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    Oh boy, so busy with projects, I completely forgot about the Prog. Progression Deadline for opening is set to midnight of "whatever day Billy gets the battles done". If he can get them done in 5 hours, then it's today, if not tomorrow or Friday. Final deadline of Sunday stays the same.

    -Set crown tax to 0%
    -Pay 20k from Velheim fund to assess damages from eastern Drixagh. Eastern Drixagh reports no damage. Eastern Drixagh generally has a better infrastructure and actual formal cities with less people living in disparate villages, but they lack the population numbers to materialize a proper solid economy without being reliant on surrounding lands.

    -Tuija Viduggla researches potential uses for Coal. They return that "Coal is a common commodity, however its price fluctuates frequently between summer and winter. Coal is useful for mass-weapon production, mass-industry, or a fire-wood substitute if a city is under siege. Recommendations are made to just wait for the right opportunity.
    -13,000 Regals paid to House Kreiburg.
    -4k troops +1k from Hjalmar Haagenvig +1k from Valbrand Haagenvig under Ardige Viduggla (20 Gen) to Ustyeurt. 2 Ships are supplied from "Fritjof" and "Vedrfolnir", but no retinue character applications are provided. Last time Jonificus did not provide Harhold's app we also removed his prof, so in this case, these ships do not arrive. Since Kreiburg has 1 ship to stop Viduggla troops from crossing to Ustyeurt, Viduggla troops end up being stuck, and the landing does not proceed.

    -All recent draft legislation is nullified. Magic is declared illegal in Lok-Guthrain lands, save for those who become Guards.
    -10k is paid for a big arena, which ends up being a small arena. Some fights are held but little activity is generated around the arena due to its small size.
    -5k is paid for Guldar research. No research commences, the researchers say that a decent research effort or expedition will cost at least 50,000 Regals, with upper reaches of 100,000, recommending the Count contract the government for support.

    Vicieux Autonomous Region
    -10k paid to invite capable soldiers into Vicieux. Nobody shows up. The locals don't want them, and fighters don't want to move from their family's homelands for a pitiful sum of money. (Just buy troops if you want a military, don't try to encourage fighters to come to Vicieux in cyclically failing orders).
    -10k paid to disenfranchised Ithanians and Altalar who left Lorenthaus offering them refuge. The disenfranchised obviously refuse, having already settled in Avalorn lands, citing that Vicieux isn't any different from Lorenthaus since Vicieux is still bound by Lorenthaus law, meaning that Amelina's laws are still applied to Julius's lands, and as such they would still be second rank citizens there.
    -House Ivrae calls upon Vicieux to regain the lost strip of mountains that Vultaro and House Lampero took.

    Alaric Keen
    - 1k mercs are put under Vulmar's command.

    -Pay 10k for a morale boost parade, which does nothing.
    -Sail 8 ships + Abelhard Ship to blockade Macfarlinh and Macdannogh
    -Land 20k under Emmeline Latimer (15 Gen) to besiege Macfarlinh (has no garrison)
    -Send 15k Regals to Delmotte

    -The 15k spent investigation into the Ostyrian Shieldmaiden yields nothing. The "ghost whisperer" only discovers that she was killed from behind, and as such there is no information to be found on the killer.
    -29 Delmotte Ships under Reginald Typhonus (10 Adm) use past treaty with Harhold/od Albion to attack the Harhold fleet. If 60k total is not paid, return to Basta. (60k paid)
    -House Delmotte pays Reginald Typhonus 5,000 Regals.
    -Marceau Delmotte continues to graft by donating his entire stipend back to the Crown as a donation.
    -Pay 20k to draw citizens from Huron lands to Delmotte lands from the arbitrary baron

    - 2 ships escort 10k to Coltyr to defend it if no blockade is present. Latimer troops never arrive. Expecting 2k Kreiburg also.
    - 35k paid to Delmotte
    - 8k paid to Kreiburg

    - 10k Regals spent on propoganda proposing that Typhonus fought against magic limiting proposals, but since the ballots at the assembly are anonymous, this attempt results in failure.
    - The disloyal Slumberwood states during an assembly demand autonomy from Slumberwood, the right to hold their own military and finances, though still part of the same government structure under law and diplomacy of House Slumberwood. It is later commented that offering a platform for nations to ask what they want is usually not a good idea, since it allows them to galvanize and feel like they have a negotiating position of strenght and that the lording family is weak.
    - od Albion rented ships are returned to Silmark.

