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    Full Name: Graziella Soldoveri
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Race: Olean Ailor
    Sexuality: Who knows
    Preferred Weapon: Light Bow
    Racial Boost Options: Conning Rogue, Dagger Combat, Dextrous Rogue


    A small steel knife
    A pouch of thirty regals
    A silver pendant
    A copper bracelet
    An apple.



    Total Points: +33 Aging Points, +10 Hobby Points, +10 Talent Points, +5 Racial Boost

    Core Proficiencies
    16 Light Bow Combat | 16 Aging Points

    Talent Proficiencies
    6 Burgling Rogue | 6 Aging Points
    10 Dextrous Rogue | 5 Aging Points, 5 Racial Boost
    10 Stealth Rogue | 10 Talent Points

    Hobby Proficiencies
    10 Circus Arts | 10 Hobby Points
    6 Theatre Arts | 6 Aging Points

    Body Shape

    Physical Stat: 24 - 16+5+3 = 24
    Body Shape: Toned
    Body Fat: Average



    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations

    Racial Abilities
    Practiced Pickpocket [Racial Passive]
    Luck of the Draw [Racial Passive]
    Spotless Smuggler [Racial Passive]

    Base Werebeast Abilities [ACTIVE]
    Soul Drain [Werebeast Spell, Direct Touch]
    Normal Shift [Constant Passive, Self]
    Halfbeast Shift [Beast Shift, Self]
    Beastmode Shift [Beast Shift, Self]

    Werebeast Fusion Abilities [ACTIVE]
    Loyalty of the Uthurenn
    Loyal Empathy [Werebeast Spell, Direct Touch]
    Howling Call [Werebeast Spell, Infinite]
    Uthurenn Strength [Constant Passive, Self]
    Prowl of the Fox
    Shadow Prowl [Constant Passive, Self]
    Leap of the Miacis
    Shifty Shift [Werebeast Spell, Emote Distance]
    Scavenge of the Raccoon
    Trash Bomb [Werebeast Spell, Emote Distance]
    Trash Sight [Constant Passive, Self]

    Halfbeast shift - Racoon and canine features, including a racoon nose, tail and patterns of racoon hair over their body, whilst also gaining sharper and longer teeth, donning bright silver eyes.

    Beastmode shift - Graziella would become half wolf half racoon, sporting complete Racoon-like head , covered mainly in brown fur, with certain white stripes, and a long bushy striped tail, their fangs wouldn't be too long but would be sharp and many.


    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Style: Long unkempt curls
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Clothing: Floral dresses
    Height: 5'4

    [ [— PERSONALITY] ]
    Option Two: The Core List

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Personality Type: ESFP-S - The Entertainer

    Religion: Unionism [2/10]

    [ [— LIFE STORY] ]

    [Early life] - 0 - 10 - Born just outside the city of Trenti in 281 AC nestled within the lands of Ascilla, Graziella grew up on the outskirts of the sprawling urban area part of a tightly knit family full of Artists, performers, thieves and fences, she spent much of her young age practicing her circus arts and sneaking off where she shouldn't be, occasionally pinching things from adults pockets so she could trade for toys and sweets, many of these outings were accompanied by her twin sister Orazia.

    [Teenage life] - 11 - 20 - Flourishing into her teenage years she began slowly but surely grasp the life of a thief, becoming adept at dextrous lifestyle, soon enough Graziella and Orazia had developed their own map of Trenti, notching in any places worth hitting and those that weren't, creating what they'd call 'Robbery runs' that weaved through the busy streets generating them no small amount of money whilst they did this, Graziella began to practice with the bow, mostly to slow down anyone giving chase should they get in trouble, and if they had no other option she'd talk her way out, using her years of performance experience.

    [Adult life] 21 - present day - Having now created a name of infamy for herself beside her sister, they were respected by the local azienda - Amato, selling off stolen goods to them and occasionally running thieving runs with them for bigger targets such as banks and other wealthy sites, eventually they spread out to the further Archipelago hitting new cities and new targets, increasing their wealth and infamy to levels not known before by either of them, until they finally came across Regalia and the opportunities were limitless and ripe for the taking.
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