World Progression Story Archipelago Progression 4.2 - We Blight Be In Trouble

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    Map Slightly outdated

    With War breaking out between the Anians and New Regalians, and Civil War likely on the table within the Baldmark region as a result, Grand Duke Abelhard Petrou calls an emergency gathering of his feudal council to brief its members about the calamity that had unfolded just North of his borders. Whilst not specifically requesting rousing his own soldiers, Abelhard relays to the Council that war between the likes of the New Regalian families such as Falkenreich with Slumberwood was at this point inevitable and to prepare for the worst. The Council of course is already aware of what had occured the night before and rouses a preliminary medium sized border force to be used to protect Petrou’s border with Slumberwood and to contain any would-be strife that could potentially be making its way South.

    Legislative measures are also pushed into place by the Grand Duke banning imports of food goods from the du Triege and the formerly owned du Saulleve lands until such a time as its made apparent that the Blight has been purged completely and no longer threatens Hellatian stability.

    The strangest, seemingly spontaneous, action of Petrou’s came about in the form of naval action however. In the early hours of the 24th of April, the Grand Duke put out a call to the banners most loyal to him for their warships, requesting them to rendezvous off the coastline of Agrinio and to await further instructions. Five Anglian Frigate-class warships awaited the Grand Duke, who boarded the largest and set course for the Vyzal lands, specifically their capital province. Multiple runners are sent word to begin spreading the news that ships were headed for the province of Puerto Zilenta, rousing the local aldermen and nobility to send representatives for a ‘diplomatic ceremony’ which some oblige, others do not.

    Upon arriving, the representatives, to their horror, are presented with watching a coastal bombardment. All of the cannons of Petrou’s ships unleash volleys of explosive munitions into the uninhabited, or at least presumed uninhabited, coastline -- shots eerily close to the same state-manufactured munitions from the month prior. The barrage levels part of the coast and leaves the rock face of nearby cliff sides scarred with black smog all while the representatives are sent back to their local rulers with the message:

    “Should Cro-Maarz start a war in the region and jeopardize the Hellatian Slaver forts, and start a war in the archipelago during a time of political strife, the entirety of the Vyzal navy will be turned into a wreckage by the end of the month and the region blockaded from all trade, in and out, for two months time.”

    Of course, by now it was too late. Cro-Maarx was in Hinter Calem with a mixed army marching on Duke Lugenweitz on behalf of Murdoc Slumberwood, leaving many within the Vyzal lands wondering what would happen next and a preliminary draft of sailors and naval vessels ordered by Cro-Maarx’s feudal council. Propaganda soon spreads about the munitions and the ‘vicious and warlord-like Etosian Admiral’ and his citadel with victories during the Sendrassian War, which damages some of the support for a naval intervention, but others simply scoff at it, accusing Petrou of being nothing but an upjumped foreign pirate, calling upon Cro-Maarx to declare war on Petrou for the bombardment and the threats against the Rim Isle’s economic stability.


    In the Genevaud region, tensions rise even higher between the Kreiburg lands and those held by the Duke of Bade and Zerrick as Kreiburg intercepts a letter from the Duke of Bade to Zerrick indicating a desire to invade Kreiburg with Zerrick’s help using the Blight as a window of opportunity. Kreiburg demands an explanation from Bade who proclaims the following:

    “I just spent a month in talks with Zerrick to prevent a war. If the Langthal weasel was half as smart as he thinks he is, I might be quaking; however it's incredibly telling that this is a Kreiburg plot for three reasons:

    Firstly, my people and I are not imbeciles. I have made no casus belli clear nor have any of my troops been poised at Kreiburg borders. Secondly, it's telling that Kreiburg has been behind all of the sabotage attempts over the last couple of months given that these implicating correspondences seem to keep falling ever so conveniently into his lap whenever there is opportunity to expand into the territory that he was rightfully thrust back from last year. Thirdly, one would think it a tad ridiculous that I would send a letter to the Duke of Zerrick asking for his military assistance given I spent the last month with Duke Keen and himself at a peace summit to get to the bottom of these attacks. Why would I not simply rouse his support there? All too convenient.

    If Kreiburg wishes to invade Bade, I welcome it but I will not be the aggressor. If Kreiburg armies sent a foot inside of Bade territory, Langthal will be met with the full might of a combined Genevaudian Army. I have plenty of fuel to stoke the fires under the fat, bulbous belly of Theopold Kreiburg.” The Duke then orders a contingent of men to patrol his borders armed with batons only and orders no hostile acts until Kreiburg attacks. Bade calls upon individuals within the archipelago to engage in counter espionage and terrorist attempts in exchange for a large sum of wealth to be used at the volunteers leisure [!]

