War Progression Story Sendrassian War - Valiant Vicious Victories

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    While the Navy engaged in the Mozzh strait, the Field Marshal Laenrell Availleia made landfall at the Island of Mozzhafat, greeted by the local Allar that resided in the area. The locals made the Field Marshal feel right at home, greeting her with a lavish greeting feast which Laenrell engaged in though was quick to make it apparent that time was of the essence with the Sendrassian army so close and already combatting the Regalian force at sea. While the festivities were still ongoing, the Field Marshal sent her scout Ariquis ahead alongside 1,000 men to dispatch any enemy scouts, sentries and water gatherers for their nearby settlements. 20,000 soldiers waited while Ariquis sought and disabled the Sendrassian scouting intelligence, which was incredibly effective -- something that the Sendrassians were not acquainted to by the Regalian force thus far. Once Laenrell finished with the formalities, she began marching her host into a defensive position with neutral terrain about five miles from the landing zone, positioning her infantry between the hills with archers in vantage points atop them alongside her Sollerian Spearmen. Word was soon related to the Sendrassian army that the scouts they had dispersed had not returned and the force began its move further inland.

    Availleia had anticipated such, and had positioned Field Commander Ariquis alongside his units, including Therris, Soron, Cieli and Nerissa in hiding throughout the denser surrounding area to act as guerrilla attackers during the battle to attack by surprise any beasts or special units the Sendrassians may deploy. The Sendrassians eventually made their appearance around midday with the sun high in the sky. 15,000 troops in total with the primary bulk of the force being the Maz-Allar Soldiers, along with a horde of Als-Allar grunts and Maz-Allar Shocktroops. The two sides roared their battle cries as Laenrell’s Men-at-Arms engaged the army head on. On the frontline, Erethysia exemplary made the first push along with the central vanguard, wielding her glaive and shield in a way that could put many Lancyon warriors to shame; slicing and stabbing through dozens of Als-Allar that attempted to overpower them to no avail. Similarly, and fighting alongside her, Llucinnala had her flank -- at one point tossing her shield out to Erethysia’s side to deflect a thrown spear by one of the Maz-Allar troops from the second line.

    Kuzma, the Field Marshal’s bodyguard watched on, impressed as the two lifted their weapons and spurred the vanguard on. He looked to Laenrell, giving her a single nod of acknowledgement as the Elven General gave the signal for the Turall Bladesmen and for Field Marshal Ariquis to come out of hiding and into the fray from the side, effectively flanking the army and catching them completely by surprise. This proved majorly effective as the Sendrassian army appeared to rely entirely on numbers rather than composition for the Mozzhafat occupation, and the overwhelming composition of the Regalian force completely annihilated the Sendrassian ambition to advance further inland. The Sendrassian Commanders called for a retreat, all while the likes of Therris, Cieli, Soron and Nerissa pushed hard into their columns and in a combined effort, cordoned off a regiment of 300 Als-Allar, massacring them on the field of battle though none outrighting distinguishing themselves as much as Erethysia and Llucinnala. While not the Field Marshals first battle, it was certainly the first in official command and what a victory it was. By the end of the conflict, the Sendrassians had been practically forced back to the coastline with devastating losses while Regalia pressed on with barely a scratch on their numbers.


    At the same time that Field Marshal Laenrell Availleia engaged the Sendrassian army in the Northeast, two Field Generals were about to enter conflict on Bhoszzaal, another Island province that had been re-occupied to some extent by the Sendrassian army subsequent to ex-Grand Marshal Reimar Falkenreich’s release. Field Generals Reimar von Falkenreich and Rodrigo Peirgarten were jointly set to land with 13,500 troops each in order to push the Sendrassians back out of the Island and liberate it once again from enemy forces. Both armies made it ashore with their full host in unison and began the difficult march south. Granted, both had field reconnaissance returned to them a week before indicating that the Sendrassians were making their advance from the Southern Peninsula and set forth to engage. The combined army of 27,000 marched in formation with the primary vanguard comprising three large units of Tenpenny men-at-arms with Field Commanders dispatched throughout the force to maintain a tight control of the upcoming battle.

