War Progression Story Moderato - Hot Coals Of Vengeance! Let No Soldier Fly! (part 2)

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    As the myriad of Dread enemies flooded onto the battlefield, the Regalian plan was set firmly in motion. Immediately, General Aldwyn Howlester called for the bombardment of arrow volleys to commence from his Altalar backline. Field Commander Faraine Olawenys acted on the orders, as according to plan. “Loose!” her voice boomed; the whirring sound of thousands of arrows filling the air harmonizing her orders thereafter. The initial wave of arrows did nothing to stop the onslaught approaching despite having hit their mark. “Soften them up with cannon fire, Jude!” Faraine barked, riding along the backline of archers while they drew once more. Field Commander Thaddeus Jude had, himself, been charged with Howlester artillery cannons and as per the plan, gave the signal for the cannons to blast into the Shenath foot soldiers that swiftly descended upon Aldwyn’s Tenpenny Men-at-Arms.

    The Regalian soldiers flurried into motion to their quickest capacities, yet not a one was impervious to the terror which began to rattle through them all. Rikkira was a missile through the skies that sought her targets with smooth course. She dove and released a beam of lightning breath in an arc directly through a squadron of Regalian soldiers, decimating them where they stood. Onward she flew, denting the Regalian defense with a single volley of her power. The screams of the men pierced the ears of all, but it was not the only outcome of this merciless attack, for soon a second beat of wings lifted into the air and a courser cry shrieked overhead. The Imperial Dragon swept into the sky and crashed into Rikkira to intercept her direction, causing the Dread Dragon to jolt from collision. The two Dragons swirled over the heads of Kathar and Regalians, roaring and wings blaring in their flight. Lightning danced in the sky, one ray expelled between either Dragon and aimed to the other. To and fro they ensued their draconic conflict, a Dragon’s dance which alit the skies with their bright lightning powers. Clouds darkened; and eventually the booms of thunder resounded.

    The blasts of Howlester cannons were some of the only noises that emanated through the crackling racket from the dragons; the shots ploughing through the Shenath line for as long as they could possibly do so. When the Kathar were too close to fire on, the cannons ceased firing and the Tenpenny soldiers engaged. Tenpennies under Henrik Norrvakt were quick to engage, swords at the ready and warcries blaring. The thunderous clash of steel blared across the line as each force met with the Kathar enemy. Henrik Norrvakt held his line adequately with the assistance of Reyes Valasquez, Seraphina von der Ebene and Isak Atwood. Reyes Valasquez, usually in a commanding role stood stalwart to Henrik’s side as part of his squad leadership, deflecting Kathar blows but unfortunately succumbing to greater skill than her own, taking multiple slash wounds to her arms which caused her to drop her weapon and scream out in agony. Henrik could do nothing to assist either as he himself was heavily engaged with Shenath dual wielding rogues while forced to dodge magical projectile fire. To her aid came Isak Atwood who slew her assailant and four more warriors which beelined in their direction to end Reyes’ life; heroically then dragging her out of the fight and to safety where she could recuperate. Seraphina also fought moderately well though nowhere near her usual skill level. She narrowly avoided taking any wounds but remained steady in the fight for herself, her friends and her Empire.

    From the waters, Regalia’s ships were scattered with cannon preparations. Men on the decks ran here and there, loading and preparing the stations for cannonfire in a panicked set of scurrying movements. As the Kathar forces swarmed to meet with the Regalians, the naval forces were urged into hastier action. Motivated by their panic, they managed to load the cannons. Their aim, however, would be the one to slight them over all. Cannons boomed and fired across the water towards the land, only to strike among some of Aldwyn Howlester’s men in a rush. Just after it, before this could be processed, some of the Imperial Marshal’s men were also the unfortunate victims of the misplaced cannonfire and fell where they charged. The havoc caused disarray among naval men and Howlester men alike, but by some graces some of the Kathar were also hit by the soaring cannonballs. The ships rocked with fervent, rough waves--white caps that rose higher and higher until they were peeking over the cannons. Those on the decks held their positions to the best of their power, assuring that none of the other necessary supplied were tossed overboard. As some scrambled to snatch up more cannonballs, pairs of tentacles crept alongside one ship, and soon rose from the waters beside another. The previous gurgled, looming sound emerged higher towards the surface as if speaking to the naval forces directly from the depths.