    The letter is then presented to Kreiburg’s feudal council, the Duke outraged at its content but it seemed like the Feudal Council wasn't all too convinced. They advise Kreiburg against a war when it appeared Zerrick favored Bade at this point and instead gave leave for a small contingent of border patrol garrisons to be stationed across the Kreiburg border -- primarily to prevent Blight-corrupted crops from entering the region but also to keep watch on troop movements.

    Theopold then addresses the Duke of Zerrick, calling on him not to invade Kreiburg and instead accept Kreiburg’s assistance through the Blight Relief Association. He received no response.

    Lastly, legislation is passed by Theopold titled The Blight Border Response Act” which places a portion of their budget toward training additional soldiers and increasing their military budget. This surprised jurisprudential theorists as it seemed to have little to do with the blight itself and indicated war on the horizon. The legislation also closed Kreiberg borders completely to free travel and places mandatory inspections on food and crops entering Kreiburg lands. Lastly, a very small contingent of Theopold’s personal levies were placed on the Bade border to defend against an invasion. The troops were far from stalwart; many were nervous about the prospect of war, but acted alongside the Feudal Levies on the border patrols to ensure the legislative measures were upheld.


    Further North in Anglia, Duke Jared Bancroft announces plans for the immediate construction of a Crown Dragon Shrine which doubles as a memorial grove alongside a public partying area within the Anglian Bancroft owned province of Draackenrust. The Bancroft Administrative Local Lords are all cordially invited to the public unveiling of the shrine in order to commemorate the opening of the medium sized venue and to celebrate and provide offerings in accordance with the Dragon’s Day festival with plenty of tributes paid to both House Bancroft as the ruling family in the region and to the Emperor himself. This came less than a week after the destruction of the Statue of Emperor Alexander within the L’Elvellen Principality, which ferments the support of the Anglian people in Bancroft and condemnation of Pro-Allorn rebels at home and abroad.

    While the crowd had been riled up on these sentiments, Dragon Matron Gwenyth Zylmoira descended slowly down from atop the shrine with two purple feathered wings outstretched, hands cupped outward whilst two leystone soulcores orbited around her. She gives a compelling speech in relation to the shrine, mesmerising the Anglian populace attending. She draws attention to the Shrine and the Green, announcing “To celebrate the loves of those saved due to the intervention of the Dragons on that day.” which confused some but most chalked it back to the Battle of Dregux. She bewitches the crowd with her words, dedicating the grove on days which aren't Anglian holidays or service masses to serving as a large town gathering point for the ‘Juff-Mevrouw’ young female Anglian caretakers of children, of the region.

    This corrales some positive reputation for Gwenyth personally, and reinforced confidence in House Bancroft. The festivities end with a short musical performance by Gwenyth and Florance Bancroft. Gwenyth provided a brilliant a capella vocal rendition of various Pro-Imperial songs whilst Florance harmonized with the harp. Once the performance was done, a spell of revelry broke out and Florance and Gwenyth were whisked away to the local tavern along with the Anglian Lords to sample flagons of ale as was tradition for Dragons Day.

    The affairs did not please everyone, however. The Duke and Rowena Bancroft used the offtime to promenade with the local lords to inquire as to any local concerns. The general sentiment was one of anger toward the Altalar Allorn rebels and the concern that the rebellions could begin within the archipelago soon. They also voiced concern for the blight, but none had many ideas on how to deal with either issue themselves. The Duke offers vague support and sends the peerage on their way before finalising the festival and seeing the night through.


    In the de Piedmont lands, the Duchess commands Delos-Issaruu, Valorie de Piedmont and Lewyn du Saulleve to make disease-prevention masks with leather. The Duchess pumps a lot of funding in sourcing leather for the production of the masks, surprising many given that the blight had yet to prove to have an effect on anything other than crops. The masks have a plague doctor look, reminiscent of the same variant that the Morbus Imperium used. Crates of the masks were then shipped to the guardsmen she sent to Shattel but ended up coming back alongside the Wulfstruppe and her personal de Piedmont guard.


