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    - Send 11,000 Regals to Latimer
    - House Viduggla attempts to debunk the Sorenvik claims of a Vampire assisting their effort. The letter ends up blowing back against Viduggla, as many of the Velheimers don't see a difference between Broods and Vampires, as both have red eyes, and the common people lack the Sanguinology to tell the difference. As a result. Halsebergen and Zastorzy pull back their troops from the Army because they are incensed about Viduggla making deals with the Sanguine. (reducing total army by 4,000).
    - Garth, Ardige(20 Gen), and the 5,000 men trapped in Ustyeurt safely leave the island and return to Breznigrad. The 5,000 men are intercepted by Sorenvik's 10,000 that move further north of the Sorenvik army and expect the Viduggla troops to land.
    - Viduggla spends 10,000 Regals on a scouting unit to inform about Sorenvik movements in Stralsunde, but with lack of usable materials in hostile territory, the scouting unit is promptly destroyed by the locals.
    - Viduggla's entire army is centered on Kerulv.
    - 5,000 troops under Bera Halvedal (10 Gen) is sent to besiege Frederike. This small siege force starts the siege of Frederike's northern city, expected to fall in about 4 weeks.
    - 7,000 troops (Valbrand removed, character has become inactive) under general Emmeline Latimer (15 Gen) sent to besiege Upplanda. This small siege force starts the siege of Upplanda's northern fort, expected to fall in about 4 weeks.

    - 10,000 troops under Eddail du Cornuaille (25 Gen) move around north of the main army, and with the lack of Viduggla troops, intercept the 5,000 leaving from Ustyeurt.
    - 30 ships under Reginald Typhonus (21 Adm) (19 Black, 6 Typhonus, 5 Kreiburg) attack the blockade on Ustyeurt. (Peirgarten is no-show)
    - 30,000 Sorenvik army + Kreiburg troops remaining there ferries to Ustyeurt if the naval battle is won.
    - 10,000 Regals sent to Typhonus
    - Eddail du Cornuialle is paid 1,000 Regals.

    Aneiair of Basta
    Pay 500 Regals to Typhonus.

    - Pay 5,000 Regals to Crown as donation.

    - 8 Latimer ships remain at Ustyeurt (no Admiral) and sail south to link up with Abelhard. This fleet is intercepted by the Black fleet sailing up from the south.
    - Abelhard troops on Kintyr are told to dig in.
    - Legislation is passed to allow slavery of Yanar, Isldar, Sihndar, Maraya, Allar, Slizzar or Varran who have committed crimes in the past or present, distributing their numbers over the population. Wardens of Purity show up, who suddenly experience a large anmd unexplained "uptick of crime", who then also enslave these individuals, and using the "slavery is property" right, end up executing their slaves. This is thus unfortunately all legal. They do have the decency to let the Varran and Allar go though, since they don't consider them "Magical", sending them along into slavery.
    - Abelhard Latimer goes on a pilgrimage to Ouranopoli with a 10,000 cache of gifts and finances, along with 100 honor guard, leaving the Archipelago.

    - 10,000 Black troops land in Ustyeurt if the blockade is lifted under Reimar Typhonus.
    - Send 10,000 Regals to House Typhonus.

    Golden Triumvirate
    - Pay Valentino Sangiovese 5,000
    - Spend 10,000 Regals in Rozzatora for propaganda against Ariramorel, which ends up being ineffective due to low funds.

    Goretaan Throng
    - Legislation is made to allow Dragon Warriors to aid Urls. There are however, no Dragon Warriors in Clannadh Alba.
    - Gwyneth Zylmoira is declared the only legal Magic caster in Clannadh-Alba.
    - 30,000 Regals and 3,000 troops of the standing army are used to root out the Wardens of Purity. The Url who worked with them have a better idea and simply decide to Symbiosis the Wardens, thus "purifying" them of their radicalism, and bolstering their own ranks. They were never loyal to the Wardens, and didn't care to help them once Goretaan wanted to get rid of them.
    - The civil war continues with the Highland Ceardians definitely on the losing sides. Talks is beginning the form among some of the southern cities to try and sue the government for peace, because it has effectively become clear that Goretaan is waging war on its own people in nothing but name. There is talk of declaring the upper isles as "for the Ailor" and declaring "key sanctuary cities in the south", and if the Goretaan do not come to the table, they will "wreak havoc with scorched earth". No formal declaration of a treaty has been proposed however.

    von Duerr
    - Set Crown tax to 5%.

    - 5,000 Regals are given to Malruthiia to give food and medicine to the Maraya.
    - The travel blockade on Rim Isles is lifted.

    - Taxes are reduced to 10%, breaking state mandated tax percentage, and committing a crime.
    - The Reverends in Vicieux do not particularly respond to the Baron's request for requests on how to rule.
    - 5k precursory order bounced, All orders with rolls require at least 10k.