    The Dwarven Oceans of Fire spewed out flame towards the rising tentacles, performed by some quick-thinking naval men who had learned from the first interaction with the familiar creature. However, this barrier of flame shot outward, strong and true, but the Kraken delved into the depths again, almost as if it disappeared without a trace. The water briefly stirred, then burst out of the water in a series of splashes and waves arising all at once. The Kraken neared the ships again, exuding its nautical croon. Soldiers Yasuke T’leuryn and Sage Rowe were some of the many who leapt into action, ready to defend the decks against the barrage of tentacles that snared at the ships. Unfortunately for Yasuke, he was snatched by one that arose behind him and lifted from the deck, over the ship and above the water--but not for long. The tentacle with its newfound prey flung him around, smacked him against the boards again and again until Yasuke was brutally injured, and it tossed him haphazardly back onto the deck where he came from. Sage Rowe did better at fending off most of the tentacles which threatened the lives of the other naval men, but she was caught in the crossfire of boards cracking, men flailing, and the harsh slap of cold water, sharp as needles. She broke from the fighting to move Yasuke elsewhere, for his condition was so severe that he would be out of fighting easily for two full weeks. Margarthe Black only managed to keep him alive with quick-thinking, brief medical work, but even she was unable to perform under the high stress situation. The Kraken did a severe amount of damage, especially to av Nystrom’s ship, and Valentino Sangiovese proclaimed that the Nautknight was too fragile to withstand any more damage. Gabadeli manned one of the cannons and faced off a trifecta of tentacles, but in the midst of the conflict he got scratched and bruised from the whipping motions of the tentacles against the water and the ship. Valentino Sangiovese’s proclamation did not go unheard, and soon the Nautknight began its retreat away from the Kraken, roughed up and barely upstanding.

    Meanwhile back in Aldwyn Howlester’s army, the Men-at-Arms under Field Commander Jared Kade dove into action to assist Henrik Norrvakt’s column. Moving swiftly through the hordes of Regalian and Kathar bodies, the Kade pressed the Shenath advance with Benjamin Syldove, Annelie Sarthyra, Einherjar and Joasaie Lloablen. The Kade displayed decent swordsmanship with his signature dual scimitars. After pulling one from the skull of a Kathar spellslinger, he turned to his fellowship; proclamining, “Come on lads! Force these thrice be damned heathens back! May these rogues fear our blades!” Benjamin and Einherjar, both Url of note back in the capital, charged into the Kathar line with force, knocking Shenath asunder. Benjamin himself collapsed a Saivale officer to the floor and mauled him to death, forcing a minor pull back in that particular regiment. When Benjamin then turned to assist Einherjar, it was only then he realised his fellow Url was on the floor in a puddle of his own blood, clutching his abdomen to keep his insides from falling from a gaping wound he had suffered. Benjamin heroically grabbed Einherjar and carried him back behind the line for medical attention, which miraculously came at the hands of Kara'välÿna Hállëvandëia, a known medic in Regalia, who easily through the use of her skills keep Einherjar alive but just barely. This Url most certainly owed his life to Benjamin and Kara, but early celebration was still not yet warranted. Back on the front line, Annelie Sarthyra and Joasaie Lloablen faced the first of many Void Harpies that descended upon the Regalian ranks. In an amazing feat of tag teamwork, Annelie was able to use her athleticism and skill in unarmed fighting to wind the Harpy as it descended with an uppercut to its abdomen. Pinning it in place with her right foot as it flailed upon the ground, Joasaie Lloablen brought her atrave down upon the creature’s head, crushing it instantly and putting one of many of these demons out of the fight.

