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    - Pay Bethelehem av Hohenstaufen 2000 Regals
    - Pay House Latimer 10,000 Regals
    - House Viduggla pays 10,000 Regals for Fritjof Ulfrson to use a merchant ship to try and smuggle Ardige Viduggla past the Ustyeurt Blockade, anticipating House Black to let civilian ships through. No Black fleet however ever arrives, and since the order anticipates their attack on the blockade, no attempt is made to remove the trapped Retinues + Ardige + Garth from Ustyeurt.
    - House Viduggla expects Latimer to attack the blockade, and aids with 1 personal ship by Galelijn de Pierre.
    - House Viduggla attempts to mobilize the Feudal Council with the help of Tove Viduggla's Diplomacy to try and rally a defensive war, citing Sorenvik is a traitor to their people, asking for the loyalty of the subjects, denouncing Kreiburg as incompetent allies of Sorenvik, and accusing Sorenvik of Cowardice. These efforts are ineffective, while the Vladno in Ustyeurt aren't fond of Kreiburg, they are nominally still loyal. Sorenvik's cowardice and treason accusations end in nothing, since she is the weaker party attacking a bigger nation to retake her lands. Ise + Zavoria refuse to mobilize, as they feel immensely threatened by Sorenvik occupation, and they agree temporarily not to mobilize if Sorenvik leaves their lands alone. Irvainvik refuses to mobilize to fight Sorenvik. Pyoltograd, Vladacha, Novolgar, Mosokovo and Breznigrad refuse to mobilize as a result of a combination of Sorenvik propaganda, and Viduggla's recent refusal to give them what they wanted. Medelpad, Northland, Ittikepsukaatan, Kerulv, Kaatokaino, Estoria, Ose, Halsebergen and Zastorzy mobilize and gather in Northland, creating a 18,000 Puppet army, combined with the 40,000 Standing army, moving 5,000 stuck in Breznigrad also, stacking 63,000 Viduggla troops in Northland without General, opposed the 41,000 Sorenvik troops with Alaric Keen (No General Stat) in Zavoria, and 2,000 Kreiburg troops in Ryazigrad under Anika Kreiburg (10 Gen).
    - House Viduggla's mobilized troop attack order is bounced, mobilization requires a 1 week cooldown before troops can be used.
    - House Viduggla's second mobilized troop attack order is bounced also, same reason as above.

    - House Slumberwood spends 40,000 Regals and the standing army to drive out the Woven Thorn Coven, which just vanishes from the public eye.
    - Sent 10,000 to Gallovian Royal Court.

    - Harhold's Fleet continues to blockade Kintyr
    - Julius Peirgarten (20 Gen) leads 30,000 Troops joined by Oscar Theodard (Soldier Retinue) Rikke av Cain Mar (Soldier Retinue) and Exuro Weismann (Soldier retinue). Together with Harhold's 30k led by Hengest (20 Gen) try together to push out any Reinard troops from Vlissinghelm. (both armies reduced to 29K due to demobilization).
    - Pays 12,000 Regals to delegate to the Breizh Ironfold to push for a proposal of peace. The Breizh Ironfold is attempted to be bribed by Harhold, promising to remove rulers of Oosteyn and Westerhal and replace them with the Breizh Barons to militarize as they please. As a result, the Breizh Ironfold dissolves their troops from the Reinard army and retreats them home, anticipating a swifter end of the war, however they do not seem to immediately declare their intent to abandon Reinard, they have pulled out their support for the war. Hal-der-Hal is meanwhile upset at this proposal, and pulls their troops back from the Harhold Army. Both Feudal Councils of Reinard and Harhold, as well as Ariramorel and Latimer urge a faster end to the war, because the Baronets are becoming dissatisfied and war-weary and support for the stalemate war is quickly draining from the people with a lack for any major victories on either side.

    Golden Triumvirate
    - Pays 10,000 Regals and 6 warships to extract the meteor that crashed into the ocean with the help of Varszira, Ahsozhel, Lzalilzali and Sizaeli. While efforts were made to hide what was found, with this many ships present, a sailor was bound to talk. The delivery is eventually fished up: A bounty of raw Ephamaria, enough to produce a single weapon of any type with by a forger twith at least 10 Metallurgy Arts.
    - 10,000 Regals more are paid out to propoganda against House Black, chastising them for slow decisions on the Magic issue.

