Year 2015 Week 38

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    Year 2015 Week 38
    • Cayorian, MonMarty, Thortuna, leversandpulleys x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • Cayorion x1: (Monday) Added this weekly changelog post.
    • Thortuna, leversandpulleys x1: Individual Direction towards each other
    • Thortuna x1: Individual Direction – PariahFolk on Bo2 squad
    • Thortuna x3, Omnomivore x3, Gethelp x3: Report
    • Thortuna x6: Revising the Report
    • leversandpulleys x3: Feedback and revision of Report
    • Thortuna x1, Cayorion x1: Short discussion about the last week, plan for the upcoming weeks.
    • Thortuna x1: Feedback on Info report about personal security
    • Thortuna x1: Individual Direction – Qgmk on his project of updating pages on the website
    • Thortuna x1, leversandpulleys x1: Implemented a temporary captcha quest
    • MonMarty, Babayonce x5: Noble meeting planning and execution.
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Tahmas on his points and rank
    • Thortuna: Individual Direction – Satisarah on her points and rank
    • Thortuna: Log research and investigation
    • Thortuna x5: Punishment system guiding and training of the gamestaff
    • Thortuna x2: Created folders and images for 2 Bo2 packs and processed points
    • Cayorion x1: (Sunday) Booked meetings with Madus and Ulumulu1510. Gave MarkehMe some feedback on firepunch Factions protection fix.
    • MonMarty: Set up the noble programme spreadsheet and got people to file their numbers.
    • MonMarty: Set up and Farahdeen building session.
    • MonMarty x2: Forum account approval and security backchecks.
    • leversandpulleys: Individual direction, imboring56 on future activity.
    • leversandpulleys: Individual direction, Awes0meLawson on leadership within Quest and codex.
    • Lazzulai, Jackson413 x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • Jackson413 x3, Annju: Delivered report on security measures.
    • Omnomivore, Addrion, Tahmas, Annju, Sevrish, Diaphonos, TheScruffyLJ, Woodwork, Eccetra x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • Thortuna x1, Gethelp x1, Addrion x1, Tahmas x1, Diaphonos x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Omnomivore x2, Annju x2, qgmk x3: MassiveTickets
    • Gethelp x1, Addrion x1, Tahmas x1, Annju x1, awes0melawson x1, TheScruffyLJ x1, Pariahfolk x1: Helpchat
    • Thortuna x2: Ban appeals
    • Tahmas: Help Central
    • Thortuna x27, Gethelp x18, Omnomivore x10, Addrion x10, qgmk x3, Tahmas x3, Annju x3, Awes0melawson x3, TheScruffyLJ: Gamestaff assistance
    • Thortuna x5: Long MassiveTickets
    • qgmk: Long MassiveTickets
    • Thortuna x3, Omnomivore x3: Punishment system guide
    • Gethelp: Event world setup for rank 1’s.
    • Addrion, TheScruffyLJ: Training on tickets during the week
    • BillyTheScroofy, TheScruffyLJ: Training on tickets during the week
    • Thortuna: Email confirmations
    • Thortuna x3: Forum cleanup
    • qgmk: Market maintenance and evictions
    • qgmk x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • Mojaven, PariahFolk, Finn_Ish x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • Finn_ish x3: Fong house interior and environment.
    • Thortuna: Event world setup for rank 1’s
    • Pariahfolk, Thortuna, Addrion x3: Bo2 squad management
    • Gethelp x2, Thortuna x2: Captcha setup
    • Satisarah x4, Thortuna x1, Addrion x1, Mojaven x1: Created TreeDarkOakCanopy Bo2 pack
    • Thortuna: Processed TreeDarkOakCanopy Bo2 pack
    • Ninjabaver x2, Addrion x1, kronova x1, Patsie x1, Lazzulai x1, znake1468 x1, Pariahfolk x1, Thortuna x1: Created Groundhole Bo2 pack.
