A Silly Proclamation And Serious Offers

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    To partygoers and party-poopers,

    As of today, the City Fairgrounds and the adjacent Princely Estate are MINE now, they will be the foundation for my campaign of festivity. I want ALL clowns, jesters, harlequins, and partygoers to join me in what I shall name Bingo’s Grand Circus. Parties will be hosted here, fret not.

    The Estate will be turned into my Dungeon of Fun (or as I like to call it, the Fungeon) while the Fairgrounds need to be staffed, so I must have the following to make everything work:

    • Interior Designers
    • A monstrous beast that doesn’t mind stalking a maze every so often in exchange for free food
    • Carnival workers of all kinds (mundane or Vampiric, I offer benefits either way)
    • Glassmakers (what’s a Fungeon without a Hall of Mirrors?)
    • Food Caterers
    • Brutes and Bouncers, to keep out anybody who tries to ruin the fun (but also maybe to bring along people who don't realize they need a bit of carnival joy)
    The Lich Lord and other vampires are ALWAYS welcome to Bingo’s Grand Circus, though I must ask that you please ignore any non-Afflicted who find their way here while on the festival grounds (unless they’re already being actively hunted or they act like party-poopers), it’s much less fun to play with them if they become Vampires. As for those refugees hiding in their castles, you can come along too, I even have free food for you.

    That will be all,
    Bingo the Spectacular
    Desprince of the Carnival
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