    - 30,000 Regals spent on building 3 ships. They are just Warships.
    - 9 Latimer Ships + 2 Ariramorel ships + Zzolesi's personal frigate + Anne-Claire's personal frigate supported by 2 Viduggla player ships (15 total) led by Abelhard Latimer (25 Adm) attack the Sorenvik/Kreiburg blockade, 3 Sorenvik Ships, 3 Peirgarten ships, 5 Kreiburg Ships, (11 total), with no Admiral.
    - The Wardens of Purity are declared terrorists in the Latimer lands, placing the 2,000 troops in Athos on alert for incursions by the Wardens.
    - Pay Anne-Claire 500 Regals.
    - Latimer's Feudal Council's support for the war rapidly evaporates. The entire Feudal Council denounces this pointlessly expensive war that does not benefit Latimer and is only draining the treasury of useful finances. The Feudal Council demobilizes the entire army, save for Latimer's own Standing Army.

    House Delmotte
    - Pay 30,000 Regals to deal with the influx of refugees, adequately addressing the local strain.
    - Marceau Delmotte donates 500 Regals of his stipend to the crown.
    - House Delmotte donates 5000 Regals from their bank to the crown.
    - Marceau Delmotte halves everyone's Court stipends.
    - Julius Peirgarten's stipend is set to 500 Regals.
    - House Delmotte raises Crown Tax to 3%.

    - Url are given freedom to perform hostile symbiosis on any foreigners in Goretaan lands. This causes an immediate spike again of foreigners dragged out of their homes and merchants captured. Many merchants end up fleeing Goretaan's lands, and the economy takes a heavy hit from the sudden isolation of Clannadh-Alba. While the lands are relatively isolated and self-sufficient, 20% of the economy evaporates.
    - The entire standing army of Goretaan is converted to Url. Some of them probably protested, but had no choice in the end. The entire Goretaan army is now Url, becoming classified as "heavy" troops, and halving maintainance costs (because Url care less for money), but potentially raising issues in the future with their more "flexible" discipline and eagerness to not listen to retreat orders.
    - The standing army is then sent to aid the Url Radicals to initiate the Civil War. The Radicals capture the Feudal Council and force all of them to become Url. While some Url reject the Goretaan's aggressive stance, the civil war is inevitable and bursts out as the Url army moves ever southwards subjecting hamlet after hamlet. The crash of trade in Clannadh Alba means most people are stuck on the lands, fleeing into the mountains or hiding in the forests as the population is rapidly altered to become Url.
    - The captured pirate admiral is turned into an Url, who them becomes loyal to Goretaan. He divulges the location of his Pirate Fleet, which is then also turned to Url by the captain. This gives Goretaan a three-times-use fleet of 10 Url-manned pirate ships with an Admiral of 20 Skill, but after those 3 uses, the Admiral will take his leave and return to the seas.
    - Drachenburg's chapter of Wardens of Purity flee to Carnowayle where they set up business. They work with the Url, using the Url Symbiosis to essentially detect aberrants, as the Oorl worms refuse to perform Symbiosis with those infected by Aberrancy. This creates a double-tag-team of Url and Warden of Purity militia double-teaming the aberrant and non-Url population.

    von Duerr
    - Hollow faith decree.
    - House von Duerr declare the Wardens of Purity a terrorist organization, attempting to dissuade them from entering the von Duerr lands.

    Aneair of Basta
    - Give 1,000 Regals to Leufred du Triege as a loan.

    - Give 1,000 Regals to Leufred du Triege.

