Year 2015 Week 39

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    Year 2015 Week 39
    • Thortuna: Added this weekly changelog post
    • Thortuna: Folders and images for the TreeJungleBroad Bo2 pack.
    • Thortuna: Folders and images for TreeJungleBending Bo2 pack.
    • Thortuna: Folders and images for SwampPond Bo2 pack.
    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Individual Direction – Madus – How to proceed with the MassiveCore remote database pusher feature.
    • Cayorion, leversandpulleys x2: (Monday) Individual Direction – Brainstorming session and suggestions for each other on how to fully realize MassiveCraft potential.
    • Thortuna x2: Individual direction – leversandpulleys
    • Thortuna: Individual direction – qgmk on progress in PR, gamestaff projects and overall rank
    • Thortuna: Bo2 squad management
    • Thortuna, MonMarty: Staff discussion and problem solving
    • Thortuna, Cayorion: Individual Direction – Brainstorming and planning meetings for next week
    • Thortuna x2, MonMarty x2, leversandpulleys x2: Week 38 Meeting
    • Thortuna, MonMarty x2: Dealing with internal investigation matters.
    • MonMarty: Individual Direction and feedback on planned works.
    • MonMarty x2: Forum account approval.
    • Cayorion: Individual Direction ScruffyJL & Addrion Massiveshop/MassiveMob creation.
    • Lazzulai x2, jackson413 x2: Week 38 Meeting
    • Tahmas x3: Compiled a report for Thortuna
    • qgmk x2: Market Shop maintenance
    • Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, qgmk x2, Diaphonos x2: Week 38 Meeting
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x1, Addrion x1, qgmk x1, Annju x1, TheScruffyLJ x2: MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x1, Annju x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Lazzulai x1, Eccetra x3: Helpchat
    • Thortuna, Addrion: Ban appeals
    • TheScruffyLJ: Help central
    • Thortuna x27, Gethelp x30, Omnomivore x8, Addrion x8, qgmk x3: Gamestaff assistance
    • Gethelp x18: Long MassiveTickets in the last 4 weeks
    • Omnomivore x1, Addrion x1, qgmk x4: Long MassiveTickets
    • Addrion x2: MassiveMob creation for Ticket exchange event
    • Addrion x2, Thortuna x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Woodwork x2, Diaphonos x2, Lazzulai x1: Ticket Exchange event
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2, Annju x2, Omnomivore x2, Woodwork x2, Tahmas x2, Lazzulai x2: KeepMoving event
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2, qgmk x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2, Lazzulai x2: Ticket Exchange event
    • Thortuna x2, Diaphonos x2: Rank training
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2: Rank training
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2: Ban appeal training
    • Omnomivore x2, TheScruffyLJ: Rank training
    • Addrion x2, Diaphonos x2: Rank training
    • Thortuna x3: Small bits of training with various staff during the week
    • Thortuna x4, Addrion x4: Staff monitoring of people on the field
    • Gethelp x9: Warzone maintenance during the last 4 weeks
    • Thortuna x2, Gethelp x15: Forum email confirmations and cleanup
    • Gethelp x2, qgmk x2, Thortuna x1: Market maintenance
    • qgmk x2: MassiveMobs – Creating MagmaElder’s Dialogue
    • TheScruffyLJ: Training with Cayorion/Addrion, learning about MassiveMobs
    • TheScruffyLJ x3, Addrion x3: Writing dialogue and creating MassiveMobs
    • qgmk x2: Monitoring Raids
    • qgmk x2: Moderating unsportsmanship during raids
    • Gethelp x4: Moderating KitPvP for hacking
    • Gethelp x6: Testing of KitPvP plugins
    • PariahFolk x1, Thortuna x2, Lazzulai x2, Oblivaify x1, Boogdawg x1, Kronova x3, Patsie x1, znake1468 x1, wafflecash x1: Created the TreeJungleBroad Bo2 pack.
    • PariahFolk, OldmanJ98: Processed TreeJungleBroad Bo2 pack.
    • Thortuna: Approved and checked over TreeJungleBroad Bo2 pack
    • WeeWoof, Lazzulai, kronova, Patsie, Addrion, Thortuna: Created the TreeJungleBending Bo2 pack.
    • PariahFolk: Processed TreeJungleBending Bo2 pack.
    • Thortuna: Approved and checked over TreeJungleBroad Bo2 pack.
    • Ninjabaver x2, Thortuna x1, Annju x1, MrH_ x1, RazeII x1, Kronova x1, Addrion x1: Created the SwampPond Bo2 pack.
    • PariahFolk, Thortuna, OldmanJ98: Processed SwampPond Bo2 pack and approved it for export.
    • PariahFolk x2: (Friday) Bo2 squad build session management
    • Thortuna x2, Annju x2, TheScruffyLJ x2: Building on the Jumping event
    • Thortuna x3, Addrion x3: Built the Ticket event
    • Thortuna x2, Addrion x2: Built the KeepMoving Event
    • PariahFolk x2, ninjabaver x2, Finn_Ish x2: Week 38 Meeting
    • MonMarty x3: Tavern construction work.
    • Plecy x2: Character applications.
    • Jared242 x9: Character applications.
    • Jared4242 x5: Lore Q&A.
    • 0romir x6: Character applications.
    • JakkDhread x4: Wrote Thylan.
    • 0romir, Levers, Jared4242 x2: Processed Thylan.
    • JakkDhread x3: Wrote Letter Magic.
    • Jared4242, CatCat1305: Processed Letter Magic.
    • JakkDhread x2: Lore Q&A.
    • CatCat1305 x2: Character applications.
    • JakkDhread x2, Jared4242 x2, Catcat1305 x2, babayonce x2, 0romir x2: Week 38 Meeting
    • MonMarty x7: Wrote the Imperial Family wiki page.
    • MonMarty: Noble documentation organization, announcement and formatting.
    • MonMarty: Answered 5 Lore Q&A
    • MonMarty x2: Regalian election monitoring, vote tally and finalization.
    • Babayonce x2: Barlowe bonfire event hosting and management.
    • MonMarty: Barlowe bonfire event hosting and management.
    • 0romir x3: Character application approval.
    • catcat1305 x2: Character application approval.
    • Plecy x3: Character application approval.
    • imboring56 x2, Oldmanj98 x2, Addrion x2: Week 38 Meeting
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) Asked external bloggers to write about us.
    • qgmk x6: Updated/Spellchecked pages on the website – Info List of Commands, World Overview, Regalia Renting Homes and Stalls, Regalia (Server Spawn)
    • qgmk x2: Updated the Team permissions page
    • MarkehMe x1: (Monday) Factions – Fix a bug where fire could be punched out in areas without build rights.
    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) MassiveBasic – Fixed a bug related to higher ranking staff members vanishing lower ranking staff members.
    • Cayorion x3: (Monday) MassiveBasic – Completed research and made functional tests for blocking proxies using existing DNSBL services. Now only implementation into the plugin is missing.
    • Cayorion x4: (Tuesday) MassiveBasic – Added and activated DNSBL feature.
    • MarkehMe x3: (Wednesday) GitHub – Issue tracker management.
    • Cayorion x1: (Wednesday) MassiveChat – Added /chat clear [all=false].
    • Cayorion x1: (Wednesday) MassiveBasic – Vanish now integrates with Dynmap.
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) MassiveCore – Mson automatic tooltips and a bug fix.
    • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) MassiveShop – Integration to MassiveMobs.
    • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) MassiveInhous – Created a classloader debug command to help pinpoint a bug.
    • Ulumulu1510 x2: MassiveTickets – Improving Mson features and adding tp to player feature.
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