    So far, the line was holding well Aldwyn’s end. Faraine Olawenys continued to order arrow fire up until the point she took a burning spell projectile to her arm. Thankfully, her armor took the brunt of the blow but would still leave her with very minor burning. Aldwyn called for the Archers to start pulling back and to hold their arrows so to prevent any friendly fire on Regalian soldiers. Ironically, a foolish Altalar soldier slipped during the command and fired his arrow forward and into Aldwyn’s shoulder. The force of it knocked him from his horse but given the entrypoint of the arrow, he would survive to remain on the line, merely choosing to snap the arrow’s shaft in half and remount his horse. At this point Edmure Howlester thought it prudent to send in the mage strike force Aldwyn had amassed, calculating that a quick push back on the weaker Kathar left regiment could possibly leave way for the 10,000 Highland berserkers held in reserve to make a clear and precise collapse of that left column, and make the Imperial Marshal and Field General Reimar Typhonus’s job much easier by forcing that flank to pull back.

    With that in mind, Aldwyn ordered Valerie du Brierust, Kai-si’en, Ilyvaeia Nilovenisyl, Tullion Kearney and Lysander Blackwood, the latter for good measure, to charge forth to assist Jared Kade and company. Valerie du Brierust was barely able to lift a hand before being bombarded by a flurry of fire being cast from a Shenath Mage’s hand, singeing her hair short into a bob cut and burning the top of her shoulders. Falling to the floor, she was dragged back to a medic by Lysander Blackwood, who saw it as his duty to carry the damsel in distress to the nearest medic for attention. With Valerie gone, it was up to Tullion, Kai-si’en and Ilyvaeia to do as was tasked. Tullion with his magic helped the group of three slip through a wave of Kathar warriors and toward one of the Shenath officers on the front lines. Ilyvaeia conjured an indestructible shield around Tullion, Kai-si’en and herself while Kai-si’en flew ten feet into the sky with use of her moth wings, clapping her hands above her head and emitting a blinding flash of moonlight amidst the Kathar warriors, giving just enough time for Jared and Henrik to push forward and force the left flank of the Kathar host into pulling back as planned.

    The Dragon conflict ensued amidst the rest of the chaos, as if detached from everything around them. Though the exchange of lightning fired from either Dragon’s mouth was aimed to the opposing, occasionally a sliver of such struck the ground surrounding the Regalians and Kathar. The powerful creatures collided and fought each other claw and teeth, where one bit and swiped when too close for the other’s comfort. The Imperial Dragon, bigger than the Dread Dragon, drove a lot of physical force into its attacks, but it was the swift and skilled Rikkira who could out-maneuver her foe with smooth turns in the air. She drove into him after juking mid-air, latched onto his shoulder with her bite, and blasted a gravitational pull effect into him so he was sent careening down to the earth. Relatively unbeknownst to the Dragons, their flight combat had directed them in the direction of the city behind the Regalian force, into one of the towers. The battlefield felt the eruption of Dragon bursting into stone and rubble which fell with them. Roars and cries of either beast only ensued once they were at the ground, and while mostly concealed mostly away from the direct sight of the Regalians, it seemed as if the Imperial Dragon was put in quite a pinch. Yet the fight ensued again after a burst of lightning dragon breath, and Rikkira soared into the air with a clunky, beat up Imperial Dragon taking after her.