    About four hours into the march the Falkenreich and Peirgarten Army finally engaged with the Sendrassian 20,000 force in one of the major clearings just a few hours north of their last known location. As Two Claw Riders and Maz Allar soldiers stormed onto the field, two Regalian Airships descended from behind the clouds above; cannons at the ready and launching a volley of bombard fire onto the incoming force. Despite attempts from Izu-Allar seers to magically shield some of the army, their abilities proved far too weak to stop the onslaught of explosions, both from the Airships and heavy artillery fire from Falkenreich’s Howlester Artillery units which were being expertly commanded by Ibrahim Bantunoglu. Each new wave of enemy soldiers met similar destruction as Ibrahim ordered volley after volley into the oceans of Maz-Allar that covered the battlefield. On the right flank, Dragenthal Riders were being positioned by Katrin Latimer who utilised her pathfinding skill to find a suitable hillside where the regiment could be planted until Reimar gave the order to commence a sidelong attack.

    The two sides clashed hard nearer to the Regalian side of the field, ceasing the bombardment as Tenpenny soldiers laid into the Maz-Allar vanguard. Field Commanders Cillian Mac Conall and Theresia’s units were the first to engage, holding the line on the left and right flanks while Rodrigo’s army moved into a position to entrap. Cillian managed to wedge through the Maz-Allar, causing a brief ruckus amongst their frontline while Theresia held though made no advancement. Izu-Allar mages followed up behind the Maz-Allar, casting magical projectiles at both Field Commanders though only managed to incapacitate a small portion of each’s troops. With the ranged units now moving into position, Reimar once again ordered for another bombardment and thus, the Howlester Artillery began firing once more, decimating the Izu-Allar and sending them flying to and fro.

    It wasn’t long before it became obvious that the Sendrassian army was both outnumbered and outmaneuvered and with very little in terms of options, the Sendrassian general, Digmaan Cro-Zzet called for his army to split in two and ordered his Honor Guard to join the battle on two sides. Seeing the army beginning to divide, Field General Rodrigo Peirgarten pushed to has his men join the battle. The Generals Szabadok horse archers galloped into the fray on the outskirts of the battle to fire arrows into the dividing Izu-Allar remnants under the recommendation of Cro-Maarx which proved to be a strategic victory in the moment as the regrouping ranged units were attempting to narrow in on notable Field commanders to cause disarray amongst the Regalian line. Michetta Gocciolo held his bardiche strong, engaging with a number of Two-Claw Raptor units and slaying their riders with near ease with strong horizontal swings. The Honor Guard of the Sendrassian army lept into battle though, taking the fire from the Izu-Allar while the rest of the Two-Claw Raptor battalion skirmished their way through to the Tenpenny men-at-arms. Seeing this as an opportunity, Eilaria Peirgarten gave word for the Dragenthal Rider cavalry in Rodrigo’s army to begin their charge, despite being urged not to by Cro-Maarx. This tactical mistake sent hundreds of cavalry to their deaths as the Honor Guard cut through the charge and dismounted their forward commanders. Florian Peirgarten sought to rectify the mistake to his detriment, swerving the Tenpenny troops under his command away from the Maz-Allar to engage the Honor Guard units, finding himself under intense pressure from their sheer unsurmountable combat ability, and suffered a hefty bite wound to his right leg before being pulled away to be operated on by Tuija Viduggla, who just about managed to save his life before blood loss took him.

    Rodrigo’s army now operated without a cavalry, as the push from the Honor Guard and Maz-Allar forced the Szabadok horse archers into retreat. Despite having artillery manned by Pavel Tarknid, Rodrigo knew that a blast this late in the battle would cause heavy casualties to the Regalian side and opted to instead instruct Sollerian Spearmen under the command of Taeron Fa’Salor to engage alongside a Feer Drakken Platoon in reserve. Taeron’s command ability was great, and despite rising odds against the Field commander, the reinforcement ensured that the Sendrassians would not be able to break through the third lines long enough for Reimar to try and ease the battle back into Regalian favor, as the Regalian combined host had at this point come to a standstill in their push. Breothric Greenwood stood out amongst the other combatants however, having engaged a Cro-Allar honor guard in single combat and despite taking a slash to his right arm, slew the combatant by decapitation. Rodrigo’s force ultimately took great losses, over 6,000 over the next few hours and despite assisting Falkenreich, had to abandon his flanks to avoid further drastic losses for Regalia.

    Reimar remained ready for action, refusing to back down even against turning tides. He ordered Pavel to join his artillery regiment and fire into the backline of the sendrassians while simultaneously commanding his Dragenthal Riders into battle. Covered by fire from the Regalian Airships, Alaric Keen and Augustin Mohren made a forward push with all of the might of their regiments until eventually they broke through to the backline. With Regalian Troops quickly approaching the command line, Digmaan Cro-Zzet called his force into full retreat. At the end of the battle, the losses leaned heavily on the Regalian side, with over 8,000 Regalians dead while the Sendrassians lossed only half that number.
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