Regalian-elven Subjegation War: Battle Of Heller Tellarna

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    The combined army of the Duchy of the Mountain Chain, as well as the Duchy of Vultaro, assembled near Heller Tellarna. The combined host, referred to as “The Mountain Army” counted roughly 1,700 troops versus the 500 Elven defenders. With the massive army in the vast majority of the Elves, the Mountain Army formed up quickly in a single column and stormed straight at the front line with little to no preparation. The battle proceeded well, the Elven army defending was badly prepared and Willliam Coen and Tristan Lamperouge slaughtered many Elves on the front line. This came to an abrupt halt when Elven horns blew from the sides of the valley, signalling unexpected reinforcements that had arrived from the woodlands.

    Surprised and unprepared, the Coen and Lamperouge troops quickly tried to reform the battle line, but it was too little too late. Between two lines of Cavalry, the defensive line was overrun and the complete surprise caused the morale of the entire army to collapse. As the troops started running back to the base camp, the nobles at the front were quickly surrounded. The Elves moved out to capture the nobility, resulting in William Coen, Erik Lovegood, Tristan Lamperouge and Durgak Gro Arzuk to be surrounded by ten times their numbers in Elves, their troops having abandoned them. William Coen was singled out first, the elves jumped on him. Despite felling some of them, William’s tendons were cut by one Elf, causing him to collapse onto the ground. Tristan Lamperouge was also overpowered, receiving a heavy blow of a warhammer to the head, knocking him out into the dirt. Erik Lovegood finally received a cut on his arm, but Durgak Gro Arzuk prevented the Elves from capturing him by heroically taking on 10 Elves at the same time, meanwhile taking hits that were meant for Erik Lovegood.

    The situation suddenly shifted when Joshua Kade ran up to the officer trumpeteering for a retreat, grabbed his trumpet, and smashed it into his face. As he started shouting with his claymore over his head, soldiers turned around from their rout, realizing they abandoned their lords as Joshua unleashed a whole host of verbal abuse onto them, and charging with him and Malikar Gro Arzuk at his side to save the cornered nobility. The counterattack was a frenzy, but a costly one. The Elves did not have enough time to carry the nobility captured off, largely because Durgak was still holding them down. When Joshua arrived, the Elves quickly fled and the battle was won.

    Unfortunately, the victory was pyrrhic. The Mountain Army had lost over half of it’s men, counting nearly 900 dead, while only 400 Elves were dead. The Army was unable to move further without reinforcements from Regalia, favoring instead to camp at the location. The disappointing news was sent back to Regalia, accompanied with the necessary praises for Joshua Kade for turning the entire situation around and saving many of the nobility. William Coen was so badly wounded he could not participate in the next two battles. Tristan was discomforted enough that he could not properly participate in the next battle, leaving the army in the hands of Joshua.

    The rolls for anyone who cares:
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    "Well, I CERTAINLY hope the rest of the war doesn't go like on like THAT." Leugel says to his sister and daugther as he reads the paper.
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    Question, how do these rolls work? Also when will the next battle be?
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    "Fockin' elves got what been commin' fo' them"
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    My man Durgie is the boss
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    -Looks At Piece of Paper- -Sounds of screaming in the background- Yup..... Imma stay in my cave.

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