Year 2015 Week 46

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    Year 2015 Week 46

    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Added this weekly changelog post.
    • Cayorion x1: (Tuesday) Individual Direction - Random tech department Q&A.
    • Thortuna, MonMarty x2: Staff discussion
    • Thortuna, Gethelp, Addrion: Gamestaff issue resolution
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Diaphonos
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - JoyShake
    • Thortuna x2: Individual Direction - Addrion
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Ulumulu1510 - feedback for MassiveTicket improvements
    • Gethelp: Individual Direction - Ulumulu1510 - feedback and tech requests
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction - Gamestaff on event hosting
    • Thortuna, Addrion: Festival document setup and discussion about quests for the festival
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) Individual Direction - Ulumulu with MassiveMagic and minor feedback to others.
    • Gethelp: Team introduction of Cythyan
    • Gethelp x5: Individual Direction and feedback - Traxex20 on PvP arenas
    • Gethelp x4: Individual Direction and feedback - Cythyan on PvP arenas
    • Gethelp x2: Individual Direction and feedback - Jackson413 on PvP arenas
    • Gethelp x2: Individual Direction and feedback - Lazzulai on PvP arenas
    • Gethelp, Addrion: Individual Direction toward eachother and troubleshooting a quest for PvP worlds
    • Thortuna x2: War Declaration feedback
    • Thortuna: Team meeting setup
    • Gethelp x2, Thortuna x2, MonMarty x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Traxex20 x2, Jackson413 x2, Lazzulai x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Lazzulai x4: Arena Building
    • TheScruffyLJ x4: KitPvP map update
    • Lazzulai x4: KitPvP map update
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x1, Omnomivore x1, Addrion x1, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x1: MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x1, Addrion x1, Annju x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Lazzulai x1, Joyshake x1, Jackson413 x3: Helpchat
    • Thortuna: Forum reports
    • Annju: Help Central
    • Thortuna x27: Gamestaff assistance
    • Gethelp x22: Gamestaff assistance
    • Addrion x3: Gamestaff assistance
    • Thortuna x2, Gethelp x6, Diaphonos x2: Long MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x2, OldManJ98 x2: Cups Event (Monday)
    • Thortuna, Gethelp, Diaphonos, Lazzulai, Joyshake: Keep Moving Event
    • Omnomivore: Secret Santa event.
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x2, Jackson413 x2: Ticket PvE Event
    • Thortuna x3, Addrion x3, Joyshake x3: Rank training and clearing
    • Diaphonos x2, Joyshake x2: Ticket training
    • Gethelp x2: Warzone applications and maintenance
    • Gethelp x2, Thortuna x2: Forum Email confirmations
    • Gethelp x2, Thortuna x2: Forum Cleanup
    • Thortuna: Non ticket land restoration
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x2: Market Shop Maintenance and Evictions
    • Thortuna x1: Event World maintenance
    • Gethelp x1: Gate fix in event world
    • Annju: Hide and Seek event world building
    • TheScruffyLJ x4: Keep Moving re-decorations
    • Lazzulai x3: Keep Moving re- decorations
    • TheScruffyLJ x2, Annju x2, Joyshake x2, Diaphnos x2, BillyTheScroofy x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Gethelp x3: (Monday) Helped Cayorion decided on how to distribute world maps among the upcoming 3 new servers.
    • Gethelp x3: (Tuesday) Working on S6, S7 and S8.
    • Gethelp x4: (Wednesday) Helping Cayorion with server map setup stuff.
    • Gethelp x4: (Thursday) Helping Cayorion with server map setup stuff.
    • Cythyan x12: Arena Building
    • Jackson413 x4: Arena Building
    • Traxex x28: Arena Building
    • Gethelp x8: Raid moderation
    • qgmk x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Mojaven x2, Finn_Ish x2, Boogdawg x2, Ninjabaver x2, Kellock93 x2, Kronova x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Omnomivore x3: Lore Item List
    • 0romir x2, Shayin x2, JakkDhread x2, Plecy x2, babayonce x2, Jared4242 x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Ryciera x5: Wiki maintenance.
    • 0romir: Wiki maintenance.
    • Ryciera, Plecy: Updated Bloodflower Bloodline.
    • TheBioverse: Processed Bloodflower update.
    • Jared4242 x6: Character applications.
    • Jared4242: Lore Q&A.
    • TheBioverse: Lore Q&A.
    • JakkDhread: Lore Q&A.
    • Babayonce: Family registry.
    • The_Golem: Wrote Nimbinoldor.
    • 0romir: Processed Nimbinoldor.
    • The_Shadow_King3: Updated Sea Serpent.
    • 0romir, Jared4242: Processed Sea Serpent.
    • 0romir x2: Wrote Frosthorn.
    • Ryciera, TheBioverse: Processed Frosthorn.
    • The_Shadow_King3: Wrote Tsa Na.
    • Ryciera, Jared4242: Processed Tsa Na.
    • Batmanfive x4: Wrote Augusto Guillerez.
    • Jared4242, TheBioverse x2: Processed Augusto Guillerez.
    • Addrion x2: Quests for kitpvp
    • Imboring x2, OldManJ98 x2, Addrion x2: Weekly Team Meeting
    • Cayorion x5: (Monday) Updated all Minecraft server software. Updated OS on all 10 rackservers. Removed old unused minigame maps. Removed dust and dirt files #cleanup. Decided on how to distribute world maps among the upcoming 3 new servers. Swapped aliases for Machine #8 and #9.
    • Cayorion x3: (Last Sunday) MassiveCore - Fixed performance issues tied to the new "Types" system. Implemented Sharding Modification Mixin for blazing fast cross server database synchronization.
    • Madus x3: (Last Sunday) MassiveCore - More work on the database system. Further tweaks to change polling configuration. Merged Entity and EntityMeta. Advised Cayorion in performance matters.
    • MarkehMe x2: (Tuesday) Factions - Nether portal trap exploit patch.
    • Cayorion x3: (Tuesday) Working on S6, S7 and S8.
    • Cayorion x5: (Wednesday) PvP map setup.
    • Cayorion x8: (Thursday) Bug fixing and Creative map setup.
    • Cayorion x1: (Friday) Fixed a bug on S7 and S8 where authentication server connection failed and skins did not load.
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