    The Sol Avalleia announces Empirewide and then some that the House Avalleia fully condemns the violence against Altalar in the aftermath of raids and attacks that have occured over the last month. She asserts that she will personally pursue Judicial remedies against any violent mobs who attack the Altalar and promise monetary grants to the Solvaan disenfranchised from the attacks to set up shop in Solleria to restart their lives and have sanctuary to moderate success. Many Solvaan decide to move into the provinces of Saleiann Faial, Carache-Ise and Rivere-Ise to escape violence in other regions with a great deal of Avalleia’s own coffers overseeing their reestablishment. Very little funding is left over, but what remains is pumped into subsidizing the fishing industry through the Measures & Dockweights Bureau with very little if any success. If self-sufficiency through the Blight is the target, funding would need to be far greater as such a shift from grain produce would take a great deal of time and money.


    Meanwhile, Duke Valentino Solisti travels alongside his court mage Nerissa Grey and his personal Palest Ser Rafael Carano to the capital of the Westaal Free Cities to meet with the council that governs the region. Upon arriving, the troupe are met with diplomats on behalf of the council that lead Valentino and his servants into a large, smoke filled building where talks of Vyzal espionage into the region are undertaken. The Duke offers his support to the Council against “powers pursuing regional instability” in the Westaal Rim Isles and offers a defensive alliance with the Solisti family.

    The council humors the thought and recused themselves to discuss the matter in private, returning three hours later to an agreement on the basis that Solisti ships keep watch primarily around Vyzal waters and on the grounds that if Solisti themselves cause harm in any form to the Westaal Free Cities interests the defensive alliance would become null and void. Solisti is given only an hour to deliberate on the agreement before it was off the table and thus, agrees.

    Lastly, Solisti funds are funnelled into various naval academies across the Solisti lands through the efforts of Sebastien Solisti, who manages to help expand two of the naval academies in the region in terms of staff and supplies, helping to bolster naval support for the Solisti family.


    The Telarel lands also saw their fair share of bustling and busy streets as Duke Lithuandir Telarel declares across the entire Regalian Archipelago. with the assistance of printing presses and funded town criers. that his lands were open to refugees of those Altalar, Cielothar and Solstithar populations that had otherwise been displaced due to aggression towards the Elven population from the rise of Anti-Allorn sentiment across the Empire. Refugees pour in, though not in quite as great a number as Avalleia, likely due to the Sol’s history in protecting the Regalian Altalar, but still enough to be noticeable. A welfare system is set up for the refugees which helps them integrate into the province of Avmarse with the slaves from Vyzal lands being used to construct affordable housing for them there. Similarly, an increased guard presence is roused to provide for a safe and seamless influx of the new population.

    House Telarel also provides House Viduggla with adequate funding for their trade deal the month prior.

    Lastly, and most importantly some may argue, Telarel’s Coloseum receives its grand opening at last with fighters from various notable warriors and knights from all over the empire attending to try their luck at a grand prize of thousands of regals, enough for two months worth of funding for ventures to the lucky winner. The tournament begins with a large round of cheering and applause from the hundreds, if not thousands, seated amongst the large, open gallery. The Duke himself sits above in a private booth, opening the whole affair with a speech before announcing the games to begin.


    The first round of fighting fills the crowd with intrigue. Claymore meets Bardiche as Oglok Dredgeblade skirmishes with Humaira Reinard who manages to secure a narrow victory from the Northern Orc. Breothric Greenwood secures his victory over Alduir Stormblade despite the beginning of the fight leaning in Alduir’s favor. Surprisingly, Eamon Rom-Carramac succeeds over Alban with his longsword and shield, dominating the entire fight before kicking Alban flat on his back and grasping his victory for the Highlands. Similarly, Eamon’s sister Deirdre Rom-Carramac takes on the Southern Knight Ser Pablo of Mollarno and knocks the knight out with a lengthy swing of her warhammer, meaning she would move into the next round fighting against her brother for a spot in the semi finals. Harlow Ketch skillfully defeats notable New Regalian warrior Dame Franziska Bautzder and moves onto the next round. Ser Frederique Driepunte secures a victory for his family over Marisa Solisti, completely dominating the fight with his longsword and shield, knocking the wind from her and leaving her incapacitated. Luther Wulfsgrife takes longsword and shield to Albeir Derklenstein, skillfully outmatching the swifter opponent and advancing. Finally, Einjar of Novigrad defeats Meliora Toussaint with dual axes, securing a win for the North and moving into round two.