    - Use 20,000 Regals from the Velheim Development Fund to make repais in Sorenvik lands of Western Drixagh. Since there were not many needs for repairs, the money is basically just good pr for House Sorenvik.
    - 10,000 Regals from the Velheim development Fund are spent to refund the Viduggla shipbuilders who lost their jobs from the Drixagh treaty ending the last war.
    - 10,000 Regals from Sorenvik funds are spent on anti-Viduggla propoganda, accusing Viduggla of hiring a brood sanguine general, and adding onto that Viduggla insults the Vladno people by denying them their cultural expressions. This ends up being a double-edged blade, since the Vladno provinces of Viduggla refuse their call to arms, but the Vladno lands in Sorenvik control fully expect that after the war, Sorenvik will allow them their "expression of culture" and install Etosian parishes in traditionally Velheim Old Gods lands, and Riklander minority Sancellist lands.
    - The Sorenvik fleet maintains its blockade on Ustyeurt.
    - Sorenvik gives the Upplanda non-Old Gods minority the right to adminstrate their own courts seperate from the Old Gods inclined Rakhr as long as they comply to the State Law structure. This seems to satyisfy them, seperating law in this region by religion.
    - Sorenvik moves both armies into the Zavorian lands, who immediately see the dark clouds hanging as they lack the structural defences and forts to resist this army. Sorenvik proclaims no intent to harm the locals and that this war is with "Viduggla, not the Zavorians", offering the Zavorians a way out of the war. The Zavorians accept, refusing a Feudal summon from Viduggla, on the precondition that Sorenvik moves through Zavorian lands only, and does not besiege, attack, or wage battles in their lands, or take anything from the locals. While this is maintained, the Zavorians on the mainland at risk of being pincered by Sorenvik wil not mobilize for Viduggla. Sorenvik's advisors note however that this is likely a long term ruse, and that the Zavorians will eventually mobilize to aid their overlord if Sorenvik no longer has the pressure to make them feel at risk.

    Alaric Keen
    - Pulls back his 1,000 troops from Vulmar Faulkner's command and transits them to Genevaud.

    - Pay 10,000 Regals to the Crown.
    - Spend 20,000 Regals in the capital to aid with the Refugee crisis. The response of Hexenblood is proportionally less than the other burdened nations, and this is somewhat noticeable. While the majority of the refugees get good enough support to keep standing, some of them drop into crime in the capital to make a living. With the standing army being used to enforce order however, the negative effects are minimized.
    - Malruthiia is sent to interface with any Maraya in the capital to scout out relative numbers. The eventual outcome is that "not many" are present, at most 170 or so. Maraya are a rare sight in Regalia, and very few actually live in the Archipelago at wide, while this micro-cosm of Maraya may well be the largest exclave of Maraya in the Archipelago due to recent events.
    - An advertisement is put out for magical researchers and investors to come closer, but nothing occurs yet. The majority of the refugees had to rush and run, abandoning their homes and work if they had any.
    - 10,000 Regals is spent on land scouting for potential settlement. This proposes the problems of the ex-Anahera lands however, the majority of the fertile and urban areas are concentrated on the coast where the population density is high, while the rest of the lands are low population density but also low fertility and available land. To the east are the Montanian alps, which take up much of the land, while to the north are the exess of the Forriesta Natal jungle forests, which are generally considered inhospitable. A suggestion is raised to potentially get Delmotte to agree to a division of the actual province of Forriesta Natal, as this is the largest low-population region still in the Archipelago outside of Drixagh where there is always more space for settlements.
    - Immigration restrictions are set on Ariramorel owned islands in the Rim Isles, preventing immigration aside from asylum when fleeing from hostility. With the incoming law changes there however, this doesn't really do anything.

    - Dietrich von Drachenburg leads his 10,000 army to crack down on the Wardens of Purity. The Wardens are smothered in their infancy, having only just recently set up and being unable to defeat the army, disbanding entirely and fleeing to the surrounding lands. Not addressing the anger in the common populace however, and defying the rage of the people against mutants, Ivenna and Budelle lower their support to von Drachenburg to Medium, and Tirgunn and Gorzas drop to Low, reflecting that the Darkwalds are very upset about von Drachenburg protecting freaks.
    - 10,000 Regals are spent to incentivise Dwarves to settle in von Drachenburg lands. No Dwarves enter however, afraid of the chaos left in the wake of the Wardens of Purity.

    - Pay Humaira Reinard 500 Regals
    - Invest 30,000 to assist the administration in buffering the refugees, adequately addressing the local strain.

    - Magic is legalized in the Rim Isles while it remains illegal in Kintyr.
    - Wardens of Purity are declared terrorists, however no Wardens are in Ariramorel lands yet.
    - 2,000 troops continue to hold Coltyr.
    - 15,000 troops from Ariramorel attempt to move to Reinard lands but they are blocked by the Harhold Blockade as well as the Black blockade.
    - 20,000 Ariramorel and Latimer troops attempt to move to Valtyr, but also subsequently discover that transporting around Kintyr is made impossible by the Harhold Blockade.
    - 4,000 Regals are paid to Kreiburg.
    - 3,000 Regals are paid to Eddail du Cornuaille.
    - Ariramorel sets Crown Stipend to 5%.
    - Pivaal, Rozzatora and Cozaal grow weary of a far war, and retreat their troops from Ariramorel's lands. While they cannot leave due to the blockade, they disperse in the civillian population until such an opportunity that they can.

