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    Very short lore story involving Avox revolving around the aftermath of a near death experience. Involves some death, blood, very slight mentions of trauma and bodily harm.


    Thump.. Snap.. Crack..

    The sulfuric air burned Avox's nose and throat, keeping them just barely conscious as the beating continued. The Maquixtl's vision wavered as they lay upon their side as they struggled to focus upon to the monstrosity which loomed over them, then to the pool of crimson and black ichor they lay in. Their mind raced as the being rose a hand above it's head, before bringing it crashing down.

    They desperately tried to move- To do something. To cast any assortment of spells in their arsenal to escape, but some force seemed to hold their body in it's frozen state. A faint, barely audible "This is it?" was all that could pass through their dim, broken headspace, before another sickening crunch could be heard. Consciousness faded, and darkness consumed their mind.


    . . . ​

    Their eyes snapped open, sucking in a gasp for breath as they bucked sweat soaked sheets off themselves, still coming to terms with reality as they confirmed it with several pinches to their shoulder. Their muscles began to gradually unwind as the panic began to dissipate, breath steadying as they wiped several beads of sweat from their forehead, shooting a glance to the hand. Dried blood and soot caked their skin, eliciting a wave a nausea in the Avantl as they forced themselves to stand, stumbling to the mirror in their chambers.

    "..Fuck, we cannot keep doing.. This" the Maquixtl said, gazing upon the visage. Scars littered their body, and the stump of a Dark Metal Prosthetic hung from their right shoulder, stray wires and tubes clamped off by the deft and caring hands of another. Some magic could smooth out the physical scars, but otherwise? They were at least self aware enough to know there would be other wounds to heal, although when they'd present themselves was something that eluded them. Several moments passed, silence.

    "I don't care-- If you think its what's right. We have to think of others. What if she didn't get there on time? Did you think about that, you insufferable prick?" Avox seethed out, hissing as they began to scrub the filth and grime from their skin in an attempt to at least begin the process of undoing the damage sustained. "Then what? How do you think everybody else would feel? Everything we worked for- Gone, like that."

    They paused for several moments, chest rising as they sucked in a breath. They would slowly bob their head up and down in a nod, listening to what seemed to be silence, to anyone else who watched. Their voice softened, as they finally got rid of the grime and dirt which covered them. "No-- You're right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't of gotten angry at you-- We both wanted to do it. Its my fault, as much as it is yours. I just want to try and turn a new leaf over, now. We've been horrible" they murmured, tone apologetic and dripping with a guilty conscious.

    Their gaze shifted from the mirror, down to the table which it sat upon- A set of golden shackles covered in sanktist scripture and crimson metal fragments which reeked of void essence were scattered across the rich mahogany. "..Its odd. Despite.. Everything, last night. Have you noticed it?" they inquired to themselves, breath catching. A moment of realization dawned upon Avox and their cohabitant, a quiet whisper escaping them as glee crossed their features.

    "..I think- At the least, we've been freed of what has plagued us. What drove us apart."

    Perhaps it is sin to abandon gifts from the Divine. But what good is a gift if all it brings is ruin?

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