Soft Soil To Hardened Stone

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    Soft Soil to Hardened Stone

    A ship sailed along the waters away from the Kingdom of Regalia. Silent, dreary, the crew seemingly lifeless zombies mulling around the deck performing their errands dutifully but lethargic. The crew unknowingly suffering in their own eerie silence and mulling in their own dullness all because of the absence of a young Elven woman.

    Flashes of greens, pinks, and yellows reflect off of the wide, curious green eyes of a grinning Elf that is currently pressed against the window of a carriage, trying to absorb the new world around her in bulk. Colors that were similar but oh so different from the hues originating from her homeland. On the other side of the carriage, her anxious familiar sat. Keen eyes eagerly seeking differences and dangers in foliage, colors, and creatures leading up to their new home. Her new adventure. A journey that would introduce her to a destiny, a journey that her mother would be proud of.

    Fear. Numbing fear clouded her senses as she opened the door to her carriage. The transportation that brought her to her new home, the transit that she now wanted to crawl back into and cry in self-pity. The kingdom of Regalia was beautiful no doubt. Buildings cause her to crane her head back all the way in an attempt to even glance at the top, vibrant colors and smells encompass and send her into a sensory overload, engulfing her in a sense of blinding panic. In an attempt to comfort its harness, the wind ruffled the young Elf’s clothing, silkily wrapping around her body, cooling the back of her neck and filling her nostrils as well as weaving through her flute that hung loosely around her waist. Her attire creating musical chimes, along with the notes that originated from her golden flute. Behind her, Diablo, her admittedly restless Drowdan Dire Wolf, nudged his beloved’s upper back in encouragement. His cold and wet nose piercing through the shock-filled stance that left her halfway out of the carriage. Taking that, as well as a deep inhale of air through her nose, Aiyana stepped out onto the warm stone that connected to many other adventures in the new world of Regalia.
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