    Huron's Post
    - Legislation introduced that allow Ailor-Dragon worshiper pilgrimages to the Dragon sites.
    - All orders costing less than 10k are auto-bounced. The noble order instructions clearly outline that all orders cost at least 10k for minimum success odds at the lower end of the scale.
    - Athletes are sought to represent Huron's Post (none found, recommend you use Retinues of actual players for rp value).
    - Leufred du Trieg, Jocelyn von Duerr, Eleonora du Kirsch, Alcuin du Kirsch, Kavia Alearaheal, Camilla dei Moreno, Serlida Bermot are given a permit to research sites in Huron lands.
    - Typhonus party is permitted entry to research sites in Huron lands.

    - Peaceful Url symbiosis is made legal (sort of redundant, it's already a state law).
    - Hostile Url Symbiosis is illegal unless the targeted person is in a state of near-death or maimed. This causes some discomfort among the locals, because it implies that Url are permitted to march into the home of a dying old man who wants to die peacefully in his house and then just forcefully turn him into an Url. This does not yet happen, but the locals are uncomfortable. War veterans who live a pitiful life in Clannadh-Alba however accept the moves, and a notable uptick in Url occurs.
    - Criminals are given Symbiosis for crime absolution. No immediate effect.
    - Sorcery and Magic is made illegal unless "Deemed useful".

    - Crown tax to 5%
    - 10k for extra celebrations of the Starry Night holiday. People like it. Not much other effects.
    - House Black ceases its embargo on Kreiburg. 10k are used to invest in mines, which does nothing because the rules clearly set out that economic investment is now allowed/possible.

    - 30k to Zemlith to smooth out diplomatic issues. The locals understand that it was all a criminal act of a criminal, and are satisfied in knowing that this criminal died being choken in a cell. They uphold the lease.

    - House Lampero adopts pro-Magic legislation with land grants in the north of Tuccana to build a large Magic Academy called the Academy of Altravoya, citing the need for people to learn it in a safe environment where they can be controlled, instead of allowing void-creatures to teach the people unsafe magic. Altravoya for the time being continues to ban the teaching of Chaos, Darkness, Elemental Sorcery, and still for the time being bans entry of foreigners. Mages living outside of Vultaro are still banned from entering Vultaro.
    - House Lampero passes pro-Silven legislation with special Silven task squads under the Iron Duke, who also just happens to be a Silven himself.

    - Makes Magic legal.

    - Crown tax to 0%. Donate 20k Regals to the Crown.
    - A meeting is called by the general council, requesting how Peirgarten should expand. The only logical conclusion they come up with is: Invading Kreiburg would be easy but also hard, because of the mountains. A good way to buckle-cuff Ravenstad resistance to Peirgarten rule would be to unify ex-Ravenstad lands Irole, Hinterlande, Ivenna and Budelle back together. Another alternative is to galvanize on the weakened grip of Slumberwood on the Baldmark area.
    - Internal assessments to satallites returns that all provinces are more or less conservative already, and there is not much movement. the Leutz people are conservative in nature, but more liberal in faith, meaning they are less dogmatic towards other races, but more strict on themselves.
    - Magic is outlawed.
    - A request is put out for Skysteel, however no immediate offer is given. The request remains active indefinitely.

    - 4k to Vulmar
    - 10k to Delmotte
    - 1k to Amorak Oakenforge
    - 5k to Kreiburg
    - 4k soldiers from Keval to Coltyr led by Amorak (10 Gen, tell this player they need to stick to their profs, if they change again, I will ban them from progressions)
    - If blockade is broken, Novellia will return to Regalia.
    - 10 ships continue blockade on south Anglia.
    - 15k under Cinna Celedwenn (25 Gen) marched south to join up with main force.
    - A squad is sent in to try and force open Harhold's gates from the inside, scaling the walls to break in and open the gate. Lazarus Lupenzi leads Humaira Reinard, Aeawyn Syllbess, Ingemar Syllbess, Einherjar, Blake Seaflower, Daniel Sirgraugth and Claus Adelart. The force fails critically on one aspect: Harhold spent a lot of time in the past years purging anything non-white-skin non-Unionist non-Ailor from Vlissinghelm proper. To suddenly have 2 bull men, a plant person, a dark skin tanned person, a half-cat person show up, causes all alarm bells to immediately ring. The following people are captured: Einherjar (no other prisoner). Einherjar is escorted back to Regalia as Crown guaranteed prisoner.
    - 40k Reinard troops under Deo dei Termini (20 Gen) try to encircle Harhold troops on the hill during the night and then attack with 15k under Cinna Celedwenn as reinforcements.
    - 1k Termini skills to deter Typhonus reinforcements.

