Year 2015 Week 41

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    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Added this weekly changelog post
    • Cayorion, Thortuna, MonMarty x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • Cayorion x2: (Wednesday) Individual Direction - Madus, MassiveCore database improvements.
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) Individual Direction - Trying to peptalk some staff members: qgmk for pvp pitch page writing, Awes0meLawson for MassiveQuest based skyblock, Ninjabaver for Graphic Profile stuff and Diaphonos for pitch page screenshots.
    • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) Individual Direction - AwesomeLaws0n, MassiveQuest based skyblock.
    • Thortuna x1: Individual Direction - Gethelp on PvP department
    • Thortuna x2: Bo2 squad management
    • Thortuna x2: Bo2 sheet cleanup and management
    • Thortuna x1: Point processing for info/quest department
    • Thortuna x1: Point processing for game/pvp department
    • Thortuna x1: Individual Direction - TheScruffyLJ on gamestaff handling
    • Thortuna, Gethelp x2: Discussing current gamestaff and possible aspirants
    • Thortuna x2: Reviewing staff applications, directing them to the department leaders.
    • Thortuna: Project ideas spread among gamestaff to get the event world buildings done.
    • Thortuna x2: Completion and approval of the Event documentation ready for wiki processing
    • Awes0meLawson x1: Info Department upkeep
    • Awes0meLawson x1: Quest Department project management
    • Thortuna x2: Ban appeal cleanup on the forum
    • Gethelp x2: Forum maintenance, fixing thread permissions.
    • MonMarty: Individual Direction JakkDhread on future projects.
    • MonMarty x2: Lore future change planning.
    • MonMarty: Point processing for World/Lore.
    • Lazzulai x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • Jackson413 x6: PlanetMinecraft PR Report for Cayorion
    • Omnomivore, Addrion, Annju, Diaphonos, TheScruffyLJ, BillyTheScroofy x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • Gethelp x1, qgmk x1, Annju x1, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x1: MassiveTickets
    • Addrion x3, Thortuna x3: Ban appeals
    • Thortuna x1, Addrion x1, Annju x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Diaphonos x1, Lazzulai x2: Helpchat
    • TheScruffyLJ x1: Help Central
    • Thortuna x16, Gethelp x8, Omnomivore x4, Addrion x4, qgmk x2: Gamestaff assistance
    • Thortuna x2, Gethelp x1, qgmk x3: Long MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2, qgmk x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x2, OldmanJ98 x2: Keep Moving event
    • Thortuna: Gamestaff training and tips during the week
    • Gethelp x2: Warzone cleanup
    • Gethelp x2: Email confirmation
    • Gethelp x2: Forum cleanup
    • Gethelp x3, qgmk x1: Market Shop Maintenance
    • Gethelp x15: Gate setup in Event world.
    • Omnomivore: Finished the Jumping event build
    • TheScruffyLJ x2: MassiveMob Dialogue Creation
    • Omnomivore x2: Ticket Training document updates
    • Gethelp x5: Raid moderation
    • Finn_ish x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • MonMarty, Shayin x2: Sewer Hall Housing construction.
    • MonMarty: Sewer Hall region management.
    • MonMarty: Noble Party Estate expansion.
    • MonMarty x8: Silverwind Map creation and implementation.
    • MonMarty x3: Silverwind Tavern construction.
    • MonMarty: Silverwind housing construction.
    • Kellock93: Silverwind housing construction.
    • MonMarty: Silverwind environmental construction.
    • MonMarty: Silverwind style conceptualization and experimental.
    • Jared4242, 0romir, Plecy, babayonce, Green_Hood, Shayin, Ryciera x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • Shayin x2: Individual lore counselling.
    • TheBioverse x3: Character applications.
    • MonMarty x9: Wrote Honneurs.
    • Jared4242, Plecy, theBioverse x4: Processed Honneurs.
    • 0romir x2: Character applications.
    • JakkDhread x3: Character applications.
    • Jared4242 x5: Character applications.
    • Green_Hood x4: Lore Q&A.
    • Ryciera: Wiki maintenance
    • MonMarty: Made the Dwarven Hold Map
    • MonMarty: Updated the Lore Write me Guidelines and Section.
    • MonMarty: processing inactive threads of the Lore Write me Section.
    • MonMarty: Update the Player Quest system.
    • MonMarty: Minor wiki updates and consistency fixes.
    • MonMarty x5: Roleplay Feedback thread creation, feedback and communication with players to find out the sources of issues.
    • MonMarty: Re-implementation of older Nobility clauses and information formatting.
    • Babayonce: Continued noble management.
    • MonMarty x3: Eleventh Creed world progression post.
    • Awes0meLawson x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • Awes0meLawson x2: Implementing SkyBlock demonstration
    • ninjabaver, qgmk x2: Week 40 Meeting
    • Cayorion x2, Annju x2, Lazzulai x1, Diaphonos x1, OldManJ98 x1, imboring56 x1: Week 40 Meeting, Extended Department Part.
    • Ninjabaver x3: (Last Sunday) Graphic Profile - Solo work on more logotypes.
    • MonMarty x5, Cayorion x3: (Tuesday) Pitch Pages - Finished copywriting for Roleplay and Quest.
    • Cayorion x2: (Tuesday) Blog Article - Forge with Optifine and Shaders for Minecraft 1.8.8
    • Ulumulu1510 x1: (Monday) MassiveCore - Fixed null argument bug related to non functioning page change buttons in list commands.
    • Cayorion x5: (Tuesday) Website - Researching SEO utilities, updating plugins and creating 301 redirects.
    • Ulumulu1510 x1: (Tuesday) Factions - Performance improvement by 20% to explosion permission evaluation.
    • Cayorion x1: (Wednesday) Map Setup - SilverWind for MonMarty.
    • Cayorion x3: (Wednesday) MassiveSharding - Map blueprint updates.
    • Cayorion x3: (Wednesday) MassiveSharding - Universe rework and world cleanup.
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) MassiveQuest - Made the commands "/q n" and "/q l" async. We have too many nodes now to run them sync. They were causing 1 second lag spikes.
    • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) MassiveBasic - Fixed a bug where people could teleport out of jail.
    • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) Wiki - Fixed a bug where white screens would appear upon email sending.
    • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) MassiveChat - Added a domain name whitelist for links. Players should now be allowed to link to the website, forums and wiki.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) MassiveLag - Created a redstone chunk command with sub commands for listing the top redstone chunks, teleporting to them and resetting the counters.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) MassiveMobs - Fixed a bug where MassiveMobs would speak to player NPCs believing they were players. Also improved the say engine to a better and more extensible framework.
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