    - Magic is declared Legal, however the rules are more repressive than other realms with regtistration duty.
    - Pay 10,000 Regals to Leufred du Triege.
    - 14 Black ships led by Edrick Black (15 Adm) move to Baarlowe, not blockading, but halting any potential military vessel movement.

    Financial Minister Maximillian Black
    - Pay 10,000 Regals to House Typhonus.
    - Pay 15,000 Regals ot urge the traders to return to normal. The traders don't respond to urges and want hard facts, which the Finance Minister cannot give.

    - The Countess requests the Wardens of Purity to present to the Countess to answer for their actions. The Wardens completely ignore this saying they are "exacting the will of the people", and that the "church is weak and inept with political infighting", and that the Countess's wish for them to subject under the judiciary of the church is a moot point since the church doesn't even have inquisition rights in Lorhauser. The Wardens of Purity continue their activities, and have enough freedom to set up chapters in all adjecent provinces of Lorenthaus, notably Hinterlande, Gorzas, Maraisburcke and Ventiane.
    - Pay House Howlester 5,000 Regals.
    - 3 Ships remain with Kreiburg Blockade.

    - 4,000 Regals are paid to Vulmar Faulkner.
    - 3,000 Regals are paid to Eddail du Cornuaille.
    - Magic is Legalized. That being said, Magic individuals are subject to routine check-ups and additional heavy penalties for crimes, essentially delegating them to second rank citizens, while Archblood and Dragon Warriors are exempt.
    - 10,000 Regals are spent denouncing the Wardens of Purity as terrorists. For now, nothing happens however since the Wardens have not yet arrived in Reinard lands.
    - Attempts to move Vulmar and Kintyr troops is blocked by the Harhold Blockade as well as the Black blockade.
    - Attempts to move Ariramorel troops is blocked by the Harhold Blockade as well as the Black blockade.
    - Reinard pitches in their army under Eddail du Cornouaille in Vlissinghelm, anticipating a Harhold attack.
    - As a concequence of Harhold attempts to destabilize the Reinard army, Ara, Gambe and Keval troops disband from the Reinard army in Kintyr and return home.
    - The ex-Harhold provinces of Katsen, Huide and Maarde threaten the Reinard family at the Feudal Council that if they do not ban Magic in Lokinge, that they will pull their troops out. While these nations are nominally loyal to Reinard still, they are still very "Harhold-minded" in their anti-Magic anti-Non-Ailor stance, and feel incensed that across the border, their families live in a Magic-free land, while they are still forced to tolerate Mages.

    - Pays 5,000 Regals to Black

    A request to the Feudal Council to mobilize additional troops was rejected. Cited reasons for unrest in neighboring countries as not of any concern to the Calemberg nobles, as all of this happened over 200 miles away from the capital. Deflated and defeated about this, Giselle and Cecile Typhonus departed from the feudal halls down the hallways of the Archducal Palace. As they passed by the chapel of Heron Cadar, a sudden trickle of dust from above the doorframe caught Giselle's attention, who halted the two and walked closer to investigate. Looking up, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, with the faces of the Herons looking down at them from the painted vaulted ceilings. The candles and the offerings on the shrine remained peaceful as ever, until upon closer inspection. Cecile noticed reverberations in the baptism pond at the enter of the room. Suddenly, the Archducal Palace was wracked by a shock so severe it caused Cecile to topple into the baptismal pool, while Giselle lost her footing and fell to the ground.

    Hurrying to help Cecile back to her feet, Cecile noticed that the plaster in the ceiling was cracking open, painted material falling down. She quickly rushed Cecile out of the room as candlesticks around them were toppling one by one, the chandeliers dangerously dangling from their supports above them. Typhonus guards rushed to the scene, escorting the two outside. On their way through the hallways, windows started bursting, and screams could be heard from the outside "Earthquake!, Earthquake!". The doors of the Archducal facade burst open, the two Typhonuses quickly descending the stairs to the plaza in front of the palace as the orchestra of cathedral bells ringing the alarm rung around them, screams started echoing from the streets. Loud thuds and earthly grumbling became louder and louder, as buildings shook back and forth with waves of dust and rabble crashing down to the streets below, some whole buildings tilting diagonally from their supports destabilizing. In the far distance, on the Regnatz hill, the Hispenbau cathedral's tower collapsed, leaving behind a large plume of smoke while fires burst all over the city from toppling oil candles.

