The Hungry Hound

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    The Hungry Hound is a humbly sized pub situated upon Regalia's main street. Ran and managed by the Lupenzis.

    The venue has been made with the promise in mind to be one of the most engaging bar experiences one can find within the city, with a variety of pub games available to be played in our game's room, and activities arranged every other day by the staff with good food and drink to boot.

    Also available for any wannabe performers is a small stage for the purposes of any entertainers, musicians, and the odd karaoke night.


    Try challenging a friend to a game of Pool, roulette, or another game within our Game's Room!

    Our Menu:

    Main meals:
    5r The catch of the day
    Enquire to our staff about what it is.
    8r Battered Fish & Chips;
    Haddock that has been battered and served with chips. Comes with tartar sauce.
    8r Boeuf Burdigon;
    Beef served in a red sauce with mushrooms, braised in fine Burdicalic red wine.
    6r Poul au Vin;

    Similar to Boeuf Burdigon, chicken served in a red sauce with an assortment of vegetables, braised in fine Burdicalic red wine.
    8r Totaille Vache;
    A broth containing many vegetables and meats cooked within fine Breizh cider.
    6r Venison Burger;
    A venison based patty that has been heavily seasoned, melted cheese atop with tomato and lettuce. Served atop a brioche bun. Comes with chips.
    6r Venison Steak;
    A cut of Venison that has been seasoned and grilled atop a fire served in garlic butter sauce, alongside chips.

    Side dishes:

    4r A bowl of mussels;

    Served in garlic butter sauce.
    4r Cullen Skink;
    A creamy soup based with potatoes, haddock and onion. Garnished with parsley. Comes with buttered bread.
    4r Burdicalic Onion Soup;
    A beef broth with caramelized onions with white wine and bay leaves, with croutons upon the side for those who wish.
    2r Fromboule;
    Dough balls with Gruyère cheese enthused.
    2r Salade Pottate;
    A mix of steamed potatoes, ham, cheese and celery finely doused in an optional heavy cream.

    Non-Alcoholic beverages:
    2r Apple Juice

    2r Milk

    Free to all who ask.
    3r Tea -
    Jasmine Tea, Mint Tea, Earl Gray, Lavender, Black, Redbush.
    3r Kaffee

    Alcoholic beverages:
    10r Homebrew Lupenzi Wine;
    Made from red grapes, it gives the wine a pink opaque colour, making it that of a rosé wine with a balance of dry crisp sweetness. Perfect to accompany many dishes. A Burdicalic Specialty.
    12r Rice Wine
    An aromatic, and somewhat sweet albeit dry beverage. Provided by The Leaping Ksai Trading Company.
    5r Kintyr Apple Cider;

    Cider from Kintyr, made from the juices of apples collected upon many local towns and hamlets. Giving the cider a special taste that you can only get from Kintyr.
    5r Tenpenny Beer;
    A pale lager brewed by Highlanders. Often known for its interesting lager flavours that many Highlanders have become fond of over the years.
    7r Ériunin Stout;
    A darkly coloured stout with a creamy head famed from Ériu-Innis for its interesting flavours.
    5r Ériunin Kaffee;
    Ériunin Whisky added atop a cream-based kaffee, a perfect way to start the day or night.
    10r Clannadh Alba Whisky;
    Dry malted barley is roasted upon peat fires collected from peat bogs and aged within a sherry cask giving the whisky accumulation of flavours over the years of; smokey, vanilla and so forth...
    6r Frivolous Ale;
    A very sweet and foamy alcoholic beverage, kindly supplied and stocked by The Leaping Ksai Trading Company.

    Performer? Why not come try out our stage!

    Send a letter, or pop by the bar during opening times if you're interested in supplying produce to us. (Forum PM me or DM on discord, ZiggyStarDusted#9372 or MolagBallin#8081)
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    Two things...
    1) The Hungry Hound has moved from the Lupenzi's basement at Daenlock11. We're now at the city's mainstreet, residing beside the fountains outside the Willow.


    2) We're recruiting! Any who wish to lend a hand as staff of The Hound are welcome to send a letter to the Lupenzis (Forum pm/ Discord dm me at ZiggyStarDusted#9372) Whether you wish to be a bartender, chef, or perhaps an entertainer like Wan-Xia. All are welcome. Especially sought after EST folks to man the pub in the hours when Molag and I are unable.


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