Brirair Gwyntot

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    Brirair Gwyntot



    Basic Information

    • Full Breizh Name: Brirair Gwyntot.
    • Full Ithanian Name: Brirair Aoûte-Terrois Quill Coeur Matriarche Corbeau de Paradis.
    • Age: Sixty Three.
    • Date of Birth: August 19th, 246 AC.
    • Gender: Male.
    • Race: Breizh (Originally Ithanian) Ailor.
    • Subrace: Fineland Ailor.
    • Sexuality: Hetrosexual.
    • Eye Color: Brown.
    • Preferred Weapon: Claymore.

    Core Concept:

    • Brirair is a strong believer in Dogmatic Unionism, but respects different Sects of Unionism as well.
    • A Villiers-Eclarie Knight that strives to teach the next generation the ways of acting like a true knight while using what remaining strength he has in his old bones to protect the faithful and mundane.

    Skill Information
    (50 points)
    4 Points for Learning

    • Melee Combat
    • +15 Greatsword Combat (+15 Points).
    • Arcanology
    • Affliction Knowledge (+3 Points).
    • Purging Knowledge (+3 Points).
    • Inquest Knowledge (+3 Points).
    • Curing Knowledge (+3 Points).
    • Special Training
    • +10 Medical Training (+5 Points & +5 Racial Boost).
    • +5 Perception Training (+5 Points).
    • Visual Art
    • +10 Sculpting Art (+10 Hobby Points).
    • Linguistics
    • Etosian (+3 Points).
    • Hellas (+3 Points).
    • Varsivas (+3 Points).
    • Vristos (Unlocked from Pack).

    Body Shape:

    • 15 Combat + 5 Racial = 20 Body Stat.
    • Type: Muscular.
    • Fat: Low Body Fat.


    • Common (Free Language).
    • D’Ithanie (Parental Language).
    • Breizh (People of many Tongues).
    • Etosian (From Linguistics).
    • Hellas (From Linguistics).
    • Varsivas (From Linguistics).
    • Vristos (From Linguistics).

    Racial Abilities:

    • Racial Abilities (Link)
    • Ailor Famliar
    • Dark Empathy
    • Seizing Destiny
    • Seizing Innovation
    • People of many Tongues - Breizh

    Appearance Information:

    • Lacks any type of mutations but does have several scars across his forearms and back.
    • Brirair stands at 5’7, holding a firm but old fit due to him aging. His build is more of a fading muscular build that slowly weakening over time. His hair has grown from grey to pure white over time.

    Life Story

    Birth and Childhood

    • Brirair Aoûte-Terrois Quill Coeur Patriarche Corbeau de Paradis was born to two loving Ithanian parents on August 19th, 246 AC during a bitterly cold morning of a first quarter moon.
    • His mother did not pay much attention to him, but his father, who was the Homme des Bras of the family, raised him to become a protector like himself.
    Adolescence and Young Adulthood
    • By the age of 7, the Homme des Bras of the family took the young boy to the young Villiers-Eclarie Order to become a Page of the order. He managed to pass the entrance exam.
    • His mentor was a brutish, but intelligent as they taught him to speak multiple languages. While he was a Page, he met a fellow Page by the name of Marcane Tempetyr, who shared many interests.
    • He would eventually see conflict between his mentor and others of different faiths, mainly those of Void Worship, in which he watched his mentor fight.
    Adulthood and Present
    • His younger years weren’t as eventful as his adulthood, in which started when he graduated. He met Marcane’s family in Kintyr after some time, in which he would meet Marcane’s sister, Aldeardenne Tempetyr.
    • He did not stay for long, as he travelled to Ceardia a year after he graduated as an aid to those who were escaping the destruction of the continent.
    • After the destruction, he returned to Kintyr to spend his time with Aldeardenne, who he had grown fond of. He eventually fell in love with her and grew accustomed to the Breizh culture.
    • They married soon after, creating the Gwyntot family, a new line next to the Tempetyr, though not as grand.
    • He eventually had a son by the name of Rodane, which became a blessing to him when Brirair was 25.
    • While raising his son, he eventually learned of a stranger from the ‘Wards of Fae Order’, who discovered potential within the young Rodane. While strictly against it, he allowed his son to go, as his wife wished for Rodane to be whoever he wanted to be.
    • Brirair returned to his work with the Villiers-Eclarie as the Chrysant War began, in which he came to the full aid of the Regalian Empire.
    • He stayed upon the front lines for all 5 years, having returned when he was the age of 44. However, it strengthened his faith beyond measure, in which he returned home to try and convince his son to turn away from the Wards of Fae.
    • By the time he returned, his son was about to graduate and become a full-fledged Knight, which caused some discord between the two of them.
    • The now old Knight no longer fought but acted as an assistant to any Priest that ventured to the base of the mountain of Amlwch. This changed when a recruitment drive for a battle came around, in which he volunteered in a heartbeat.
    • The Battle of the Curag Fields changed him, as he witnessed multiple mages fight alongside himself and his fellow soldiers, in which he witnessed the statue that claimed to be Estel appear.
    • After this, he tried to keep to a peaceful life as a linguistic for the Holy Scriptures of Unionism and a small-time doctor for those in need. His peaceful life didn’t stay so, as during 307AC, he lost his wife from disease.
    • He took upon himself to take a pilgrimage to rediscover his purpose in life, in which he began to grow closer to his faith once more.
    • After 3 years, he took up arms once more to act as a mentor for his fellow Villiers-Eclarie, as well as those who trust his guidance.

    Progression Talents: Warrior Level 2 (Forced) & Support Level 1
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    Please list your "sub-race" Ailor culture; i.e., Stateland, Hinterland, etc.
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