    - 25k on Expedition to Dragon Temples in Anglia. The expedition discovers the actual tomb of Cadar in Draackenpost, and manage to retrieve Reejr's Ring, a Draconic Artifact from the tomb. The expedition is bonked over the head by Huron troops who confiscate the Artifact and the group is summarily ejected from Huron lands. No immediate discovery is made that concludes the story however, because despite discovering Cadar's final resting place and her bones and Artifact ring, a final hint leads to a temple deep in <Redacted> capital's Cathedral, where the supposed final information can be found, in the middle of the pews of the busiest cathedral of that region, hidden from plain sight to those who are not looking. The actual information of the final location is withheld from publication and Huron troops, which is why they were ejected from Huron's lands.

    - Reduce Crown tax to 1%
    - Send 6k to attack Veerle, Haarle and Keerle (2k split up to all regions?) Leon Claudio leads (20 Gen). Sieges normally take weeks, so 2k split up to each province, general assigned only to Veerle siege.
    - 2k troops sent to Coltyr for Ariramorel support.
    - Amory Kreiburg uses Literary Arts and Diplomacy Case to propogandize against Harhold. Since no topic of propoganda is chosen however, Amory makes a few really fancy poems. Too bad the literacy rate is absurdly low in Harhold controlled lands, so it has no effect since the peasants cannot read. (also no money is spent on a campaign whatsoever so it's just Amory writing a few poems and nailing them to the door of some dank tavern).
    - 5 Warships loaned ot Reinard control.
    - 1 Warship sent to Viduggla transport fleet to fire upon Viduggla ships and transports (1 ship (30 Captain skill) which succeeds.
    - 2k troops under Anika Kreiburg (no Gen Prof) to Ustyeurt to dig in.
    - All money sent from Viduggla is declined and bounced back to Viduggla due to a legal dispute addressed by Sorenvik. House Kreiburg does not relinquish control of Ustyeurt. Since Viduggla never lands, he doesn't get the opportunity to propoganda his way into the region.
    - 20k Regals sent to Peirgarten.
    - All import tarrifs are dropped, all income numbers normalize.

    - 30k in Vlissinghelm under Reimar Typhonus (25 Gen) brace for an attack from Deo dei Termini. Using 2 Progression Abilities: William Arnyn can use his Wings of Glory to fly over the enemy army and directly attack the General Tent, meaning there is no communication between the enemy General and the Army. Nym'vrae Helvath uses her Ulley's Starwall to give the defensive army a huge defensive shield bonus (think massive see-through magical wall that is twice as tall as soldiers, and is unable to be broken through by weapons or magic). This force is up against a Deo dei Termini (20 Gen) 40k force and Cinna Celedwenn (25 Gen) 15k Force. Deo dei Termini is removed from the battle, so 40k is without a General, + account for massive defensive bonus that Nym'vrae adds to the Harhold army. (This also negates the surrounding effect of Reinard's army, because Nym'vrae's shield can be produced in all directions of the battlefield and Harhold's army is on a hill).
    - 30k army under Hengest Harhold (20 Gen) besiege Coltyr with support of Harald von Drachenburg. If the Harhold blockade is broken, this army will engage 2k Kreiburg, 6k Armiramorel garrison, 10k Ariramorel reinforcements, 4k Reinard reinforcements all led by Amorak Oakenforge (10 Gen Prof).
    - Julius Peirgarten cannot be assigned to a "12k army" the sheet states 30k and 30k are the Harhold forces detached from each other (there was an update to army positions last cycle due to od Albion annexation, I did make a note about it).
    - Blockade fleet of 14 ships (no Admiral) vs 29 Delmotte ships (Reginald Typhonus, 10 Adm Prof).

    Progression bounced, 6.5 hrs after deadline.

    All Progression battles have been sent through to Billy. They will come separately.
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    Amory's hammer collided with his thumb as his poems were put up against the door, a yelp and sniffle emitting from the man as he sucked his now reddened digit. His nose scrunched up and he shook his head. "To waste it all on these illiterate Verrelanders, it hurts my soul. Should we keep the land, perhaps coin should be spent on public education?" He glanced back at his travelling companion Leon, perking a brow and handing the hammer off to a servant. He was soon to stroll away, leaving the short poems swaying in the wind where they hung.

    @NightLight12 @Nathan

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    The general watches Amory pin those poems right onto the doors with a rose brow, he was utterly confuse on why they didnt think of running a campaign...probably because the family is in debt. "If those peasants could read right now..they'd be so upset." He said to Amory in hopes it would calm him down.

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