    With Aldwyn’s army holding strong, his father, the Imperial Marshal, ordered the Howlester Highland men alongside the Tenpenny reserves to begin pushing the Kathar line back thanks to the opportunity Aldwyn’s army had created. He sent forth the orders from inside his command tent, stepping outside to nurse a sigg that hung from his mouth, watching the battle unfold. Ania Howlester, one of William’s Field Commander’s, handed the adjacent order off to Einarr Norrvakt, both sharing brief nods to each other as they galloped off up to the front lines. The Imperial Marshal’s line was being held predominantly under Mordred Howlester, his brother, and Sigbjorn Modig-enn, a Santorski loyal soldier there at the behest of Ania. Sigbjorn did moderately well, dispatching a couple of Kathar that encroached on Mordred. Mordred did adequately, clearing a path for Ania’s approach who relayed Imperial Marshal William Howlester’s orders. Ania barked the orders out loudly for the Howlester Loyal Soldiers to hear; and almost instantly the Tenpenny soldiers parted to the left and right to allow for charging Highlanders to smash forward into the fray and harry the Kathar that attempted to push in. Ania and Einarr then moved to assist Mordred and Sigbjorn, a flurry of axe and sword combat becoming a myriad of blood as the line held.

    Although the left-hand side was holding, the right-hand side faced a sudden surge of Silver Tear Paladins and Golems which succeeded in an unforeseen flank. They were bombarded at once, met with heavy-hitting strikes which sent many Regalian soldiers aside as if ragdolls. Field Marshal Ardige Viduggla, Field Generals Hengest Harhold and Deo dei Termini would have to act quickly and competently in order to prevent a full on decimation by the Kathar’s tank-like forces.


    If any characters under Aldwyn Howlester, William Howlester or Av Nystrom were not mentioned in this particular progression it is due in fact that the character is, by progression standards, too inactive server side to warrant mention. Double character sign ups were also not permitted save for where special dispensation was granted. All injuries are effective immediately. I also included inactive characters in William Howlester’s column because I wanted to also be excited and enjoy it with my friends. Sue me.
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    A Regalian, then a Kathar, then two more Regalians. The corpses flew underneath the Kade's feet, as he sprinted at a particular spellslinger causing havoc at the front. His company of men along with him, a scimitar aced down and up through the spellslinger's jaw, and out of its skull in an uppercut of blacksteel. He roared as he wrenched it free, “Come on lads! Force these thrice be damned heathens back! May these rogues fear our blades!”

    He managed a smile to himself as he uttered those words for the first time in many years before the brief mirth fell away at the sight of the Imperial Dragon and Rikkira crashing down to Aloria in a heap. The Kade thought, for a brief moment, about turning from his post to run in the direction of that crash, but then Henrik Norrvakt and his men were there, and he put such thoughts aside, pushing forward on the left flank. ​
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    The mightiest roar the Url could ever hold would be heard, giving a prideful scream of rage and power against the Shenath! His fists were bloodied with the blood of his enemies, fearing nobody as his body simply began to work by itself. The battle raged on to where Benjamin could not understand what was happening, until he'd notice the Saivale Officer. His eyes narrowed down as he'd jump right onto the Kathar, hearing its screams as his teeth dug into the flesh of the Kathar. He held no remorse for the enemy, continuing his fighting until he heard nothing left from the Officer. He'd stand, giving another bloodied roar as he'd turn to his fellow Url. He'd pick up Einherjar, speaking telepathicly with him as he'd hold onto his stomach. "I've got you, brother, I've got you." He'd carry Einherjar over his shoulders, being in a hurry to retreat back to the medics.

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    With a snarling cry of, "COME ON YOU VOID SCUM, TRY HARDER," the longsword and kite shield-wielding Seraphina was seen barreling through the Kathar lines and holding her own. As a foe fell, another would appear, but of course, the war-hardened Avant was ready as they came into her line of sight. Clanging her blade to her shield, she continued onwards in her slaughter, her voice ringing out loud and thunderous, the words filled with passion and ferocity, "FOR THE EMPIRE! FOR REGALIA!" She wasn't going to be taken down that easily; not this time and not anytime soon.
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    Abelhard watched from the helm, placing the eyeglass down by his side. He let out an uneasy grumble as he raised his hand, calling out to the deckhands. "Prepare the grapeshot! We have an oversized octopus to deal with!" Then, he looked toward the ongoing battle, the sounds of war being drowned out by the deafening silence left by the kraken. He then thought of a certain Qadir, muttering a promise under his breath.
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    The admiral looked confident as he made his way onto the deck of the ship, the fleet was moving into position to assault the Kathar with a rains of cannonballs, he gave an affirming nod to the first mate of the nautknight ship awaiting his orders, who then immediately commanded further to the cannoneers "FIRE!" at which a concerto of cannons let roars from their mouths.

