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    The following Assembly policies have been enacted, and had the following concequences:

    The Vultarin Hegemony agreement was dissolved, the Assembly citing that the Vultarin armies "might violate the honors of warfare" and that "the military veto is unfair" as well as the idea that the "Assembly is not afraid of the Vultarin Hegemony".

    • The Vultarin Hegemony has retreated its army obligations to the State, the remaining Regalian State forces have reduced from 400,000 to 100,000. The army is now at 1/4 strength.
    • The Vultarin Hegemony has retreated its tax obligations to the State, the remaining Regalian Economy reducing by a quarter Regalia's State Budget is now at a 20% deficit.
    • The Vultarin Hegemony has shut off the supply of Coal to the Regalian market, forcing the Black Fleet to port without coal for cannons, and endangering the fuel supply for the furnaces with approaching snow in winter.
    • The Vultarin Hegemony remains part of the Regalian Federation and loyal to the Emperor, also paying the Imperial tithe, but considers itself a sovereign entity separate from the Regalian Archipelago.
    • The Emperor has kept the dialogue between the Vultarin Hegemony and the Regalian State open for now, with the Iron Duke willing to re-negotiate the failed concordat, but adding that he will not take satisfaction with representation on a legislative assembly and cares far more for the well being of the military.
    The loss of the Vultarin Army, an army that kept most of the southern Ceardian Kingdoms in line, has resulted in increased clamor for independence among the repressed old kingdoms to the south.
    • The Yervonth and Talath and Carmoor Kingdoms have seceded, breaking away from the whole Empire (including the Emperor) because they no longer fear the military powers of the Empire.
    • The Kilarallis Republic and the Arvost Viscounty have declared the Regalian Naval treaties null and void. Technically these states were not part of the Regalian Empire, but had agreements which put most of their trade in Regalian hands.
    • The Ssil Viscounty, no longer fearing the Black Fleet, has declared open corsair season on the rest of the Regalian States. The Varran participation in the Crown Alliance is buckling, and Varran raids on Ailor settlements and food shipments between the colonies have already started in earnest.
    The independence of the Vultarin Hegemony has pushed the Anahera Cabal in a state of Panic. While they believed the Iron Duke to be placid previously, they now fear a civil war on their border. Anahera plots have thus ceased.
    • Anahera control over Daendroc has also weakened in light of Christopher Black supplying it with enough food to stave off mass-starvation among the Basqlierra refugees.
    Christopher Black, appointed to crisis manager of the food supplies in the Empire, has solved the food crisis, for now. He has chosen to arrange food shipments in this way, with these effects:
    • The Etosian Patriarchy supports the food supplies of Svetlost with decent balance load.
    • Vixhall and Girobalda share the load together to solve the food crisis in Brixoid, and are doing so with an even load.
    • The Hadarian Digmaans send their food supplies to the Daenshore Viscounty. It staves off food riots, but the Digmaans now have to do with 60% less food than they had previously, and are barely skimming by with enough food.
    • The Elladorian Colonies obligate their food supplies to the Dormin Republic. Surprisingly, the Isldar even assist the Elladorian Colonies with food shipments to make up for the losses. With the food flowing, the Dormin Republic has chosen not to secede from the Empire.
    • Christopher Black has solved the Empire food crisis, for now. Some states lack the abundance they had before, and might soon be in trouble again without a solution to the mist, but there are no immediate concerns arising from food supplies.
    Ithania remains a thorn in the side of the Empire's coffers. As much as the state also no longer costs money to maintain, it killed off another 40% of the state budget, a budget that was previously used to pay for the state army that was swallowed by the Mist.
    • The loss of the Black Fleet and the Vultarin troops have seriously reduced the intimidation factor of the Regalian Empire. De Gosselin knows full well that the Empire cannot enforce any demands or conduct an invasion into the Ithanian heartlands. As such, the position of power of the Regalian State and the Assembly to lead negotiations has seriously been reduced, and the King of Ithania is well aware of this.
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    Rip Regalian empire.
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    I know who I'm voting for next election.
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