Noble Progression Story Noble Clicker Crisis 8

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    General announcements:
    • All Units who did not opt for a Capital are penalized -1 Supply next Turn due to lack of upkeep.
      • Weismann -1
      • Huron's Post -1
    • Fristadvlom has been absorbed by Reinard
    • Khalor has been abdorbed by Hexenblood
    • du Brierust has been absorbed by Typhonus
    • Amelina Peirgarten is now Countess-Elector of Lorenthaus
    • Dianne Black is now Grand Duchess-Elector of Dragenthal
    • These Electoral titles do not change title address, purely aesthetic.

    Delmotte +1 from Gochni
    3 sent to Tuille-Pointe (Puppet)
    3 sent to Tuille-Bas (Puppet)
    1 sent to Zuvateo
    Already has a Capital

    Hexenblood +1 from Black +1 from Ariramorel (not sent) +1 from Goretaan +3 from Khalor
    3 sent to Adridia (Puppet)
    3 sent to Martini (Puppet)
    3 sent to Valcendria (Reduced to 2 since Ariramorel did not send)
    Capital declared on Adridia

    Avalorn +2 from Ariramorel +1 from Reinard
    3 sent on Sol Maal (Puppet)
    3 sent on Sol Baste (Puppet)
    Capital declared on Sol Athal

    2 sent to Haarle (Puppet)
    1 sent to Lageland
    Already has a Capital

    1 sent to Macfarlinh (Puppet)
    3 sent to Westbroek (Puppet)
    1 sent to de Paaj
    Capital declared on Sonmes

    de Letoirneau
    1 sent to Laconne (Puppet)
    1 sent to Lunnais
    Capital declared in Centre-Vixe

    Viduggla +1 from Goretaan
    3 sent to Medelpad (Puppet)
    1 sent to Ittikepsukaatan
    Already has a Capital

    Black -2 to Lok-Guthrain -1 to Hexenblood
    2 sent to Lutton (Puppet)
    1 sent to Laconne (Bounced, de Letoirneau arrived first)
    Already has a Capital

    Thrift +1 from Requisition +1 from Gochni +1 from Weismann -1 to al Ramoran
    3 sent to Amelland (Puppet)
    1 sent to Westbroek (Bounced, Marienritter arrived first)
    Capital declared in Kooglande

    2 sent to Rakkai (Puppet)
    Capital declared in Athos

    Typhonus -1 to Slumberwood +1 from Kreiburg
    1 sent to Urau (Puppet)
    3 sent to Koningsberg (Puppet)
    Already has a Capital

    Gochni -1 to Delmotte -1 to Thrift
    Capital declared in Atolia

    Peirgarten +1 from al-Ramoran (did not arrive) +1 from Weismann
    2 sent to Ennas (Puppet)
    3 sent to Divais (Reduced to 2 since Ramoral supply did not arrive)
    Already has a Capital

    Ramoran +1 from Thrift
    3 sent to Libertade (Puppet)
    Capital declared in San Girobalda

    von Drachenburg
    3 sent to Ivenna (Puppet)
    Already has a Capital

    von Duerr -2 to Weismann
    3 sent to Morzaria (Puppet)
    Capital declared in Duerrstein

    3 sent to Coivra (Puppet)
    3 sent to Maserna (Puppet)
    Capital declared in Bulvakia

    Slumberwood -1 to Black
    3 sent to Ibilisi (Puppet)
    Capital declared in Rumvalia

    Kreiburg -1 to Typhonus
    1 sent to Valcendria
    Capital declared in Langthal

    Reinard -3 to Lok-Guthrain -1 to Avalorn
    Already has a Capital

    Ariramorel -2 to Avalorn
    1 sent to Mollarno (Puppet)
    Capital declared in Coltyr

    3 sent to Hondeburg (Puppet)
    Did not declare a Capital!

    Requisition -1 to Thrift
    2 to Zavara (Puppet)
    Already has a Capital

    1 to Upplanda (Puppet)
    1 to Stralsunde
    Already has a Capital

    Lok-Guthrain +2 from Black +3 from Reinard
    3 sent to Pol Razkhar (Puppet)
    3 sent to Pol Tanh (Puppet)
    1 Supply wasted (Was not spent)
    Capital declared in Pol Tanh

    Weismann +2 from von Duerr +1 to Thrift +1 to Peirgarten
    2 sent to Extrematerra
    Did not declare a Capital!

    Goretaan +1 to Hexenblood +1 to Viduggla
    3 to Ibilisi (Bounced, Slumberwood got there first)
    Capital declared in Carnowayle

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