Truth Shown In The Sands

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    As the chilly morning sunrise peaked over the horizon, Yala was fast asleep. Troubled by Baker’s words and actions, she tossed and turned within her bed, her emotions and current problems affecting her dreams.

    In her dream, a nameless and faceless man was sitting in a forest with her, on the mossy oak stump. She sat nearby, watching the man with interest. He produced a brownie, but not just any brownie, this one had mushrooms growing from it, short stubby ones with a red and white dotted cap. Some words were spoken about something, something when she woke up, she didn’t remember, but soon panned to the man feeding the brownie to a large spider, a spider larger than what she guessed spiders could grow. She watched with fascination as the spider began to act erratically, moving about as if drunk, becoming aggressive, and overall behaving…oddly. With sudden speed that Yala was surprised at, the spider jumped on her hand, biting into it with a soundless move, which caused Yala to jerk back in surprise, and instantly wake up from the dream.

    She sat up, looking around the room she was in, her husband, as if in his sleep sensing her distress, putting his arms around her and giving a snore. She gave a thankful look to his slumbering figure, before touching the spider bite she had acquired in her dream. To another person, it would have been chalked up to a bizarre nightmare, something to laugh about and then forget as the days passed. But Yala was different, she had always been strange and unusual, and now was the time to show it. Getting up from her bed, after giving her husband a loving smooch, she flipped open an old book, one that had a simple burning candle affixed to the cover. She glanced through these pages, her fingers thumbing through the book of the dog-eared copy, before stopping at a certain page.

    “Let’s see here…onion, pin, bay leaves, rosemary, yarrow, incantation…lock of hair..” She wrinkled her nose, displeased at the idea of grabbing anywhere near the man, but steeled herself. “Alright, I have an onion, pin, bay leaves, I may need to get rosemary and yarrow, I have the incantation…lock of his hair…how will I get that..” She gazed upwards, thinking for a long moment, and then brightening as an idea hit her. Dressing in outside clothes, she took a brisk very early walk to the Red Crypt, peering inside at the empty bar which sat vacant. Taking her sweet time, she opened up every single drawer and then closed it, before turning her attention to the trash can. Rolling up her sleeves, she dug her bare hands through it, until she came to what she wanted, a lock of black hair. She hoped that nobody else that was working also had black hair, otherwise she reasoned, that would be a very awkward encounter, but she hoped she was correct. Washing herself and the lock of hair, she carried all of the items to Old Crookback, a place she knew was ripe with energies. Not Voidal, not Ordial, not even Exist, but a special kind. She sat crossed legged on the ground of the beach, dressing the onion in the herbs, and sticking a pin in the middle of the onion. Satisfied, the woman began reciting a spell.

    “For I wish the truth revealed, Zolo ‘Baker’, opened heart and secrets were told. From now until it’s now again, after which his anger ends. So magic secrets remain secure, I seek the truth for reasons pure. If the spell shows the truth - that his heart is rotten to the core, may the birds and crows fly above, to warn him of his impending doom. If the spell shows the truth - and his heart is noble and pure, may his blessing be twicefold. Here again and back to the start, Zolo ‘Baker’, words of truth run from your mouth like the waters of the sea, and may my ears be keen.”

    As she spoke each line, she peeled away the layer of the onion until only the core was left, with the pin inside. Happy with the results, she left, carrying the onion core in her pocket. Time would only tell if her gimmicks had worked, and she would hopefully find out soon.

    Obvs this isn't a traditional way of getting things, but Yala's into witchery, it isn't meant to force the player to give any truths, merely a placebo effect to encourage Zolo. It'll be up to him if he desires, though it isn't an actual magic spell like Waterborne or Pocket Dimension. Just a neat little thing to bring what she desires and hopefully get what she wants. @Renajaka

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