    The destruction was not even near completion however, as the eyes of the people suddenly drew to Hadrian's mountains in the distance, the snowtopped peaks rumbling as waves of snow cascaded down. Then all of a sudden, massive light bursts occurred in various places of the mountain range, ear-splitting explosions wracked the mountainsides with crackling magical energies and lightning arching all over the place, causing huge sections to collapse and shrapnel of rocks and boulders the size of houses to be shot out like hailstone. The rain of stone pummeled the capital of Calemberg, massive boulders crashing into houses causing them to instantly collapse, and a particularly nasty rock smashing through the Sankt Poltenburg-platz cathedral, causing the whole tower to split in half like an easily bent stick. The churchbells loudly came clashing down with the stone as they toppled, missing Cecile and Giselle by only a few meters who were pushed out of the way by unfortunate soldiers who met their end.

    Just as sudden as it had begun, did it end, the people left behind in confusion and stunned about what had just happened, as Calemberg had never been hit before by an earthquake. In fact, earthquakes hadn't happened for hundreds of years since the Grey Dragons of Ceardia were killed. fighting back desperation brought by the destruction wrought on the city, Cecile suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder accompanied by a whisper "We brought those mountains up, we can take them down too". Before she could turn around and look at who it was, the person had already left, and when her vision swiveled to the mountains in the distance, she knew what it meant. Five massive passage holes had been blasted into Hadrian's mountains, leading pathways from Drixagh straight to Calemberg's capital.

    Reimar eventually arrived, having been sent out with news to the Elves that House Typhonus continued to refuse to acknowledge Elven assistance to the Typhonus state who continued to rage in their anger with riots, parroting public view of events. The soldiers quickly got to work trying to rescue whoever they could from underneath the rubble and extinguish the various fires raging through the city. As Reimar and Cecile exchanged their experiences, they managed to connect the dots. Calemberg had not been utterly destroyed, in fact most of the city was still in good condition, however considerable damage had been done to the tall cathedrals of the notable families of Calemberg, the majority of the destruction had been brought closer to Hadrian's wall, where massive craters and smouldering ruins now existed, whole towns having been wiped out by the falling rubble and avalanches of snow and gravel.

    Reimar Typhonus attempts to do diplomacy fail, as his target refuses to meet with him. 10,000 Regals along with Ibrahim Batunogly are sent to explore the north sealanes, charting where the Isldar have done. For now, the Isldar seem to have remained in Ellador, as no other coastal regions report any Isldarrin activity. The Isldar however are known to have holds all along the Cain kingdoms high up in the mountains, so it is impossible to say where they might come from. 10,000 Regals spent on anti-Slumberwood propaganda also fail.

    - 1,000 Regals paid to Harric van der Veer.
    - The Siege of Veerle captures Veerle from the Harhold Militia.
    - Arta refuses to mobilize for the war in Drixagh, and so conditional orders are bounced.
    - The Kreiburg army is attached to Sorenvik's army.
    - Aftalon Elfessi is sent to raid merchant shipping in Drixagh. They however discover that Drixagh is nearly non-present in merchandise, and so one ship trying to raid over 800 miles of coastline is nigh on pointless.
    - The Wardens of Purity are declared unlawful, while offering the militias the right to join the Kreiburgh army. Magic is then also fully legalized in Kreiburg lands, bar the Vladno lands. The Wardens of Purity are outraged and insulted at the suggestion of joining the military of a nation that "suckles the tit of Magic". The Wardens gain massive momentum in Kreiburg lands, where local law enforcement completely ignore Kreiburg declarations of unlawfulness. The Wardens spread to Langthal, Bad, Bulgern, Alpen, Fergfeld, and also back into Drachenburg lands of Aden and Drachenwald, Irole, as well as Peirgarten lands of Elane.

    Map reflects:
    • Green (Magic Legal)
    • Light Red (Magic Illegal)
    • Dark Red (Magic Illegal + Wardens of Purity active)
    • Bright Red (Magic Illegal + Wardens of Purity Head-Chapter active)
    • Blue Crest (Magic School)
    • Blue marking in Goretaan Lands (Url Controlled)
    • Yellow marking in Goretaan Lands (Highland-Ceardian Controled)
    • Winner Winner x 20
    • Powerful Powerful x 4
    • Thank You! Thank You! x 1
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