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    Howdy. This might be an odd request, but I would like to write up a collection of semi-fictitious or legendarily venerated ancestors, saints, and warriors of the Sihndar race.

    While technically not gods, they could each have excerpts describing their themes and accomplishments in life, including the stories of how they came to be admired in the present-day or after death and the lessons their legends impart on those in current times.

    I think it has room for growth in terms of lore, be it by turning it into a recognized religion of sorts (lore gods willing) or simply being the catalyst for lore stories passed around in character.

    While I know this might seem a bit vague, there is a lot of potential past and preexisting lore that I believe can complement it, as well as offer a practical set of beliefs and inspiration for the 1/3rd of agnostic Sihndar.

    Nothing here is set in stone, only concepts. I can write any that are requested by staff as well!

    Current Concepts:
    - An undead paladin of Amelaan (or simply a Primal Revenant) and their army bound in unlife after successfully repelling the attack of an archfiend's assault on a Xaster- Falling in the process and now destined to remain and battle the demon hordes ad aeternum. Inversely warning of the risk of sacrificing all in the face of the enemy, and the commital of one's body and soul to the cause.

    - An ancient druid responsible for learning to cultivate and navigate through the very-much alien realm of Sihndar following the demonic invasion, after coming to some sort of accord with the god Eloba. Inversely warning one to never carelessly tread upon, indulge in, or abuse the things of the natural world that have been tainted by the void.

    - An old and very powerful Sihndar sage (either void-cursed or Marken) who self-exiled themselves from their Xaster for the greater good, though has never abandoned their cause by serving as a mythical guardian and protector of those lost (literally and spiritually) within the depths of Drowda. Inversely teaching that one must always remain stalwart in the face of even the most pervasive corruption.

    - A Slizzar (born a Sihndar) treated with great skepticism and xenophobia with their upbringing. Eventually rose to be one of the most effective diplomats of their era, helping to cement trade routes and relations with the surrounding nations. Dubbed a 'true' Sihndar later in life, and helped to pave the way for outsiders and non-Sihndar born in Drowda to be accepted. Inversely warning to never turn one's back upon allies that are considered outsiders/outlanders.

    - A neutral-aligned demon in the spirit of the Spider Queen of previous lore, who was bargained with or sympathetic toward the newly-born Sihndar, offering sanctuary and guidance to protect them against the rogue demons that were loosed upon the land in their infancy. Inversely warning one to always be wary of the seduction of the void and its inhabitants, but never blindly opposed.

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    I will have to unfortunately reject this idea because lore involving Races and Religions is not something able to engaged with by the players, nor most of the staff including myself.

    HOWEVER, your prompt suggestion did make me finally take stock of our Peoples section of the Wiki, and plan a project around it. I would be very happy to include some Sihndar-based content in said rewrite, but, the formatting would have to be somewhat different, and I could only accept a maximum of three people from what you have currently written out. I will list the existing format for the project below:

    Core paragraph, who were their parents, how were they raised, what did they grow up doing/what did they do, how did they die.
    *'''Date of Birth:''' GIVE DATE (Use Est. [Date] in the case of ancient characters)
    *'''Date of Death:''' GIVE DATE (N/A for characters with uncertain deaths/who are still alive)
    *'''Claim to Fame:''' One sentence TLDR of the above paragraph

    Again, I can only take three people. They can be warrior, craftspeople, etc, I am open to what you'd want to suggest, but you should ideally keep it within the bounds of the existing Sihndar lore and what is currently connected to the Race.

    Would you be at all interested in this modification of your original suggestion?

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