Drun-kung Noodles

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    __________Drun-Kung Noodles__________
    What are Dun-Kung Noodles?
    They are a special combination of traditional Sihain Alcohol and Cuisine. Drun-Kung Noodles are not for the kids or the lightweights! The alcohol in these noodles are trade secret, known only to the brewers of House Ra'ing'se-Xia. The noodles are simple rice noodles, and the sauce contains a trade secret of spices.

    Where is the store located?
    We are located cater-cornered from the park just inside New Town to the left when leaving the Golden Willow Tavern. Come and buy some noodles from us, or any of our other fine products from Dexai!

    • Drun-Kung Noodle Bowl- A hearty bowl of our signature Drun-Kung Noodles. (10 regals)
    • Regular Noodles- A hearty bowl of rice noodles, sans the alcohol. (7 regals)
    • Pork Dumplings- A plate of Sihai pork dumplings. They come with a savory sauce to dip. (4 regals)
    • Rice Bowl- A bowl of rice with your choice of meat on top, if any. (3 regals for the rice. With chicken costs 4 regals, with beef costs 5 regals)
    • Ku'eing- Sticky rice cake. Popular around Sihai New Year on the Summer Solstace. Chewy in texture. (4 regals a slice)
    • Coconut Tapioca- Rice pudding with coconut mixed in. (3 regals a cup)
    • Frivolous Ale- A bubbly, vanilla/cherry ale. All the way from Dexai! (6 regals a glass)
    • Pien'zen- A liquor made from the Sorghum flower. Strong alcohol content, and floral in taste. Complex flavor profile, much like the Western whisky. (7 regals a glass)
    • See-an'm- A wine produced in central Dexai, made from a special type of grape introduced to the region by trade. (6 regals a glass)
    • Water- You know what water is, I hope, assuming you're not from Farah'deen! (Free)
    • Teas- Various teas, all the same price for a cup. Teas include Chrysanthemum Tea, Ksai'an-ha (Sour Plum Tea), milk tea, and Zenn tea (sweet tea). (3 regals per cup)
    • Yqan'ha Kaffee- Kaffee is a new drink in Dexai, but growing in popularity. This Kaffee has cinnamon notes to the flavor profile. Beans grown in Southern Dexai.
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