Regalian Competitive League

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    Regalian Competitive League

    Have you ever lusted for competition? Are you good with a lance, sword, or even bare fists? The Regalian Competitive League hosts tournaments and such where the best compete for prestige. Many come to witness the entertainment and the League is open to all. Our goal is to find the greatest competitor in each category; Joust, Swordsmanship, and Bare fist Brawl.

    The Regalian Competitive will begin it’s first tournament event, Swordsmanship, Sunday of this week to begin the season. Those who wish to participate and show their skill are required to pin a letter to Lord Elias Keen in order to be placed within the ranks.


    What? Series of combat tournaments (First event will be Swordsmanship)
    When? First tournament event (Swordsmanship) is POSTPONED.
    Where? Arena Court (/tp ArenaCourt)​

    Sign up sheet:
    Character Name:
    Preferred Event (Joust, Sword, Barefist):
    Letter to Lord Keen:​
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    Username: Yui_Drax
    Character Name: Lee Ming-Qie
    Event: Sword

    To the Lord Keen,

    I am Lee Ming-Qie, knight of the Bloodcast Order and my intent to participate in this tournament is to test my skill against others, whether I win or lose, I shall gain experience.

    Lee Ming-Qie

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