Noble Progression Story Noble Clicker Crisis 4

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    Special Occurrences:
    • Due to the Clickers becoming Visible, local efforts to subdue them are becoming more effective, while the Clickers also roam out more to try and kill as many as possible.
    • As a result, all NPC nations will be permanently at 99% until they are claimed and Secured. This is to ensure anyone can claim any province, and doesn't have to wait until a Status is high enough for claiming, which favors some families more than others because of RNG.
    • Due to House Black securing nearly all of the Ceardian Heartlands and cleansing the Clickers from the region, as well as the Grand Duchess's charity, Dragenthal is now surplus producing supplies.
    • For the Clandestine Organizations and Aristocrats, this increases their spendable supplies by +1 each permanently. For the nobles, this stops increase of Clicker status permanently and sets it to 0%.
    • Trabzon and Hernowayle Isles regions expanded for additional buffer space.
    Received 1 from Black
    Spent 1 on Frederike
    Spent 2 on Self

    Received 1 from Solifuge
    Received 1 from Requisition
    Spent 3 on Bastadon
    Spent 1 on Valandara
    Bastadon is now a Hexenblood Puppet

    Spent 1 on Hinterlands, which only had 3%, so 2% is wasted
    Spent 2 on Lavoyare

    Was supposed to receive 2 extra, didn’t
    Sent 1 to Huron’s Post
    Spent 1 on Gambe

    Received 2 from Goretaan
    Spent 1 on Ostyr
    Spent 1 on Vladach
    Spent 3 on Mosokovo
    Mosokovo is now a Viduggla Puppet
    Vladacha is now a Viduggla Puppet
    Ostyr is now a Viduggla Puppet

    von Drachenburg
    Spent 3 on Berge
    Berge is now a von Drachenburg Puppet

    Spent 3 on Turaal
    Turaal is now a Puppet

    Wasted 3 Supplies

    Received 1 from Gochni Imports
    Spent 1 on Sonmes
    Spent 1 on Cherf
    Spent 1 on Alstyr
    Sonmes is now a Marienritter Puppet

    Received 1 from Black
    Spent 3 on Nytra
    Spent 1 on Chetznitz
    Nytra is now a Typhonus Puppet

    du Briërust
    Spent 3 on Nytra, but all were wasted because Typhonus was quicker

    Thrift Pack
    Spent 2 on Jonckheere
    Jonckheere is now a Thrift Pack Puppet

    Received 1 from Black
    Spent 3 on Berge, however von Drachenburg secured it already, so all supplies are wasted

    Von Duerr
    Spent 2 on Jogland

    Spent 2 on Sol Carache
    Spent 1 on Coivra

    Sent 1 to Kreiburg
    Sent 1 to Typhonus
    Sent 1 to Sorenvik
    Spent 1 on Luton Upon Bridge
    Luton Upon Bridge is now a Black Puppet

    Sent 3 to Theos
    Theos is now a Slumberwood Puppet

    Spent 3 on Valtyr
    Valtyr is now a Ariramorel Puppet

    Spent 3 on Maisondire
    Spent 1 on Chartrois
    Maisonfire is now a Delmotte Puppet
    Chartrois is now a Delmotte Puppet

    Sent 2 to Viduggla

    Spent 3 to Medway
    Medway is now a Huron’s Post Puppet

    Spent 1 on Higland
    Spoiled 1 supply (Pay attention to the progression, you had 2 to spend this week)
    Higland is now a Weismann Puppet

    Spent 2 on Bulvakia, which only had 7%, so 3% is wasted
    Sent 1 to Hexenblood

    Sent 1 to Requisition
    Spent 1 on Alvania

    Spent 1 on Athos
    Spent 1 on Morvinia

    Gochni Imports
    Sent 1 to Marienritter
    Spent 1 on Theos, which is wasted, because Slumberwood beat them to it

    Al Ramoran
    Spent 2 on Tallaverda, which was only on 7%, so 3% is wasted
    Expected 1 from Avalorn, did not receive, and so it could not be spent on San Selin

    Spent 3 on Bastadon, which is wasted because Hexenblood arrived first
    Sent 1 to Hexenblod

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