Year 2015 Week 47

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    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Added this weekly changelog post.
    • Cayorion x3: (Monday) Individual Direction - Ulumlu1510 - MassiveMagic.
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) Tech department pull request feedback and approval.
    • Thortuna x2: Individual Direction - Diaphonos
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Jackson413
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Gamestaff admins on potential gamestaff aspirants and current gamestaff
    • Addrion x2: Individual Direction - Thortuna on Quest commands and workflow
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Traxex20 on his staff rank
    • Cayorion: (Saturday) Individual Direction - Madus - MassiveCore Database Coding
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - qgmk on his news post about War Declarations
    • Thortuna x2: Team meeting setup
    • Thortuna, Gethelp: Feedback for the new pvp arenas
    • Gethelp, Thortuna x2: Discussion about current gamestaff and potential aspirants
    • Thortuna: Added Jackson413 to the gamestaff as an aspirant, clearing him for training
    • Gethelp x2: Individual Direction - Cythyan on PvP staff
    • Gethelp: Individual Direction - Jackson413 on gamestaff aspirancy
    • Thortuna, Gethelp: Individual discussion toward eachother
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Diaphonos on his game points
    • MonMarty, Thortuna, Gethelp, awes0melawson x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • awes0melawson x1: Preparing new projects and oversight of on-going projects.
    • Traxex20, Lazzulai x2, Jackson413 x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Gethelp, Thortuna: Manual restores in Jorrhild
    • Gethelp x1, Omnomivore x3, Addrion x1, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x1: MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Lazzulai x1, Joyshake x1, Jackson413 x5: Helpchat
    • Thortuna x1, Addrion x2: Ban appeals
    • Thortuna x2: Player reports
    • Thortuna x17, Gethelp x15, Omnomivore x4, Addrion x7, Diaphonos x3: Gamestaff assistance
    • Thortuna x2, Diaphonos x5: Long MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x2: Lwc unlock guide
    • Thortuna: Item Refund sheet
    • Thortuna: War Declaration documentation and guide
    • Gethelp x4: Permission setup for War Declarations
    • Thortuna: War Declarations
    • Gethelp x1, Addrion x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Diaphonos x1, Lazzulai x1, Jackson413 x1, OldManJ98: Keep Moving event
    • Cayorion, BillyTheScroofy, Joyshake, Lazzulai, Diaphonos, Gethelp: Hide and seek event
    • Gethelp x2, Addrion x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x2, Joyshake x2, Jackson413 x2: Pig Racing event
    • Thortuna, Jackson413: Rank training
    • TheScruffyLJ x2, Lazzulai x2: Ticket training
    • Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x2: Ticket training with Lazzulai
    • Thortuna: General ticket feedback over the week
    • Gethelp x4: Stat transfer
    • Gethelp x3: Warzone apps and cleanup
    • Gethelp x2, Thortuna x2: Email confirmations
    • Thortuna, Gethelp: Forum Cleanup
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x2: Non Ticket Land restoration
    • Gethelp x2, qgmk x1: Market Shop maintenance
    • Gethelp x2: Gate maintenance and setup in Event world
    • Lazzulai x2, Joyshake x2: Event World building points
    • Addrion x3: MassiveMobs tweaking
    • Diaphonos, Annju, TheScruffyLJ, JoyShake x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Cythyan x2: Reworked the trait layout for KitPvP
    • Gethelp x4: Raid Moderation
    • Cythyan x19: Made the Ice Arena
    • Cythyan x10: Ice arena with christmas theme
    • Cythyan: Nether arena
    • Cythyan: Sand arena
    • Cythyan x6: New Year Event arena
    • Jackson413 x2: Nether arena
    • Jackson413 x2: New sand arena
    • Jackson413: Exporting schematics
    • Gethelp x2, Cythyan x2: Playtesting the arenas
    • Cythian x3: PvP testing, Stadium for the team creation
    • Gethelp x10: World setup and arena setup for PvP arenas
    • Cythyan x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Kellock93 x2: Hosted a build meeting for festival building
    • Addrion x2, Lazzulai x2, boogdawg x2, medvekoma x2, MonMarty: Participated in festival build meeting
    • Kellock93: Elven Slums implementation
    • boogdawg x2: Elven Tradeship
    • MrHappyTinkles x2: Winterfestival - style development
    • Medvekoma x3: Winterfestival - style development
    • Kronova x4: Winterfestival - decoration, box game and snowball arena
    • Kellock93: Creative Spawn - brainstorming
    • Kronova x3: Creative Spawn - brainstorming
    • PariahFolk, Kellock93, Kronova x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Jared4242 x9: Character applications.
    • CatCat1305 x2: Character applications.
    • Jared4242: Lore Q&A.
    • Green_Hood x4: Lore Q&A.
    • 0romir x2: Wrote Emperor Ztrilllinator.
    • Jared4242, CatCat1305, Annju: Processed Emperor Ztrilkfgslkfgds.
    • 0romir x2: Wrote Hweston.
    • Shayin, CatCat1305: Processed Hweston.
    • 0romir x2: Wrote Captain Devine.
    • CatCat1305, JakkDhread: Processed Captain Devine.
    • Enkiduu: Wrote Caivorthar.
    • Shayin, CatCat, 0romir: Processed Caivorthar.
    • MonMarty x6: Wrote Military Education.
    • Shayin, 0romir, Jared4242 x2: Processed Military Education.
    • MonMarty x2: Wrote Tyrian Order.
    • Jared4242, Shayin, 0romir: Processed Tyrian Order.
    • Ryciera, Plecy: Revamped Bloodflower Bloodline.
    • TheBioverse: Processed Bloodflower.
    • Ryciera x2: Wiki maintenance.
    • 0romir: Wiki maintenance.
    • 0romir: MassiveTickets
    • 0romir, Babayonce x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Addrion x2: Team meeting
    • Jackson413: Fruitcake delivery storyline
    • Jackson413: Gifts for Him/Her storyline
    • Thortuna x5: Deck/Wreck the Halls storyline and commands
    • TheScruffyLJ x2: Feed/Poison the Reindeer storyline
    • Thortuna x4: Feed/Poison the Reindeer commands
    • Thortuna x3: Stocking stuffers storyline and commands
    • imboring56 x3: Give/Take Gifts storyline and commands
    • Addrion x2: Stoke the fire/Douse the flames storyline
    • Addrion: Ice Maze storyline
    • Addrion: Ice carving storyline
    • Addrion: Target practice storyline
    • Addrion x2: Naughty or Nice storyline
    • Jared4242 x2: The Right Gift/Wrong Gift storyline
    • 0romir: Bartender Jerry storyline
    • awes0melawson x4: Quest department process training for Thortuna and PariahFolk
    • Cayorion x2: (Monday) - Working on Creative Universe.
    • Cayorion x8: (Tuesday) - Working on Creative Universe.
    • Cayorion x3: (Tuesday) - Experimenting with automatic uphill jumping.
    • Cayorion x5: (Wednesday) - Experimenting with automatic uphill jumping.
    • Cayorion x5: (Thursday) - Working on a /speed command for Creative.
    • Madus x2: (Thursday) - MassiveCore - Improved detection of file system pusher availability.
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) - Server update adding PvP stuff updates for Gethelp.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) - Setup new statistics graphs for analysis.
    • Cayorion x1: (Friday) - MassiveShop - Minor work on mob spawning integration.
    • Madus x2: (Saturday) - MassiveCore - Working on the database system.
    • Cayorion x1: (Saturday) - MassiveCore - Minor tech updates related to Madus's work on the database system.
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