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    Aneair of Basta
    - Pay 2,500 Regals to Vulmar

    von Drachenburg
    - 20k Regals paid to buy out the Slumberwood Drill Instructor. This man now joins the Drachenburg court and will come into play during the next conflict von Drachenburg is in.
    - 50K Regals paid to the Muskete development for local industries, without immediate outcome as R&D takes time.
    - 15K Regals spent to fight the sweating sickness in Langthal.
    - Mobilizes 3k Troops with Erwin Braunschweiger as General to crack down on the iconoclasm. The riots end.
    - 5K paid to send remaining Etosian relics to Hellatia to be given out to the various monasteries there.
    - In von Drachenburg lands, the anti-aberrant rhetoric and laws have caused a small cult of religious fanatics led by an ex-horse breeder to break out into a feverish vigilante club calling themselves the "Wardens of Purity". At first they only preach violent rhetoric against aberrants, but this quickly devolves into actual attacks on those who are known to be magic users, to them. Magic to them is however not just Magic itself, but anything they consider a level of aberrancy. As they don pure white monk robes and arm themselves with all manner of makeshift weapons, they move from town to town, snatching aberrants from their homes and dragging them to off to be justifixed on poles, before set on fire. Archbloods, Mages, Silven, Altalar, even Yanar are all dragged away and strung up to be burned to "cleanse the demonic influence from the people". Their crusade through the Darkwald spreads quickly, with panic gripping the aberrant populations and cheers from the wealthy conservative aristocrats in the cities. The guards and local constabularies often do nothing, because this fanatical cult has become so large that the standing army would need to get involved, and because in many situations, they are sympathetic to the cause of the Wardens of Purity. The recent economic troubles that trickled down to the peasants of the land changed into anger, anger aimed at the outsiders and aberrants, causing them to be blamed for the calamities of the state and the poor economic situation. The Wardens of Purity after that spread to other lands, setting up a smaller chapter in the Peirgarten Capital as well as in the Kreiburg capital, where both brother chapters of the Wardens of Purity start purifying the population, using local contacts to sniff out any "Magic" users and putting them to the torch. In the collateral damage, many Dragon worshipers, Ritualists, Dragon Lineage, Werebeast, Vampire, Sorcerer and other ill-understood creatures like Maraya are dragged off and burned to death. In none of these regions, the guards interfere with any of the events, afraid of reprisals on themselves, or having downright sympathy for the Wardens of Purity who cointinue to spin the story to the locals that the "other-things" have caused all the trouble of the Empire of recent. What they are doing is very obviously illegal, but for many of the locals, the removal of aberrancies from these magic-denying lands is a welcome change of tune from the past years of acceptance and tolerance. If left unchecked however, there is no saying how far it could spread. In Delmotte, Avalorn, Lampero and Hexenblood lands, the Magical Academies become beacons for refugees, these areas quickly swamped with a colorful horde of different aberrants, but also non-Ailor races who look like mutated aberrants purely because the Ailor simply did not understand what they were, straining the local resources and authorities to breaking from the sudden influx of people needing aid.

    Lord Chancellor
    - von Drachenburg grants Belliard/Treppeweitz a Royal Monopoly on the production of Muskete. This essentially means von Drachenburg is giving himself a monopoly on this new military development. Trying to reverse engineer or producing Musketes is now a Royal Crime.
    - 35k Regals are dedicated to fight the sweating sickness in Langthal.

    - Magic is legalized in Sorenvik lands, but only for Ailor.
    - Sorenvik declared formal war on House Viduggla citing their Casus Belli of "Revanchism" to re-acquire Irvainvik as their ancestral lands. As a result, Irvainvik's loyalty to Viduggla drops to Low, and the Feudal Council is summoned to mobilize the army. Sorenvik cites a competent speech for the Feudal Council, and gains 100% of its military mobilized. The armies on the island join seperately, while Sorenvik's army splits the base from Billund, Upplanda, Grosswald and Stralsunde in Stralsunde, while Nenznigrad, Ryazigrad, Tuva and Vlavosko ferried to Neznigrad (if possible).
    - The Sorenvik Fleet is sent to Ustyeurt to hunt the Viduggla fleets, expecting the Peirgarten, Kreiburg and Black Fleets to back them up to try and trap the army and Ardige Viduggla on the island.
    - The Upplanda Bourgeoisie reply to Sorenvik that while they vaguely understand the secular laws, Velheim customs and societal effects of denying these Velheim customs such as Hejmgang are still negative effects for the locals, and they re-iterate again that the civilized northern cultures demand the right to be judged by civil courts instead of a local thuglord, who is not accountable to the legal ruler framework of the Empire.