    No rest for the weary. As soon as the preliminary fights were over, Telarel called for the next fights to begin. The second round of fights start off bloody, with Breothric Greenwood breaking Humaira Reinard’s nose with his shield and leaving her flailing on the ground after a swift strike to her left leg, securing victory. Brother fights sister in the second round between the two Rom-Carramac warriors, though Deirdre comes out on top with her skill in warhammer combat. Once again, Harlow Kretch secures victory, narrowly outmatching the Viridian Knight Ser Frederique Driepunte and moving onto the next bracket. Bad news for the Gallovians as the Novigrad warrior Einjar slams Luther Wulfsgrife into the ground, pinning him with his foot and taking the victory.

    A small recess was permitted by Lithuandir while the injured were seen to by medics and the crowd given time to get refreshments. The battles this time were short as both Harlow Ketch and Breothric Greenwood come out on top to head into the final round, defeating Deidre Rom-Carramac and Einjar of Novigrad respectively. The final battle came with much anticipation as Harlow and Breothric faced off in a bloody engagement to see who would succeed in leaving the tournament with a heft regal prize. The first few minutes seemed to lean in Harlow’s favor, his skill with a sword deflecting many of Breothric’s strikes. Sadly, Breothric seemed to be playing coy, tiring out his opponent before moving in to secure the victory. Three times the two engaged in what seemed like a dance of steel and each time, Harlow, despite his best efforts, came out on top. Victory was called for Breothric who secured the prize (Two progressions worth of finance tokens which have to be used before the end of May) with Harlow receiving a gold chalice for second place and Deirdre Rom-Carramac leaving with only bragging rights for coming third place. The overall winner from the entire event though had to be Telarel. The festivities raised a slew of positive reputation for the Duke which undoubtedly could be used in time.


    Back in Shattel, measures to handle the Blight are placed in motion by the departing Duchess du Saullevé to combat the spread of the plant disease. A mandate is pushed through local legislation stopping the export of the affected category of produce before the blight could spread. Troops in the region are then stationed around the affected fields with express orders both at the field posts /and/ Shattel border to only permit members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee in, though any donations were welcome. This results in the following:

    Vyzal sends a group of alchemists to Shattel which are denied at the border and sent home by orders of the new Duchess who was only permitting members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee headed by Duke Cillian Mac Conall into the region for Blight intervention.

    Kreiburg arranges for a large group of medics to enter Shattel to assist with any individuals who had become sick as part of the blight, though none had seemingly fallen ill thus far, but were turned away at the Shattel border as the new Duchess was only permitting members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee headed by Duke Cillian Mac Conall into the region for blight intervention.

    House de Piedmont sends a large conglomeration of guardsmen to Shattel, primarily her own guardsmen and the Mercenary group ‘The Wulfstruppe’ which are understandably turned away at the border. The number of armed men rang alarm bells for the new Duchess of the region and they were all turned away both on the notion that only members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee may enter for blight intervention, but also for sending de Piedmont goons into the region. It explained that the guards and mercenaries were present for essential duties such as farming but the border guards explain that they’re in no need for manual labourers. Their food was Blighted, not their workers. They did however accept the food and water supplies for the people by the Duchess de Piedmont but the men were turned away.

    House de Azcoissia sends Aesling Sylfina and Imara to perform a cursory investigation into the blight in Shattel, but again are turned away as the new Duchess was only permitting members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee headed by Duke Cillian Mac Conall into the region for blight intervention.

    Duchess Haeddi van Hal arrives in the region alongside members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee under her command and those in question are immediately chaperoned to the affected fields. Supported by Alms Ministry funding, the Duchess enters the affected fields alongside Bronagh Ni Bloinn, Bel-Gyarbrin Tibaerthus, Loriella Hall’eveia, Aeawynne and Caricia Vasaretto. The fields looked fine at a distance but upon closer inspection, you could tell that the crops were infected. The crops were thick with darkened blotches and putrid in scent. The usual sort of blight, Haeddi thought. Loriella and Bel agreed but something seemed incredibly off with this particular blight. Bronagh could smell something off about it, an unusual scent. Caricia pointed out to the group two distinct differences in this type of affliction and the usual sort that farmers were equipped to deal with.

    Firstly, the black mold was not black mold at all. . It was a darkened purple. Secondly, the smell, vile as it was, was a tad too strong to indicate the usual sort of rot they were used to. She broke open a beet, confirming her assessment: The blight was rotting from the inside out, rather than the outside in -- something completely foreign to agricultural experts this side of Aloria. The team immediately went about gathering samples, comprising theories to help discover the ‘ground zero’, but as Bronagh and Caricia explained, blights were more often than not caused by fungal spores thus it either had to have travelled in with someone or something, or blown over from nearby fields -- Though it all appeared concentrated.

