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Discussion in 'Player Writing Prompts' started by CrimsletMonarch, Jan 12, 2021.

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    @HydraLana I'd like to take up one of the player writing prompts, specifically the one about a famous criminal. I'm thinking to either write about a master thief or an assassin that hides under the guise of a performer, but if there's already some set stuff about this criminal, I don't mind following the guidelines! (Sorry, this is my first time actually taking one of the actual writing prompts, so I'm not too familiar with the process in this situation.)
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    • The prompt of a performer thief is accepted, no further information exists as these are meant to be conceptualized and written by the players. Feel free to contact me for advice but for now, go right ahead.
    • Here is a link to the template:
    • Remember to transfer it into a google doc with the edit function available if/when you are ready to have me review it

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