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    Basic Information
    • Full Name ⊱⊰ Viktoriya Matussek.
    • Age ⊱⊰ 71.
    • Gender ⊱⊰ Female.
    • Race ⊱⊰ Stateland Ailor.
    • Sexuality ⊱⊰ Homosexual.
    • Preferred Weapon ⊱⊰ Rapier.
    • Affliction ⊱⊰ Vampirism (Von Kërle bloodline).
    Skill Information
    Total Points: 50
    • Rapier Combat ⊱⊰ 20 Points (15 Invested, 5 Racial)
      • An experienced warrior, Viktoriya has thoroughly mastered her weapon of choice.
    • Hunting Art ⊱⊰ 15 Points
      • A veteran hunter, she is well suited to tracking the movements of both man and beast.
    • Sailing Art ⊱⊰ 10 Points
      • Her preferred means of transport - and far more reliable than finding those independent sailors willing to remain in so close a confine with her ilk.
    • Circus Art ⊱⊰ 5 Hobby Points
    • Dancing Art ⊱⊰ 5 Hobby Points
      • Elegance and precision.
    • Linguistics ⊱⊰ 3 Points
      • Taught by her mother, Viktoriya learned Vladno at an early age.
    • Caster Ranged Combat ⊱⊰ 4 Points
      • Casting Conduit is a blood-red crystal, which levitates just beyond her hand.
    • Roguery ⊱⊰ 3 Points ⊱⊰ Wall Climb 3
    Body Shape
    • 30 Physical Stat (20 Sword Combat + 10*0.5 Sailing Art + 5*0.5 Circus Art + 4*0.5 Dancing Art = 29.5, rounded up to 30)
    • Athletic Body Shape
    • Average Body Fat
    • New-Regalian ⊱⊰ Free (Racial) ⊱⊰ First Language
      • The language that surrounded her in her childhood, and still her first choice when the option presents itself.
    • Vladno ⊱⊰ Linguistics (Parental) ⊱⊰ Second Language
      • Her mother’s native tongue, though she has never had great need of it.
    • Common ⊱⊰ Free (Always) ⊱⊰ Lingua Franca
      • A reliable choice for those in the Empire, and especially the Crown Isle.

    • Von Kërle Kit ⊱⊰ 19 Abilities
    • Caster Ranged Combat ⊱⊰ Spell Shot
    • Ailor Racials
      • Soul Bond 1 ⊱⊰ Soul-Bonded animal is a mutated crow, with the following mutations:
        • Void Eye
        • Void Ocular (Red)
        • Void Spike
      • Rogue Gift 2
      • Destined Body 2
    • Roguery ⊱⊰ Wall Climb 3
    • Eyes ⊱⊰ Sanguine red, with sclera blackened by Void Sight.
    • Hair ⊱⊰ Black, tied in a bun at the back.
    • Skin ⊱⊰ Pale.
    • Height ⊱⊰ 6’1”.
    • Vampiric Form ⊱⊰ At a glance, Viktoriya appears mostly unchanged, save a silver tone to her skin, talon fingers, and areas of black feathers across her skin - however, beneath her coat, much of her form opens up into a writhing mass of crows, and her body moves more like a twisted puppet than anything human.
    • Alignment ⊱⊰ Primary: Neutral Evil ⊱⊰ Secondary: Chaotic Evil
      • At her core, Viktoriya is out for herself - plain and simple. She cares little for kindness, charity, or goodwill, and save an indulgent preference for chaos and disarray over the firm hand of law and order, has little interest in the wider scope of things.
    • Jungian Archetype ⊱⊰ The Outlaw
      • Devoted to her ideals of freedom, rebellion, and taking what one wishes, Viktoriya aligns squarely with the literary archetype of the outlaw.
    • Religion
      • Viktoriya follows an esoteric belief that lies somewhere between a religion and a collection of loose superstitions; one inherited from her original coven in the Walds.

    Life Story

    ⊱           ⊰
    Born to a maidservant of a local baron in the depths of the Waldmark forests, Viktoriya was raised for the first few years of her life with the firm conviction that she was the daughter, if illegitimate, of the patriarch, and rightfully deserved to be raised as a noble scion alongside her supposed half-siblings.
    Of course, this view that her mother held firm to was rather less popular with her employers, particularly given her Vladno heritage - when her claim inevitably came to the attention of the household, she was unceremoniously removed from both her position and the servants’ quarters, cast into the street.

    ⊱           ⊰
    Still believing herself to rightfully deserve a noble upbringing, Viktoriya began to self-educate via books - frequently stolen from nearby houses, as her unemployed mother made little effort to meaningfully care for her, swinging between rampant alcoholism and sheer poverty as the charity of strangers permitted
    In stark contrast to her sole parental figure, Viktoriya self-styled in an almost aristocratic fashion; and while much of what she had in her possession was stolen, such a minor detail could not stop her from indulging in her delusions of grandeur and nobility.
    Her mother’s degrading condition ultimately led to her demise, and with it, the death of any trace of order in her life. Untethered from the last of her moral obligations, she joined up with a few other local youths in a small and ultimately rather poorly planned gang.
    A short spree of violent crime quickly forced the fledgling criminals to seek a hideout away from the city; and they found one, in the form of an old fort well into the forests of the walds. Unfortunately, it played host to a coven of von Kërle, and the youths were butchered. The survivors, few and far between, were turned to join the ranks.
    With all the worst of her natures amplified, she found herself well suited to life amongst the coven. Several decades of violence and destruction passed, taking the time to learn a host of different fields beyond her existing experience in combat, including the construction and maintenance of a clockwork weapon.

    ⊱           ⊰
    Hunting travellers and vagrants, Viktoriya began to form her own coven, turning those who showed an aptitude for battle and bloodshed. As their numbers grew, she ultimately succeeded in turning the daughter of one of the more isolated aristocratic families in the region, with whom she grew close.
    Far from prissy and difficult, she proved to have every bit a match for Viktoriya’s bloodthirst, and quite a superstitious streak. Whether invented as she went or part of some ancient tradition of the deep woods, the coven was quickly indoctrinated into her beliefs, their leader included.
    Such a destructive nature did not lend itself to an indefinite lifespan for the group, and though they held through many a skirmish with the nearby baron’s levies, they ultimately faltered in a final assault after years of hunting and tormenting the local populace. Scattered and broken, they went their separate ways - and for Viktoriya, this meant Regalia, in search of richer pickings.

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