    - 10,000 investment of money to propagandize against Harhold's government is pointless, as Harhold has just signed an armisticice, undermining the propaganda.
    - The troops stuck on Coltyr move to Alstyr to start sieging the province. Expected 3 week siege.
    - The Feudal Council disband the remaining mobilized troops for lack of faith in the perpetuation of the war.

    von Drachenburg
    - As Chancellor, von Drachenburg declares the Wardens of Purity contrary to the will of the Spirit, and as a secular force, declares them essentially heretics in the eyes of the law (which is later verified by the Bull from the Conclave).
    - 20,000 Regals is invested in an attempt to give a local boost. This is immediately however undone when the family slashes import tarrifs by 10%, which causes cheaper foreign goods to flush the market and cause unemployment among the locals.
    - von Drachenburg makes a vague amendment to the Magic ban on a local level, stating an adherence to law of the State, but allowing local offices to retain their own sensibilities and variants. These variants inevitably all end up remaining a "complete ban" in all but name, simply because they say it is "easier than having to fiddle with the paperwork on their actions and reports and such".
    - 8000 troops under Dietrich von Drachenburg attempt to expell the Wardens from both Drachenwald and Aden, but find that this group is too thinly spread to properly deal with the pressure emanated from the Cantons, and fails to achieve their goal.
    - 2000 troops led by Harald and Hans Nowotny along with his 1000 troops are sent to Irole and Alpen, where they completely fail and are infact pushed back and beaten several times by the Wardens that outnumber them.
    - The Darkwald region is given full prosecution freedom in Tirgunn in exchange for high loyalty and expelling the Wardens, which they do, making Tirgunn a Warden-free province. The outcome effect is however roughly the same as the Darkwalds simply pick up what the Wardens left off, but at least they do it within the confines of the legality of the law, and they engage in the more humane manner of execution by crossbow firing squad.
    - Set Crown tax to 15%.

    - Cinna Eledhwen, Fayette Vigneau, Misko Zslavanssa, Olivrae Arison Anther, Parsa Kiaei and Tommen Howlester travel to the Kingdom of Falsemarr where they start asking locals for directions to Seraph Ruins. The party speaks nearly every language under the sun from Faraddi to Dressolini to Ithanie to Altalar dialects, except for Skodje or Tunge or any of the other local dialects, so no amount of questioning results in any understand simply due to a language barrier. Some of the locals pretend to know the way to whatever the group is searching and draw out a path in dirt, expecting the 1k regals paid, which they take. The directions end up being pointless and lead the group in circles, as it was obvious they were lied to.
    - Pay Julius Peirgarten 2k for a mercenary band that never shows up.
    - Pay Julius Peirgarten another 2k for breaking someone's legs.
    - The group do eventually run into what looks like a Seraph ruin on their way back to the capital, but find that is is really small, and has largely been picked clean. With the lack of directions to actual ruins far from civilization, all they run into is badly damaged and completely stripped seraph-stone marble pillars that hold up only vines and other greenery that has started to grow in between the cracks of stone, and murals that have faded so badly that the only thing that is left is Allorn era graffiti. Defeated, and at the potential risk of brigands on the road without protection, the group returns home without ever finding anything.

    - 40k spent on recovery efforts of Calemberg, which ends up working.
    - Typhonus attempts to claim to the Elves that they are investigating a supposed connection with the Imperial and Dread Dragons. Not only does this cause the Elves to get even more angry, because in their eyes, the Typhonus continue to play ignorant and claim other causes, dismissing the Elves as foolish rioters. They stop short of actually admitting that it was the Elves, but it is pretty obvious that these protestors know very well that it was Elves, even if it's not entirely clear whether or not they were even part of it, or whether some third party is at play here. The additional implication of the Imperial Dragon's impact causes the Elven protestors to be joined by Imperial Dragon Bull fanatics, Dragon worshipers and Vultarin Unionists who are incensed that the Typhonus would even consider a link between the Imperial Dragon and terrorism on the "Holiest city besides the Holy city". The riots have mostly simmered down to just protests however.
    - Nym'vrae is spat on by the Altalar, while she is called a variety of slurs implicative of servitude to barbarians. They chastise her for being a speech tube for House Typhonus while the Wardens of Purity are burning their people alive in Maraisburcke, lands owned by House Typhonus, and House Typhonus does nothing about it, calling her the worst of race traitors.
    - The fact that an Imperial Prince is the target of a personal investigation by Klaus Typhonus that would presume some fault or part in the act of terrorism on Calemberg eventually reaches the Imperial Court, where Klaus Typhonus is promptly ejected from the Imperial Court for taking a hostile stance to the Imperial Family. The Master of Letters position is now vacant. Kingdom of Ithania embassadors immediately use the void left behind by Typhonus having a diminished presence at court to proclaim House Typhonus openly hostile to the Crown, however the Emperor seems to not directly pay heed to this (only having singled out Klaus for leading an investigation that alludes to the possibility of fault by the Imperial Prince), as Cecile Typhonus remains in her position.
    - 5k regals paid to Howlester

    - Reinard territories in Lokinge have Magic banned.
    - Reinard stalls the Feudal Council's planned demobilization of more troops for the time being in anticipation of peace talks.
    - Reinard troops remain in Reinard lands.
    - Cinna Eledhwen is paid 5k.

