Noble Progression Story Two Days Of Lies

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    House Norrvakt
    • Increased their economic hold with a 20,000 Investment.
    • Tries to investigate Ostyr leanings, but offers no money so the investigators never get there.
    • (Also remember to put your previous order in your new ones, otherwise they override and cancel out the previously sent in orders).
    House Latimer
    • Increased their economic hold with a 30,000 Investment.
    The Royal Financial Director
    • Flushed the Royal Banks into the State Bank
    The Highlands Financial Director
    • Donated 25,000 Regals to House Typhonus
    • Lowers the state dedicated income to 75%.
    House Peirgarten
    • Tries to spend 30,000 Regals on sweet-talking Maraisburcke to join Lorenthaus, however are rejected, on account of barons saying that a Brierust must remain on the throne, while also making some passive aggressive mention that Milena would still be preferable to a woman who had her husband play executioner on her own people.
    The Orthodox Church
    • Tries to spend 40,000 Regals on sweet-talking Maraisburcke to declare a theocratic state under Henri de la Riviere. This is declined, as the burghers of Maraisburcke have no intention of becoming a theocracy.
    • 10,000 Regals are sent to the Darkwald Order for their “continued service”.
    House Fristadvlom
    • Increases political stability with a 20,000 investment.
    • Tries for a defensive alliance with Madera, Alviteo and Cavara, but despite improving relations, these nations decline even for the hefty sum of 20,000 Regals, as they see no immediate threat.
    The Church of the Radiant Eye
    • Attempts to convert Koorte, Middenveght and Skolenland, Waddeland and Amelland & Texel, who all decline on grounds of “the church doctrine being too general and using too many general terms to be speficit to the tastes of the Anglian xenophobes, even against those of other culture.
    The Bacchus Conclave
    • Tries to convert “Girobalda and Bragacao” but nobody accepts anything (yes, if you’re going to be so lazy not even to define the actual nations and instead refer to regional terms, I will auto-decline the order).
    House von Drachenburg
    • 5,000 Regals are given to Karp Kippings for winning a tournament, and 2,500 are sent to House Slumberwood for Selena’s victory in the Tourney of the Roses. The Elect Duke invites Prestelle to the Orthodox Church. The Leutz Vixe in Prestelle however decline on grounds that they “dislike the reactionary conformist name that is too aggressively pandering to a conservative audience and alienating the more moderate Leutz people, saying they would if their name was less aggressively out there”. House von Drachenburg’s troops also return home.
    House Slumberwood
    • 10,000 regals worth of mercenaries are dismissed, while all money from the New Lands Bank is sent to the State Bank.
    House Black
    • Positions its fleet in such a way that House Viduggla’s troops remain trapped in Calemberg, unable to ferry down the Calemberg sea, and unable to cross Hadrian’s Mountain. The only other way would be all the way around Chetznitz, and the Vladnovolgar princes and then Zastorzy’s land.
    • Sends 20,000 Regals to Kaya Sorenvik.
    • Invests 10,000 Regals in the Narlas industry.
    • Releases the Waddinx defector, who then completely disappears. No family ever arrives in Narlas, despite Dianne Black’s offer to asylum. The man literally just disappears. Spies are sent to figure out where he was from, but no record or citizen certificate can even be traced while the duchess spends 20,000 on this.
    • Dianne uses 20,000 from her Worthing bank to improve the economy there.
    House Harhold
    • Warns Waddinx against espionage, paying 20,000 to root out Reinard spies in particular. While money is spent on hiding the paper trail, the subsequent events cause this to become rather pointless.
    • House Harhold joins the Church of the Radiant Eye.
    • House Reinard orders its spies with impossible orders that both require the spies to assess the possibility of their failure, and not do anything if a failure assessment is guaranteed, without actually relying on actual information. Because the order is so nonsensical (Don’t go in, but figure out if we’d get caught if we went in, but don't go in to find out if you’d get caught) As a result of the clear espionage at play given the situation with House Black also being involved (and subsequent fear of a Black-Barlowe plot to annex Waddinx), Waddinx organizes the “Tweedaagse” where the local aldermenn trump up some kind of fake diet with the Yates-Varley Family, ironing out a secession agreement. Yates-Varley eventually agrees under the provision their Manorial title is not revoked upon secession, and the deal is finalized. With the deal, Waddinx declares itself subject under Harhold again and rejoins Vlissinghelm, increasing local stability in Vlissinghelm for re-conquering lost territories.
    Heartland Financial Director
    • Invests 30,000 Regals in the Heartland Commerce.
    House du Brierust
    • Milena attempts to spend 30,000 Regals to sweet talk and host the Darkwald Knights. The Steward of the regency declines this order and strikes it off the books.