    As the lead balls were accidentally hitting the Regalian troops, the Admiral knew nothing of it from his low-laying snow, shadowed by the several story tall Nautknight 'Gamla Fria', the Admiral let out a smug grin in ignorance as he made his way up to the poop deck, in the meantime a certain dangerously familiar and sudden rise of the waves had dawned upon the fleet, at which Karl-Gustav gave the orders of look-out for the Oceans of Fire, which had been deployed for this very task.

    And sure enough the taintacles of the Void Kraken were soon to be seen upon 'Gamla Fria', the Dwarven ship began its spraying and the sailors fought back. The Admiral seeing his flagship being attacked viciously made him run down to the gun deck of the snow while muttering loudly to himself "
    Oh no you don't, you rotten boneless piece of shit!" a rare occurence of the self-proclaimed gentleman swearing like the sailor he was.
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    Ilyvaeia holds the shield high, watching the swords slash uselessly against the crystal. Sweat beads on her face and she swallows, hard, before turning to her two compatriots, an electric grin on her lips. "Let's try not to die," she says breathlessly, the wisps that surround her gleaming. "But if we do, there's no one I'd rather die beside."

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    The desecrated fields had a cold malevolent air to it; the winds howling past to remind of the deathly air plaguing the area. Piles of bodies laid — some were cleaved through cleanly, others met a more gruesome end. Within its centre was an Url, writhing about as he clutched his abdomen; he was desperate to live on.

    Earlier on, the duo had charged into the Shenath bodies; they raged on, bellowing with bestial sounds as they mauled the crowd.
    Men were snarling and squealing as the ground became greasy with gore, as Einherjar threw large cleaving blows with a Beorl Axe in the area around him.

    He'd failed to notice one of the scum sneaking up on him, as he was clearing up his side of the field. The Kathar had got close enough to slit across his belly, before getting its neck snapped by the bovine in rage. Nearly disemboweled, he buckled down there and then.

    His vision waned. He couldn't do much more.
    The last things he saw were a familiar Url carrying him away, and the face of a Yanar.
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    Kai would snap her gaze towards Ilyvaeia as she kept her moth wings out while her eyes and tattoos glowed. She'd offer a nervous upturn of her lips before she dipped her head to her. She shifted her gaze towards Tulio."Honorably said but. Frankly, I'd rather not die out here. Let's push them back yeah?" She'd mutter before moving to boost herself upwards with her wings.
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    Henrik was distant from the battle as the cries of his counterparts, his squad rang out around him. His eyes moved in what seemed like slow motion to him as Reyes' screams of pain rang in his ears. In the not to distant midst of battle, he caught Isak's eyes for a moment before the latter's found Reyes on the ground, a blade bearing down on her. Henrik's eyes panned again, now to Sera who fought with all her heart at his side, felling foe after foe. In the distance he could faintly make out Ilyvaeia's barriers at work and for the first time in a long time, he felt pride in this squad, and in himself for bringing them together. This moment was however but a fleeting moment as the crashing of dragons made itself clear to him once more. He cast his gaze skywards and watched, clearly distraught, as the entwined dragons plummeting to the earth below.