    Vulmar Faulkner
    - Pays 5,000 Regals to Howlesters

    Alaric Keen
    - Alaric Keen's 1k are under Genevaud Kreiburg control.

    - 8,000 troops under Peirgarten land on Ustyeurt with the intent to attack Viduggla, but no attack takes place as Viduggla already left.
    - A bribe of 20,000 has been given to the local church to create an Inquisition with the ability to use armed and armored men to hunt and execute heretics. Instructing a loophole to be used to see the Wardens of Purity as heretics, which they find in that the Chancellor already declared them terrorists, therefor criminal to the Regalian state, where loyalty to the state is one of the core tenets. The new inquisition called the Burning Moths, starts targeting Wardens of Purity, but also Vultarins, Etosians and non-believers. This because while technically the Kleine Rechnung protected the heretical Unionist views, the free carte-blanche to target /any/ heretic causes the inquisition to also target others besides the Wardens of Purity. This causes both groups to attack each other, and with lack of Rodrigo Peirgarten and the majority of the standing army in Ustyeurt, sectarian violence breaks out and the streets of Lorhauser are a bloodbath of Burning Moths and Wardens of Purity wrecking each other.

    - Pay 15k to Typhonus
    - Pay 7500 to Howlester
    - 1,000 troops of Alaric Keen with Hanz Rosenguart are sent to Langthal to aid law enforcement to seize the Wardens of Purity. The 1,000 Alaric Keen mercenaries are entirely eradicated. As a result of the fragile political situation and the Kreiburg provocation after ignoring the Wardens for too long, the Wardens of Purity stage a coup d'Etat and overthrow Kreiburg control in the Genevaud Cantons, Kreiburg's government being completely overrun by the Wardens recruitment drive that had been galvanizing the past two weeks from von Drachenburg influx, declaring the Genevaud Republic as a rebellious state. Kreiburg loses control of the Cantons. Note, the local states did not formally rebel against Kreiburg, however the legal satallite governments were thrown out, creating a rogue state. The satallites did not become disloyal, but Kreiburg lost control over them as they were taken hostage.
    - Harric van der Veer is ferried to Vlissinghelm, where the longbows attack Vlissinghelm. They use fire arrows to hail down terrorism against the locals, setting ablaze thatched roofs of Vlissinghelm and causing an inferno that consumed the outer reaches of the city and the southern districts. Given that 60,000 troops are still stationed in Harhold lands, van der Veer's army is wiped out, and Harric is captured, and delivered back to Regalia as hostage in the war against Kreiburg. As outrage to this attack on a civilian target, all of Harhold's feudal council re-mobilize their troops, and additional sovereign regiments of landes militia join up to bolster the Harhold army.
    - Athalon Elfessi engages in a shelling campaign on port towns as well. All in all, both Athalon and Harric's action account for about 7,000 civilian casualties and massive property damage that reduces Harhold's treasury by 15,000 Regals.
    - 8,000 troops under Leon Claudio start sieging Harrle, expected to surrender in 3 weeks.
    - Magic is made illegal in Arta.

    Delmotte, Lampero, Hexenblood
    - To counter Wardens of Purity, Covenants of Enlightenment pop up around the magical colleges where mage students and some aberrants in refugee hotspots radicalize, a minority who preaches the destruction of "the mundane order" and that the starting signal was given when Hadrian's Mountains were destroyed (even though only a small hole was made). The Covenants spread outwards, causing magical explosions to rip through church parishes and gathering places for conservative local lobbies, blowing up gathering places and members. Some others resort to Evocarorum, forcing Void/Exist essence onto captured right-radicals and those who would come to the aid of the Wardens of Purity. This causes a massive fright among the local mundane populations as there is a sudden uptick in people having void/exist mutations forced on them, and worship sites being blown up.
    - Clashes between the Supremoclast Church of Vultaro, aided by the Silven deathsquads of the Iron Duke defend against the Wardens of Purity prodding at the Vultaro-Peirgarten border trying to spread into Lampero lands.

    - The Covenants of Enlightenment pop up in every single Avalorn province, as the non-mundane populations are the largest minorities there. They begin various pogroms against wealthy Ailor landowners, expelling them in favor of Altalar seizing their lands. Only Priscille churches end up being spared, as the Priscelle always stood with the Mages.
    - Large formations of crystals are witnessed traveling through the clouds with purple and pink lights flickering on and off during the night, accompanied by low humming noises. Some of the Maraya outcasts panic, saying that the Home Swarm is on the move, and that is never a good thing, especially now they are in Regalian airspace.
    - News reaches Avalorn shores by Allar traders that in Hadar, the Sendrassian front has burst open and that the Sendrassian Empire has invaded Hadar, a sovereign realm of the Empire. For the time being Qar Digmaan Cro-Zzhin Yaotl holds the line at the southern islands, as swarms of Void-tainted Allar course northwards.

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