    • Milena attempts to spend further money and conditional investements which are all bounced by the Steward of the regency, declining “excessive and naive spending”. 20,000 Regals however are allowed to be invested in the local economy instead of the High Lands District. The Barons of the regency give a pretty simply reply to the inquiry of their wants and needs: “A non-degenerate, non-aberrant conservative rule of Maraisburcke that puts Brissiaud on the map like Calemberg and Waldmark, instead of its more dependent retarded cousin”.
    • The consultation to decide which Brierust should be put on the the throne of Maraisburcke has not yet completed and the Barons are making requests to the other noble Dukes and Kades and Howlesters to cast their support for various contenders.
    House Sorenvik
    • Receives 20,000 Regals from House Black and immediately spends it on a soft-coup in the capital of Fohrborg where Kaya Sorenvik makes an independent return (which is hollow since she easily lived here also as a Viduggla) but this time with Sorenvik banners hanging high, much to the morale and cheering of the locals. The extra finances give the Sorenvik militia more supplies from House Black, allowing them to put up a better fight.
    The Church of Solidarity
    • Tries to gain the support of the Hinterlands and Prestelle, Prestelle who declines since they are in negotiations with the Orthodox Church and Hinterlands on grounds that it “suckles the tit of post-ascenscion politics too much”.
    Genevieve Howlester
    • Spends 15,000 Regals from her own pocket and another 5,000 Regals from the Holy Divine Church, establishing the Order of the Brothers and Sisters of Unionist Compassion, a convent dedicated to the Heron Aethelred Howlester for men and women as well as abandoned children.
    The Church of the Holy Divine
    • Sends 5,000 Regals to Genevieve Howlester
    • Tries to convince the Hinterlands and Prestelle, but they are disinterested in “reinforcing the Lorenthaus Hegemony”.
    The Holy Blood of Theomar Church
    • Converts the regions of Jonckheere, Veer and Meerelland.
    • Contyr however declines, stating that “The Blood of Theomar does not accurately represent Contyr traditions and customs in its beliefs”.
    House Viduggla
    • Signs a peace treaty with the state:
      • Dismantling all shipyards and all warships are surrendered.
      • House Viduggla pays 30,000 Regals to the State.
      • House Viduggla pays 33,000 Regals to the State.
      • Sends 30,000 Regals to the Northern Financial Director.
      • Sends 30,000 Regals to House Typhonus.
    • House Viduggla’s army is unable to position itself back to its homeland, as House Black blocks the army from ferrying back to Northland, remaining stuck in Calemberg unless the order is given to force march 1000 miles around Hadrian’s mountains through the Alexanderburgh gap.
    • As a result of Viduggla’s army being stuck in Calemberg, the Sorenvik rebels occupy the whole of Fohrborg and prepare for the invasion of Irvainvik to force House Viduggla to accept the loss of the whole of Fohrborg.
    The Church of the Golden Eye
    • Tries to convert Madera, Cavera, Alviteo, San Girobalda, Alemandralejo, and Alcurzarva, who all decline to join so close after the close of their war and their settling situation. The militia are also declined entry into their sovereign territories, tools or not.
    House Typhonus
    • 20,000 Regals are spent to improve income.
    • Demobilizes its entire Levy army.
    House Delmotte
    • Marceau Delmotte pays 71,000 Regals from the Crown Bank to Tristan Kade, along with 19,000 Regals of his own.
    • House Delmotte pays 10,000 Regals for the hostage exchange with Zastorzy, finalizing the War.
    House Kade
    • Tristan Kade spends 85,000 Regals on buying an artifact from any Altalarn Kingdom that would restore his missing hand. Numerous Kingdoms are consulted, until finally the Principality of Lolanc Pewwedenn offers him the Bracer of the Lolanc-Athal, a Living Metal Artifact once belonging to one of their Archmages for the full price of the 85,000 Regals. (Wiki Article following soon).
    House Ombre
    • Olivia Ombre “tours the city states to begin negotiations”. The viscounts ask if Ombre is confused, as she should be negotiating with the Chancellor in their stead, not with them, asking to fight for their offended status and feeling of being just a cheap tax haven for the state while it tramples on the Ithanian culture and the rightful Sovereign of Ithania.
    House Avalorn
    • Effectively buys off the local nobility of Coivra one by one with a 40,000 Regal investment, capitalizing on the collapsed political infrastructure following the war to activate its sleeper investments.
    • Coivra suffers another coup, joining Avalorn lands, but it does negatively impact Avalorn’s political stability due to the new average between Avalorn lands.
    Al Ramoira
    • Order bounced for a number of reasons:
      • Submitting 3 duplicate multiple characters belonging to the same player.
      • Submitting dead player characters to the order with participation that cannot be checked over and verified as fairly occurring under controlled circumstances regarding gunpowder.
      • Submitting orders with a zero sum loophole.
      • Submitting alt characters of other Noble System Families.
      • Submitting player characters to orders without Approved Apps.
    • Winner Winner x 5

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