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    Bullet point Progression, because 1.13 crunch, yo.

    House Latimer
    • House Latimer backs the Bacchus Conclave, but as they do not have any land, this does nothing and is merely a moral support arrangement.
    House Carwell
    • House Carwell made an attempted investment in Opiods, however founds the following problems: A. Anglia does not have a suitable climate for Opiods so the farms could never grow them. B. The money invested would barely yield an income improvement of 200 Regals a week, even if succeeded. C. The Government re-instated the Anahera Opium Monopoly, therefore, House Carwell would be disallowed from selling Opiods and would sit around with stacks of boxes of dank weed. Excess sales of bread to Hoglanders also does nothing, as without additional investment to procure resources, the standard stocks are just sold at a standard Empire enforced price meaning the income difference is zero.
    • Preparing to be ejected from the north, Fristadvlom proposes to the Unionist Hoglanders to join her in their move to the south. The Hoglanders however choose to remain, as House Fristadvlom has not been around long enough to attach cultural and historical favor from the locals to their rule. The Hoglanders are essentially confident they will not be prosecuted after the move, and as such, it will only be House Fristadvlom and a handful of loyalists moving.
    House Avalorn
    • House Avalorn retains a watchful presence on the westcoast of Drixagh (mainly just affecting House Viduggla and Ostyr Baronlands).
    House von Drachenburg
    • House von Drachenburg funds Alexanderburgh with 5,000 Regals in supplies, and pays the Belliard Guild another 5,000 Regals for a Puretek Demishot. The request of House von Drachenburg to become honorary member of the Belliard Guild is accepted.
    House Black
    • House Black keeps their fleet vigilant around the north, while sending 20,000 Regals from its domestic bank to the bank of Worthing.
    • In Worthing, the 20,000 Regals is used to increase political support for Dianne.
    • House Black spies uncover official military correspondence from Waddinx making it seem as though it is secretly making preliminary preparations to invade Barlowe while House Reinard's troops are away in Calemberg. House Harhold's involvement is not specified, but strongly implied due to the fact that Waddinx is a puppet state. Supposedly, a defector was tasked with ferrying the orders to the Waddinx military command, but could not stomach another unnecessary war devastating his people. He instead brought them to House Black because they are signatories of the treaty which set up Barlowe and Waddinx as supposed buffer states in the first place, and hold sway over the Rourke Barons, in hopes that they can prevent this aggression and stabilize the region. The defector is then held imprisoned by House Black until the Duchess decides what to do with them.
    House Ombre
    • House Ombre tries to improve the economic control of their aristocratic, spending 30,000 Regals to increase investment.
    • House Ombre investigates the stances of Micelle and the other city states in terms of their hot topics and leanings. As a result, and past history of House Ombre, the city states agree to give House Ombre the negotiating position of the Pays Sud regarding their taxable status. Currently, the city states pay no taxes in protest against the state’s assistance to the murder of the Ithanian Sovereign, and are willing to let House Ombre manage their demands/compromise negotiations with the state, submitting themselves under whatever deal House Ombre manages to make with the state (albeit, judging them if the deal is bad).
    House Reinard
    • Sends 20,000 Regals to House Avalorn for services rendered.
    House Slumberwood
    • buys an additional 10,000 Regals worth of Mercenaries, while spending 20,000 to convince the locals to swear fealty and another 20,000 on increasing defences. 10,000 Regals are taken from the New Lands Bank to improve the economy of Kravalia.
    • As a result of full occupation and Kravalia having no allies left to liberate it, the nation surrenders and is fully annexed by Theos and Slumberwood, Slumberwood’s land establishing itself into the state of Silwald, with Slumberwood as Grand Mayor to the capital of Silverwald.
    The Church of the Holy Drive
    • Spends 10,000 Regals on services for the fallen in Calemberg.
    • Sends 15,000 Regals to Vixhall to repair damage done by Vultaro.
    • Sends 10,000 Regals to the State Bank
    House Viduggla
    • House Viduggla is caught by surprise as the rest of the Drixagh rebellion agree to the peace settlement as set out by the state, without making any modifications. As a result, all armies de-mobilize, except Viduggla, and Viduggla is caught having to make the decision of acquiescing to the peace treaty, or continue to the rebellion against the state alone.
    The Church of the Golden Eye
    • Tries to bring its faith to Rivellia, Vixhall, Lorelle, Micelle, Gallant-Upon-Bridge.
    • Rivellia, Lorelle and Micelle accept.
    • Vixhall declines on grounds that the Golden Eye did nothing for the Vultarin incident.
    • Gallant-Upon-Bridge declines, as it is pressured into the Holy Divine, which it joins.
    • Vixhall eventually also joins the Holy Divine Church.
    • Sondrais and Vittanais also join the Golden eye due to Ombre diplomacy and the pressure from the other regions.
    House Typhonus
    • Scouts for attacks.
    House Norrvakt
    • Invests 20,000 in the economy.
    Church of Solidarity
    • Tries to bring its faith to Micelle, Vittanais, Sondrais.
    • All these nations decline, joining the Golden Eye instead citing that the Church of Solidarity is too “virtuous and punishing of daily habits” for its liking.
    House Al Ramora
    • Invests 20,000 Regals in the economy.
