Player Progression Story Blockades, Sieges And.. Nym'vrae..?

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    This progression should be read in conjunction with this World Progression:

    The sound of cannons blaring run across the straits off the coast of Kintyr as another week of battles commenced. Once again, the blockade around Kintyr came under fire only this time, by a new challenger. Standing at the helm of his warship, Reginald Typhonus, Admiral of ships under 29 strong all rented from House Delmotte had begun conflict with the 15 Harhold ships still holding the blockade strong. Cannonballs made short work on both sides but without an Admiral dispensing commands to the defending ships, the Harhold blockade faltered. It tried holding together but each bombard caused the ships to dispense with themselves, routing them South and leaving a huge opening for the Ariamorel allies to make use of. While no ships had been sunk on either side, the Naval force outnumbering Harhold’s 2:1 successfully forced his ships into a retreat and thus, finally, the blockade of Kintyr had been opened.

    This was to be utilised almost immediately. Within hours, transport vessels arrived, landing on the coastlines of Coltyr where the Harhold army had the capital under siege. In total, coming to the aid of the garrisoned 6,000 Coltyr Ariamoral’s garrison were 2,000 Kreiburg troops, 10,000 Ariamoral reinforcements, 20,000 Latimer troops and finally 4,000 Reinard troops, all led by the previous General who had taken the Valtyr capital city, General Amorak Oakenforge. In total, heading to engage the Harhold siege was a force numbering 44,000 strong. With Hengest in Vlissinghelm, stuck due to the blockade around that region, his entire sieging army of 30,000 was caught with no General to lead them. Horns of battle rang out as the reinforcements approached from over the hilltops, forming three columns strong. The onslaught came quick and the larger force was quickly engulfed in a bloody battle a half mile outside of the siege lines. The 6,000 garrisoned force remained safely behind the capitals walls, using the last of their arrows to fire down upon the troops.

    The battle raged for easily four hours, with the Harhold force crumbling and forced to regroup closer to the walls of the capital. It was then that it happened. Similarly to how the Ariamorel force with no General had somehow miraculously turned the tides, so did the Harhold army. Fortifying its vanguard, it took its lesser numbers and pushed on, spurred by the victories over the last couple of weeks. Morale would win the day and, although the Oakenforge force fought hard, it was pushed back and forced to retreat behind the hills. Casualties on both sides equalling somewhere in the same numbers, neither significant to impact negatively to either efforts. It would take a while for the Harhold force to reconvene itself adequately to lay siege once again and thus, it opted to fortify itself four miles away, closer to the Valtyr border.

    Meanwhile in Vlissinghelm, the real conflict was about to unfold. With the two forces now joined in the Harhold capital province, the order was given to engage. One one side, surprisingly given the naval skirmish that had happened a day earlier, stood Reimar Typhonus, a young but hardened General, with command of the full 30,000 Harhold troops. Stood at his side, a Breizh man by the name of Wilvahelm Arnyn and Nym’vrae Helvath, two names hot on the tongues of individuals in the capital. Both were given the stink eye by the philistine Harhold troops but they’d come to appreciate their presence. Surrounding their army was 40,000 Reinard troops, led by Deo dei Termini. Sending his Drahl companion into the sky, Reimar was immediately made aware of the approaching armies formations and tactic. He turned to Arnyn then, giving him a nod. Seemingly, a plan was put in motion and within what seemed like a flash, Wilvamir joined Reimar’s bird in the sky. Next to move was Nym’vrae but her task was far more complicated.

    At this point, the armies were sent in to clash. For some time they seemed to be at a stalemate, each time a push was made, it was immediately repelled. Deo bent over his logistical plans in his command tent, his Url eyes scanning for an opening to exploit. It was then it happened. A sword slashed through the top of the tent, a couple of large, feathered wings blocking out the light and knocking the retinue inside back from the gust that came with them. Arnyn then went in for combat, distracting the officers and Deo himself long enough for Nym’vrae and Reimar to take advantage of the opening. Standing in spot, Nym’vrae faltered, freezing in place. Her hair rustled as the atmosphere around her changed. Windfunnels of starlight engulfed her and suddenly, the Harhold army found themselves emboldened by large, tower shield like shields made of concentrated starlight. This would prove to be a deal breaker, as unbeknownst to them, a reinforcement army of 15,000 under Cinna Celedwenn came to back Deo and his 40,000 up. This however, would not come to pass.

    The Harhold levies.. Some called them screamers, because that is what they did.. They screamed, some barking like the mad dogs their Liegelord sometimes referred to them as, descended upon Deo’s army and decimated its way through his vanguard. A notable number of officers were pulled from their horses by Harhold men and ravaged, some captured, some killed on the spot as they stormed forth upon the two armies. Amidst strikes, Deo called for a retreat. It's all he could do, as by the time Arnyn had given him air for reprieve amidst intermittent assaults, the Reinard force had lost countless men. Cinna’s force fared just as poorly, being near engulfed by the Harhold army. The defensive boost assisted tenfold, and Nym’vrae’s name would be one sung aloud at the Harhold capital that night. Reinard’s larger force was pushed back to the border, ejecting him almost completely from the province. Meanwhile, Cinna and her army was forced west, away from Vlissinghelm. Harhold had won out against Reinard in this portion of the conflict, though owed it completely to experienced Typhonus leadership and the powers of two magically gifted Regalian individuals.
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