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    Basic Information

    Full Name: Ollie Ahhutel

    Nick Name: Olli, Ols, Ohhl

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dwarf (Aldor)

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Total Points: 50 Skill points +10 Hobby points

    +10 Perception Training (+5 from skill points, +5 from racial bonus)

    +10 Writing Art (+10 from hobby points)

    +3 Rich Family Metallurgy (+3 from skill points)

    +3 Iron Family Metallurgy (+3 from skill points)

    +3 Utility Metallurgy (+3 from skill points)

    +3 Finecraft Metallurgy (+3 from skill points)

    Body Shape

    Physical Stat: 12 x 0.5 = 6 Phys Stat

    Slim Body Shape

    Low Body Fat


    Common (Fluent)

    Dwarven (Fluent)

    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations

    1.) Genetics
    +3 Sanguiphobia
    A Character with Sanguiphobia is unable to clot their blood without Alchemy. The slightest wound or slash causes them to uncontrollably bleed, while they may also occasionally internally bleed, causing bruises. Sanguiphobia is named such because Characters with it are revolting to Vampires. Their blood sickens Vampires so badly that they do not even want to get near them, feeling awfully ill if they try to feed on them. However, Sanguiphobic Characters immediately lose Combat Roleplay upon the first hit, as any strike incapacitates them and puts them at risk of death.
    +3 Paleblood
    Being a Paleblood means that a Character's hair and skin lack pigment or melanin, always appearing very pale. It also causes their eyes to appear reddish-pink (not crimson red like Vampires). Paleblood Characters also have photosensitivity- bright or flashing lights hurt their eyes. However, all Paleblood Characters can see the Soul-Rivers of Aloria, similar to the Isldar. Palebloods have a strong position in any Old Gods culture, being considered touched by the Gods.

    2.) Arcanology
    +3 Artifact Knowledge
    Grants the Following:
    • The user is immune to negative side effects of Artifacts and Mythics. This only applies to side effects listed specifically as a "Negative Side Effect," and no other effects or abilities from an artifact.
    • The user can unlock additional features from each Artifact, but not Mythics. If an artifact has an additional feature that can be unlocked by this Pack, it will be mentioned on the page, if not, there is no additional feature.
    • The user can consult the Artifact Listing on the Special Permission Spreadsheet, and may know In-Character who has what Artifacts and Mythics at any given time. This knowledge can be transferred to other Characters, but only under the following circumstances: The information must be shared directly in-game through conversation, not through letters, mail, or Abilities. The information is only valid for Twenty-Four Hours after it is learned, meaning a Character can only act on the information during that time frame, and cannot tell it to others once learned. Acting on the information after the Twenty-Four hours has passed is considered Meta-Gaming.
    This Pack is not needed for visual identification of Artifacts in-person. Anyone can visually identify an artifact at any point in time.

    Visual Information (Required)

    Eye Color: Reddish Pink

    Hair Color: White Blond

    Hair Style: Shag Ponytail

    Skin Color: Light grey

    Clothing: White and decorative green cloak with a brown hood that conceals their face.

    Height: 4'2"

    Personality and Abilities (Required)
    Character Alignment

    Chaotic Neutral

    Character Personality Type

    Character's Religion
    Old Gods ?/10

    Life Story (Required)

    Genesis |
    Ollie is a descendant of the second generation of Aldors to arrive in the Crown Isles. Despite being part of a close-knit Aldor family, Ollie was not raised in the traditional sense, as he had a large number of siblings, six in total, some of whom shared genetic similarities. The family may have grown modestly if it hadn't been for the overwhelming number of mouths to feed.

    Ollie's father, a paleblood named Peox Ahhutel, specialized in the design and fabrication of artifacts as well as the history of the world. Unfortunately, the family's business did not do well. When a client was unable to negotiate a better deal, they publicly exposed the Ahhutel family as a charlatan family. Peox's blood, sweat, and tears were for naught as the family's reputation, as well as commissions for their specialized work, fell.

    Adolescence |
    Unfortunately, the past lingered longer than it should have because the family was split up about whether they should pack up and go to start over or rehabilitate their name in the city. This caused a schism, with Ollie's mother returning to her mother's house and his father staying behind to reestablish his profession. Although there was no formal divorce, the two parents were never to speak to each other again. Ollie learned the trade under their father's tutelage in order to rebuild the family name.

    The Bloom of Endearment |
    Ollie and his family continue to live as simply as they can, occasionally negotiating bargains to bring food and luxury to the table. They're fired up and ready to prove to Regalia that the Ahhutel family isn't a shady bloodline of charlatans. Their father and several siblings are likely still living in Regalia despite the recent sanguine occupation due to a genetic difference that seems to run in the family, making their blood unsavory to sanguine.
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