    Florian Peirgarten sweeps the local villages and hamlets, communicating with the inhabitants in order to gather much-needed information. To the farmers, the blight seemed to arrive from nowhere, though one comment by a standing guard raised alarm bells. “Fought a bastard war in Hadar and this is what we come home to.”

    Hadar. Sendrassians. Something clicked. Florian relayed this to the rest of the Committee on the way to the Petrou lands for the next portion of research.

    House Petrou grants permission to members of the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee, specifically the likes of Amelina Peirgarten, Isabella Cadieux and Roselyne Howlester to enter the Citadel of Proagogi, under extreme watch by a raised squadron of guards, to perform alchemical tests upon the rot. Initial testing yields nothing of significant value but they were able to confirm one thing: It wasn’t Regalian in origin. Amelina heads back to Shattel alongside Florian to investigate the comments a final time where it all became clear.

    The troops that had occupied Zzonzeer, Cinna Eledhwens troops, were all concentrated in and around the Shattel province area. The reason why traditional Regalian inspection into the blight was failing was because it wasn’t native to the region at all: It was either Hadarian or at-worst, Sendrassian. The spores were likely carried in along with the supplies that had been resting on Zzonzeer at the time, carried home by the soldiers, which then spread to the farms some of them worked on and then placed into the fields as compost.

    hile Haeddi oversees the strip burning of crops around the fields to prevent further spread. The following provinces reported Blight in their fields:

    The du Triege provinces of Irole, Hinterkarnte, Gorzen and the Darkwald Council-administered Tirgunn. Common peasants expressed annoyance toward House du Triege for effectively sitting on their hands and doing nothing--no border checks, no ban on imports, nothing.

    The Kreiburg province of Mulhausen sees the Blight appear in some of the southern region, whilst Lorhauser gets hit hard. Weerenwald reports only a single field affected in Salzenwald and invites any recommendations from the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee as it closes its borders down.



    (Primary Combat Prof roll out of maximum number for that primary combat prof) + (Base 10 Roll) - (Shielding of opponent roll if applicable) = (overall number)

    Best of 3 Rolls

    NPC on NPC get 1 roll to save time.

    Oglok Dredgeblade - Claymore

    R1. ( 8/15) + (5/10) = 13 - 0 = 13 ☆
    R2. (12/15) + (2/10) = 12 - 0 = 12
    R3. (11/15) + (2/10) = 13 - 0 = 13

    Humaira Reinard - Narrow Victory. Bardiche ☆

    R1. (5/10) + (2/10) = 7 - 0 = 7
    R2. (10/10) +(4/10) = 14 - 0 = 14☆
    R3. (7/10) + (9/10) = 16 - 0 = 14 ☆

    Breothric Greenwood - Sword + Shield - Victory ☆

    R1. ( 5/15) + ( 10/10) = 15 - ( 8/10) = 7
    R2. (5/15) + (4/10) = 9 - (2/10) - 7 ☆
    R3. (6/15) + (2/10) = 8 - (5/10) = 3 ☆

    Alduir Stormblade - Sword

    R1. ( 14/15) + ( 8/10) = 22 - (13/16) = 9 ☆
    R2. (10/15) + (4/10) = 14 - (12/16) = 4
    R3. (7/15) + (2/10) = 9 - (15/16) = -6

    Eamon Rom-Carramac - Longsword + Shield - Victory ☆

    R1. ( 5/10) + ( 3/10) = 8 - 0 = 8 ☆
    R2. (10/10) + (6/10) = 16 - 0 = 16 ☆

    Alban - Sword

    R1. ( 4/12) + ( 4/10) = 8 - (1/5) = 7
    R2. (3/12) + (10/10) = 13 - (3 /5) = 10

    Deirdre Rom-Carramac - Warhammer ☆

    R1. (12/15) + (9/10) = 21 - (4/8) = 17 ☆

    Ser Pablo of Mollarno

    R1. (3/20) + (1/10) = 4 Auto defeat

    Dame Franziska Bautzder - Shortsword + Dagger

    R1. ( 7/15) + ( 3/10) = 10 - 0 = 13 =/=
    R2. (8/15) + (3/10) = 11 - 0 = 11
    R3. (8/15) + (5/10) = 13 - 0 = 13

    Halow Ketch - Sword - Narrow Victory ☆

    R1. ( 9/20) + ( 4/10) = 13 - 0 = 13 =/=
    R2. (19/20) + (9/10) = 28 - 0 = 28 ☆
    R3. (10/20) + (4/10) = 14 - 0 = 14 ☆