    His focus pulled away by the fall for moments enough for a Shenath to close the gap between them, raising it's blades to strike before being bodied by one of the Kade's Url entourage. The shock of the adjacent impact and subsequent screams as the Shenath was gored by the Url jarred Henrik back into reality. He cast his eyes to Jared as the pale skinned warrior broke through and his focus quickly returned to the fight at hand, carving his way forward alongside the remaining members of his squad. This was the battle he had been preparing for, this was the battle he had rallied them for, the one he had chosen for himself. There would be some finality on this day.

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    Reyes poised herself at the ready as she and her squad took arms and stood at the ready, the Avanthar swinging her signature axes, deflecting enemy Kathar's blows that first came at her, roaring out with pride for the Empire.
    "Ya' will all die in th'name of Regalia!"
    At first, Reyes had an upperhand, until she found force enough to push past her skill of the Avanthar axes, not being fast enough on her feet to avoid oncoming slashes that tore through the flesh of her arms, the agonising pain sending her to a knee with her axes dropped either side of her. Screams and helpless groans slipped from her, bright blue gaze shifting up as she watched Kathar march up, vulnerable and even beginning to fear, though her posture showed one of pride. Approaching came one, two, three, four more ashen soldiers that undoubtly would have slain her if it weren't for Isak, sending the younger man a look that spoke nothing more than genuine gratitude after he left her on the sidelines, where a medic reached her and began patching up the woman with bandages.
    From the safe point, Reyes watched men fall under the assault of the Kathar, their corpses laying in puddles of their own blood and mud, her surroundings almost mute as the casualties until the loud roars and crashes had her zone back into reality, watching the two Dragons fight in the skies, in awe and in fear for the City, her fellow soldiers, friends and her family.
    "Spirit help us all."
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    The distance clash of the Kathar striking the left-half of the line grimed Ardige's face. It seemed that the Kathar were focusing on the coastline right now, and while he could also see vaguely in the distance Kathar looming, they had slowed in their charge down the hilled terrain toward the Regalians. Up in the sky, he watched as the two Dragons did battle. He furrowed his brow, in further contempt for the creatures. Their magic was all vile in his mind...the altering of one's form to such an extreme that they lost their human being. Such a waste...a vague thought flitted through his mind, the story of his great warrior ancestor killing a Dragon in icy Ellador...myth. Myth and fables, for none in the family had any Dragon objects not of Anglian origin. No, if his family had indeed once killed a Dragon...then they would be most happy today to see him help to kill another...though perhaps not as happy to know it was through helping another Dragon. His brief muddling of the mind came to an end when he received a cry of alert. The Kathar on his side were moving again...and they were not alone. Even from his rear position, he could see their vile constructs of stone and flesh, and magically-infused knights charging in. With a last glance at the last spot the Dragons had been seen, now vanished out of sight, he refocused forward and set his face at all he saw.
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    Having scouted at the enemy movements deep in the quagmire, Edmure Howlester folded together his spyglass and turned his head towards Aldwyn. “Cousin!” He remarked in a serious demeanor typical of the tactician, although with a certain glint in his eye. “Their line is broken. We should strike at the collapse and cut off their infantry. It will take pressure off of the main column. The mage team should lead the charge and provide momentum for the push.”
    He cast another glance into the battlefield to confirm his words an extra time. “Before they regroup.”
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    As the battle raged on, Aldwyn Howlester was able to hear his cousin calling. The Field General turned so that he could face his cousin. Sending a brief nod in response to the suggestions. It was then, while his attention was elsewhere that he was struck by an arrow, causing him to fall off his horse with a loud resounding thud. He remained down for a few seconds before getting up and onto his feet, reaching up and snapping the arrow which hung from his shoulder in half with a loud audible grunt. After tossing aside the piece he snapped off, the young Howlester unsheathed his great-sword with a light grimace. Shouting, "Send in the Highlanders and the mages, I'm right behind you! Let's finish the bloody fight!" Before charging in on foot alongside the rest of his Commanders, a flag bearer raising up the Silverwolf banner following just behind him as the deafening yells of Highlanders filled the ears of all. Relief for the tenpenny's had arrived.
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