    • Thortuna x2: Processed Groundhole Bo2 pack
    • PariahFolk x22: TreeSpruceScottish Bo2
    • Shayin: TreeSpruceScottish Bo2
    • MonMarty x2: TreeSpruceScottish Bo2
    • boogdawg x4: TreePineScottish Bo2
    • PariahFolk x2: TreePineScottish Bo2
    • MonMarty: TreePineScottish Bo2
    • Oldmanj98: TreePineScottish Bo2
    • PariahFolk x5: Italian Cypress Bo2
    • Oldmanj98 x2: Italian Cypress Bo2
    • MonMarty: Italian Cypress Bo2
    • MonMarty: Boya Uruguay Bo2
    • PariahFolk x3: Boya Uruguay Bo2
    • PariahFolk x6: Tree Vanilla Savanna Bo2
    • MonMarty: Tree Vanilla Savanna Bo2
    • Oldmanj98: Tree Vanilla Savanna Bo2
    • MonMarty: Tree Savanna Boule Bo2
    • PariahFolk x8: Tree Savanna Boule Bo2
    • PariahFolk x3: Ground Pillar Chis Bo2
    • Satisarah x6: Ground Pillar Chis Bo2
    • PariahFolk x3: Ground Bush Fruit Bo2
    • Oldmanj98: Ground Bush Fruit Bo2
    • MonMarty: Ground Bush Fruit Bo2
    • MonMarty x2: Ground Bush Bo2
    • Mojaven x5: Tree Pine Slope Bo2
    • MonMarty: Tree Pine Slope Bo2
    • Mojaven x3: Mini Ground Vine Bo2
    • MonMarty: Mini Ground Vine Bo2
    • Mojaven: Mini Ground Boulder Bo2
    • MonMarty: Mini Ground Boulder Bo2
    • MonMarty: Mini Ground Cypress Bo2
    • Thortuna x2: Stone Veg Pillar Bo2
    • Addrion x4: Stone Veg Pillar Bo2
    • Unluvable x2: Stone Veg Pillar Bo2
    • MonMarty x2: Stone Veg Pillar Bo2
    • Satisarah x14: Stone Veg Pillar Bo2
    • Danywood x3: Village housing design and thatch roofing.
    • Danywood: Ithanian Garden housing and garden design.
    • Danywood x2: Ithanian wall design
    • MonMarty, Plecy x2: Regalian snow conversion.
    • MonMarty, Shayin, Mojaven, boogdawg, Finn_Ish x4: Dated Regalian summer palace district construction.
    • babyonce, Shayin, Jared4242, JakkDhread, 0romir x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • MonMarty x2: Planned and wrote the Regalian Government page for the noble programme.
    • MonMarty x2: Regalian election organization and publication of relevant information and documentation.
    • Awes0meLawson, imboring56, Terence29 x2: Week 37 Meeting.
    • OldManJ98: Quality assurance for Bradley’s Ball.
    • Awes0meLawson, Addrion: Handling starter quest issues and disabling.
    • leversandpulleys x6, Addrion x1: NTL node issue identification, repair, and testing.
    • leversandpulleys, Awes0meLawson x2: Officer meeting discussing projects, player challenges, and colors.
    • Awes0meLawson: Quest formatting/Color code testing and documentation.
    • Awes0meLawson, Addrion, OldManJ98: Player Challenge Quest workshop.
    • qgmk x2: (Monday) Updated the Factions, FactionsTax and FactionsDynmap pages.
    • qgmk x4, Gethelp x2: (Thursday) Updated the team permission page.
    • Cayorion x8: (Last Sunday) Improving Ingame Security.
    • Cayorion x16: (Monday) Improving Ingame Security.
    • Cayorion x16: (Tuesday) Improving Ingame Security.
    • Cayorion x9: (Tuesday) Improving Ingame Security.
    • Cayorion x20: (Wednesday/Thursday) Improving Ingame Security and MassiveChat pipeline rework.
    • Cayorion x3: (Thursday) Repaired MassiveChat Hawkeye integration and local channel emotes.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) MassiveChat – Ignore is now a parent command.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) MassiveIntStat – Repaired the API connection.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) Security – Mailgun setup.
    • Cayorion x2: (Friday) Security – Atmos camo setup.
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