Year 2015 Week 40

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    Year 2015 Week 40
    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Added this weekly changelog post
    • Cayorion x1, Thortuna x1: (Monday) Exporting some Hyarroc biome objects.
    • Cayorion x2, Thortuna x2: (Monday) Working on cleanup of staff rank paperwork. Making sure activity spreadsheet, contact spreadsheet, webpage and ingame permissions are synchronized.
    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Working on removing inactive staff logins.
    • Cayorion x1: (Tuesday) Activity spread sheet maintenance. Fixed bugs, made adding new rows easier etc.
    • Cayorion x2, Thortuna x1, MonMarty x1: (Tuesday) Removed inactive aspirants and reworked Skype channels.
    • MonMarty x2: Individual Direction Cayorion.
    • MonMarty: Guidance Jared4242 with Famous People Project.
    • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) Updated Google Drive Access.
    • Thortuna, Gethelp x2: Gamestaff handling, issue management
    • Thortuna: Delivered Monthly report to Cayorion
    • Thortuna: Project feedback to Awes0melawson
    • Thortuna: Event world project management
    • Cayorion x2, Thortuna x2, MonMarty x2, Awes0melawson x1: Week 39 meeting participation
    • Jackson413 x4: Bug Report Part 2
    • Jackson413: Improved Info Report template
    • OldManJ98: Info Training
    • Awes0meLawson x3: Info Department upkeep and project managmeent
    • Lazzulai x2, Jackson413 x2: Week 39 meeting participation
    • Addrion x2: Ban appeals
    • Thortuna x12, Gethelp x10, Omnomivore x2, Addrion x4, qgmk x3: Gamestaff assistance
    • Thortuna x3, Gethelp x4, Addrion x1, qgmk x2, Annju x1: Long MassiveTickets
    • qgmk x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Woodwork x1, BillyTheScroofy x2, Lazzulai x2, Jackson413 x2: (Tuesday) Hide and seek event
    • Thortuna x2, Gethelp x2, Addrion x2, TheScruffyLJ x1, Lazzulai x2: Koth event
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x2: Pig racing event
    • Gethelp x2, qgmk x2: Massivegates training
    • qgmk x2, Lazzulai x2: Ticket training and gamestaff commands
    • Gethelp: Warzone applications and maintenance
    • Gethelp x2: Email confirmations
    • Gethelp x2: Forum cleanup and maintenance
    • Gethelp x2: World Griefing cleanup
    • Gethelp x2, qgmk x2: Market shop maintenance and evictions
    • Addrion x6: MassiveMob creation
    • Addrion x2: MassiveMob training and guidance with Diaphonos
    • qgmk x2: MassiveMob Dialogue Creation
    • TheScruffyLJ: MassiveMob Dialogue Creation
    • Diaphonos x2: MassiveMob Training with Addrion
    • Lazzulai x2: MassiveMob Dialogue Creation
    • TheScruffyLJ x1, BillyTheScroofy x1, Lazzulai x4: Helpchat
    • TheScruffyLJ x4, Annju x2, qgmk x2, Omnomivore x2, Thortuna x1, Gethelp x1, Addrion x1, Diaphonos x1, BillyTheScroofy x1:MassiveTickets
    • BillyTheScroofy x2, Diaphonos x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2: Week 39 meeting participation
    • Gethelp x10, qgmk x1: Raid moderation
    • qgmk x2: Week 39 meeting participation
    • Thortuna x7: Event world building and reorganising
    • Omnomivore x1, TheScruffyLJ x1: Event world building on the Jumping event.
    • PariahFolk x2, ninjabaver x2: Week 39 meeting participation
    • MonMarty x2: Region management for sale of shops.
    • MonMarty: Region clean-up for management of shops.
    • MonMarty x3: Construction of the new Grunnpflicht Estate.
    • Shayin, MonMarty x2: Construction of the underground harlot den.
    • Jared4242 x7: Character applications.
    • 0romir x2: Character applications.
    • BuffyCreepSlayer: Character applications.
    • Jared4242: Lore Q&A.
    • Babayonce x4: Family registry.
    • MonMarty x7: Wrote Minerals.
    • Jared4242, TheBioverse, 0romir: Processed Minerals.
    • MonMarty x5: Wrote Metallurgy.
    • TheBioverse, 0romir, Jared4242: Processed Metallurgy.
    • JakkDhread x3: Wrote Grebor.
    • CatCat1305, Plecy: Processed Grebor.
    • Jared4242 x2, Babayonce x2, 0romir x2: Week 39 meeting participation
    • MonMarty x4: Wrote the Artificaurorum page.
    • TheBioverse, 0romir: Processed Artificaurorum.
    • MonMarty x3: Lore Q&A.
    • OldManJ98: Quest Dept Meeting
    • OldManJ98: Quest Storyline
    • Addrion: Quest Dept Meeting
    • Addrion: Quest Storyline
    • Awes0meLawson: Quest Dept Meeting
    • Awes0meLawson x4: Quest Storyline, Commands, Implementation
    • Awes0meLawson x2: Quest Department project managment
    • Omnomivore x3: Quest Commands
    • PariahFolk: Quest Storyline
    • OldManJ98 x2, imboring56 x2, Addrion x2: Week 39 meeting participation
    • Cayorion, MonMarty x3: (Thursday) Pitch page mockups.
    • Cayorion, Ninjabaver x3: (Thursday) Graphic Profile – Logotype Conceptualization.
    • Cayorion x6 MonMarty x1: (Friday) Website – Sitemap creation and content planning. Cleaning out old pages.
    • Ninjabaver x6, Cayorion x2, MonMarty x1: (Friday) Graphic Profile – Working more on a unified logo format.
    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Security – All WordPress based websites now auto updates plugins and themes.
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