetings.

    Age and Date of Birth:
    Minecraft Username:
    Discord Username:
    What is your motivation to become an aspirant?:
    What department are you interested in?:
    Why you are interested in said Department, and what you intend to do to progress it?:
    Do you have a working microphone, and are you comfortable speaking in Voice Chat with other Staff Members?:
    Past experience in Administration.
    Past experience in Community management.
    Past acts or services done for MassiveCraft.
    Particular skills or traits we could use.
    A portfolio applicable to the department you're interested in.
    Portfolio Tips
    • Lore: Showcase your writing or art.
    • Media: Showcase your media creation skills, writing ability, and any editing skills.
    • Technology: Provide examples of your code, either in Github or Gitlab.
    • World: Provide examples of your building skills. Try to include interiors and exteriors. Avoid screenshots with shaders.
    • Game: Display general knowledge relating to Minecraft mechanics, the Factions plugin, and/or MythicMobs.

    • Winner x 10
    • Useful x 5
    • Informative x 3
    • Agree x 2
    • Like x 1
    • Constructive x 1
    • Educated x 1
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