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    This is just a suggestion; please take it with a grain of salt, however if you don’t like it feel free to give me a good scolding.
    Any who reworking the trait system and perhaps even bring some sort of uniqueness to combat or even overall activities. Instead of having traits given to you blatantly, Massive could implement a set system on armor pieces. For example you have 4 pieces of armor, each piece gives you a trait (if you want the second trait of the set you must wear 2 pieces), however while wearing all 4 pieces of armor you are granted a very good trait. Sets can be gained from dungeon raids of a 4 man party, each dungeon will give out 4 full sets which can be traded among each other if they don’t have the desired set. Personally I think this will engage people in more group activities and add a variety of goods to sell on the market. If massive brings back races it would be nice to have another passive buff on top of the armor set which would be cool.

    Example (of a set I made up):

    Duelist set (diamond armor)

    1 piece [Armor pen strike]

    2nd piece [Harm strike]

    3rd piece [Wither strike]

    4th piece [grants you axe expert & sword expert]

    Crusader set (Diamond armor)

    1 piece [Axe resistant & sword resistant]

    2nd piece [Harm immune& armor pen immune]

    3rd piece [Health boost 2]

    4th piece [Heal revenge and heal strike]

    Iron hide set (diamond armor)

    1 piece [sword resistant]

    2nd piece [axe resistant]

    3rd piece [healthboost2]

    4th piece [grants you heal always and absorption 2, however you have a permanent weakness 2 and slowness 1]

    Marksman set (Gold armor)

    1 piece [Armor pen strike]

    2nd piece [Harm strike]

    3rd piece [speed 2 & jump 2]

    4th piece [Archery expert & night vision]

    Cave dwellers set (Iron armor):

    1 piece [Fire immune]

    2nd piece [Jump boost 2]

    3rd piece [Night vision and reduce damage on explosions]

    4th piece [Haste 2 & deals more damage with a pickaxe]

    Pyromancers delight set (Iron armor)

    1 piece [fire immune]

    2nd piece [Speed 2]

    3rd piece [Ignores fire resistant (when using fire aspect or flame enchant)]

    4th piece [Fireball]

    There are more sets that could be made if you use your imagination. Thanks for reading.
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    fix phones
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    I like the idea!
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    I like this, but I think it'd be better if this was implemented as well as traits. Otherwise, traits would become essentially just the bog standard custom enchants that every factions server has. Instead, I think Massive should keep traits as they are and potentially add some much weaker buffs on armour. They shouldn't be significant, but they should be unique and add new dynamics to PvP. Something like smoke spawning around you when on 1 heart or something (just an example and not a good one).
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