Zhekul Rifshin Rises!

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    Shamukh, brethren, and behold ! For the faction of Zhekul Rifshin has risen in the sands of southern Essalonia! The dwarves of the southern deserts bring with them protection for the weak, and wrath for the wicked. They bring diplomacy, and superior craftsmanship. They have left the snows of their homeland for the warm sands of Essalonia, lead by the great and powerful Oldor Proudhammer of the old Proudhammer Clan, he leads his followers to victory! Shall you join his cause, or take up arms against his mighty dwarven army, and be crushed beneath his steel boot?


    Teaser Images:





    With more to come! Recruitment thread will be posted at some point, including a faction trailer accompanied by the Zhekul Rifshin theme, composed by myself!
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