    Ser Frederique Driepunte - Longsword + Shield - Victory ☆

    R1. ( 14/20) + ( 7/10) = 17 - 0 = 17☆
    R2. ( 6/20) + ( 2/10) = 8 - 0 = 8 ☆

    Marisa Solisti - Greatsword

    R1. ( 2/10) + ( 6/10) = 8 - (6/10) = 2
    R2. (9/10) + (4/10) = 13 - (9/10) = 4

    Luther Wulfsgrife - Longsword + Shield ☆

    ( 2/10) + ( 7/10) = 9 - 0 = 9

    Albeir Derklenstein - Shortsword + Dagger

    ( 8/10) + (2/10) = 10 - (5/10) = 5

    Meliora Toussaint - Longsword only

    ( 15/15) + ( 1/10) = 16

    Einjar of Novigrad - Dual Axes ☆

    ( 8/10) + ( 9/10) = 17

    Round Two

    Humaira Reinard

    R1. (3/10) + (7/10) = 10 - ( 7/16) = 3
    R2. (5/10) + (2/10) = 7 - ( 4/16) = 3

    Breothric Greenwood - Sword + Shield Victory ☆

    R1. ( 15/15) + ( 1/10) = 16 - 0 = 16 ☆
    R2. ( 14/15) + ( 6/10) = 20 - 0 = 20 ☆

    Eamon Rom-Carramac - Longsword + Shield

    R1. ( 5/10) + ( 3/10) = 8 - 0 = 8

    Deirdre Rom-Carramac - Warhammer - Victory ☆

    R1. (11/15) + (10/10) = 21 - (5/5) = 16☆

    Halow Ketch - Sword - Victory ☆

    R1. (13 /20) + ( 7/10) = 17 - (1/10) = 16 ☆
    R2. (10 /20) + ( 9/10) = 19 - (1/10) = 18 ☆

    Ser Frederique Driepunte - Sword + Shield

    R1. ( 7/20) + ( 8/10) = 15 - 0= 14
    R2. (3/20) + (4/10) = 7 - 0 = 7

    Luther Wulfsgrife - Sword + Shield

    ( 9/10) + ( 2/10) = 11 - 0 = 11

    Einjar of Novigrad - Dual Axes ☆

    ( 8/10) + ( 10/10) = 18 - ( 3/10) = 15

    Semi Finals

    Breothric Greenwood - Sword + Shield ☆

    R1. ( 9/15) + ( 3/10) = 12 - 0 = 12 ☆
    R2. (5/15) + (7/10) = 13 - 0 = 13 ☆

    Deirdre Rom-Carramac - Warhammer - Victory

    R1. (10/15) + (1/10) = 11 - ( 8/16)= 3
    R2. (2/15) + (2/10) = 4 - (2/16) = 2

    Harlow Ketch - Sword - Victory ☆

    R1. (18 /20) + ( 1/10) = 19 - 0 = 19 ☆
    R2. (8/20) + (9/10) = 17 - 0 = 17 ☆

    Einjar of Novigrad - Dual Axes ☆

    R1. ( 9/10) + ( 2/10) = 11 - 0 = 11
    R2. ( 10/10) + (5/10) = 15 - 0 = 15


    Breothric Greenwood - Sword + Shield - Victory ☆

    R1. ( 3/15) + ( 5/10) = 8 - 0 = 8 ☆
    R2. (13/15) + (1/10) = 14 - 0 = 14 ☆

    Harlow Ketch - Sword

    R1. ( 7/20) + ( 4/10) = 11 - ( 16/16)= -5
    R2. (9/20) + (8/10) = 17- ( 10/16) = 7
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    "Are you proud now?" The young victor says as he ascends the podium; to no-one in particular, yet so clearly targeted to one man and one man alone.

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    A Kathar mage wakes up in his Regalian townhouse. He was prepared to continue the same routine for the next decade, or until he decided to do something else when he realised something. Was he meant to sign up for something? He shrugged his shoulders, continuing on his day, the centuries old warrior forgetting to sign up for the Telarel Tournament.
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