    The Regalia State & House Delmotte
    • 10,000 Regals are spent on investigating the Zastorzy brothers, which after discovering positive relations, results in Delmotte handing over their daughter as a hostage for the negotiations. House Zastorzy enters Regalia and fairly quickly agrees with the Chancellor to the peace treaty, which is intentionally hosted behind closed doors without House Viduggla, on orders of the Chancellor.
    • State investigations into the Alaru Addir return nothing. The Palace is either unwilling to give out details on the Alaru Addir, or identifies that this weaspon is not suitable for fighting demons, having already been surpassed by Puretek in their opinion.
    • The Opioid Monopoly is returned to House Anahera, halting the Opioid epidemic.
    • Marceau Delmotte sends 3,500 Regals of his own stipend to the Crown Bank.
    Other Events
    • The separatists in Föhrborg receive their funding from clandestine sources and initiate a rebellion in the south of Viduggla’s lands, demanding the independence of Föhrborg and the re-establishment of a free Sorenvik State. A relatively large but low-quality army of 40,000 soldiers rises up, asking at no one in particular to send more finances for supplies.
    • The peace treaty between the state and the Drixagh Rebels is signed, House Fristadvlom is annexed by Kerwolf, while the Herebrand Order is annexed by Zavoria and the other treaty stipulations are followed.
    • In the south, Vultaro annexes the Vixhall lands which no one cared to defend or send help for, citing its need to protect the buffer state region that the State gave it permission to have. Vultaro further also exacts a treaty on House Anahera which was made more pliable to the treaty because of the reinstatement of their monopoly. Regardless of losing so much land, Anahera still makes off with the majority of their finances in-tact and a guarantee from Vultaro that the state will not make further demands of them and the rebellion is over.
    • House Anahera loses San Selin which is turned into Vultarin provinces, and the free states of Bastadon, ruled by House Wodenstaff, and Alcuzarva, ruled by the local Alcuzarva family. In Forriesta Natal, the Herebrand Order is given the forests, who immediately start an aggressive burning prosecution of the Diviner Heretics in Girobalda. San Girobalda is reduced in size by two thirds, one third being turned into the free Alemandralejo state ruled by the Alemandra family, and the other third into the state of Libredade, the new home of House Fristadvlom, the sunny and warm wine region with the rich upper class coastal cities of the south. Obviously, Bastadon, Alcuzarva and Alemandralejo are puppet states of Vultaro, while the Herebrand Order and Libredade are independent and uncontrolled.
    • House Lampero is granted a Prince-Electorate title by the Emperor in recognition of what nobles might say is “increased hegemony and control over two lordships”, an accurate reflection of how Vultaro is attaining immense military and financial power in the south. House Lampero thus self-styles as “The Iron Prince”, but remains part of the state’s archipelago (unlike House Howlester which is sovereign).
    • House Lampero in a lavish ceremony is quasi-crowned, while also announcing their quick betrothal and marriage to the Countess Sigurna Wodenstaff, who becomes the Elect Princess of Vultaro, as Ryker Lampero’s wife.
    • In Bragacao, the nations all suffer a series of coups that put their previous counts out of power, thus effectively ending the Anahera influence in the region. Anahera however remains immensely wealthy, as it turned out that their sphere on Girobalda was mostly for manpower, and their income is derived from regions outside of the Archipelago.
    • The Waldmark regions not loyal to the Orthodox Church yet unify under the Orthodox Church due to the pressure of the Holy Divine radiating from Dragenthal, Vixhall and Lorhauser.
    • Following the resignation of Leufred du Briërust as Duke of Maraisburcke, a faction of barons and the Darkwald order stages a coup-d’etat, overthrowing the establishment of Milena du Briërust before she is properly appointed, seizing all the important government institutions. Unlike normal coups however, this coup is not chiefly invested in overthrowing the ruling family, rather, the leading actors have decided that “the change of power is going too quickly for them”, and that they would like to “ensure a proper pass-over of power in the best interests of Maraisburcke”. What this means is that they do not throw out House du Briërust, nor explicitly deny Milena’s appointment, but rather negotiate and talk with each other behind closed doors to decide which du Briërust to put on the Ducal throne, while also not excluding the possibility it will be Milena if they become convinced she is their best option.
    At Hadrian’s Wall
    • Vague orders are given for all military troops to evacuate Hadrian’s wall, and sure enough, something that few would expect would happen in the following days. From the west coast close to the village of Fissersburg, a Dragon could be seen high in the clouds, following the trajectory of Hadrian’s wall. As the Dragon passed, lightning and rain would wash down to the soil below, and as the Dragon flew, in its wake strange lights and sounds appeared all around Hadrian’s wall. Little by little, the stonework of the large wall started shaking and breaking, until the very ground itself underneath erupted and stone spew forth, hills at first, until rapidly rising to form mountains. Stones and trees rolled down the slopes as actual mountains started bursting out of the ground, the Dragon all the while flying high up in the clouds, only its shape in silhouette and roars occasionally heart during the flashes of lightning. This followed all along the lenght of Hadrian’s Wall, destroying the wall in the process, but producing a very inhospitable chain of mountains in its wake, all the way to the east coast where Alexanderburgh was now able to gaze upon a sharp mountain ridge in its northern direction, with snow capped mountains.
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    Wilhelm blinked at the results of his failed attempt. "Too... virtuous and punishing of daily habits? Huh."
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