    Golden Triumvirate
    - 10k spent on the optimistic astronomer.
    - 10k spent on the pessimistic astronomer.
    - Both research points out that the meteor that flew over Dragenthal in their direction flew past one of their islands, splashing into the coastal waters of Isla Nublera.
    - 10k spent on propaganda against House Black in Macavara ridiculing the leader for being incompetent. With recent events, this causes Macavara to drop support for House Black to Medium.

    Harald von Drachenburg
    - Sends Hans Nowotny and Aldebrand Ludenhof to move to Goretaan lands, specifically to protect the local Highland Ceardians from Symbiosis. While initially they are purely defensive, fights eventually break out into a full-blown battle. The mercenaries are however overwhelmed, not only by the Url, but also by the fact that they are essentially illegally trespassing with arms in a sovereign nation, and the Url are aided by the Goretaan Standing army. Both mercenary troops suffer large amounts of losses, and their wounded and captured are forcibly turned to Url, who then join the Url forces. When they are finally ejected from the lands, they have only managed to achieve a further bolstering of the Url numbers who were already in the several thousands when they arrived. With the personal banner of Harald von Drachenburg being used, this conflict now recognizes a limited conflict between von Drachenburg and Goretaan, aggressed by von Drachenburg.

    von Duerr
    - Shane Marth is hired with 1k Regals paid to him to discover any potential aberrant presence in the assassinations. Shane Marth reports that it is absolutely certain that there are in fact no aberrants present or being involved, and that this is 100% a secular mundane matter of locals just killing each other over money.
    - 10k Regals paid out to reinforce the guards of the aristocrats, leading to a reduction of stress among them.
    - Joscelyn von Duerr, Nadina von Duerr and Relveth Vinthracia are sent to Langthal along with 50k Funding to stop the disease. They are effective at preventing the disease from spreading, and curing the population.

    - Delmotte pays 30k to host a party for the Toulonne people, hosted by Elisaveta and Alessandro's music. They are granted the right to veto laws for the wider realm as long as they uphold their feudal duties, which they accept. With Guy Pileran and Marceau Delmotte using their Lexxon skills to build rapport, they largely discover that all the other guests are essentially Lexxon also, and it becomes a mutual reading session.
    - Delmotte donates 10k to the Crown Bank, while Marceau Delmotte continues to graft his own income over the backs of other nobles to the Crown as donations.

    - Laurens-Michel Huron forgoes his father's Burdigalic heritage and accepts his mother's Anglian surname, de Reus. The ruler of Huron is now legally known as Laurens-Michel de Reus.
    - Magic is declared fully illegal, with the exception of Primal Magic. Since the legislation cannot tell the difference however, all Magic is outlawed. Archbloods are encouraged to settle in Huron's lands.
    - Huron rejects the Vultarin missionaries who eventually leave.
    - Huron's attempts to store up Grain eventually cause the Kade House of Trade to knock on their door and confiscate the supplies with adequate compensation. The Kade House of Trade further clarifies that "There is no need for concern, your membership to the Trade Cartel is appreciated, and you will be protected from grain issues, as Anglia always has, to it's own people".
    - 10k is paid for ships to travel between Clannadh Alba and Huron's lands to encourage Highland Ceardians to re-settle. While many decline, some families flee the rise of Url in the region.
    - I don't know what Wolf Keep is. I couldn't find it on the Wiki, so I could not process this order. Assume no Dragon Ruins were found.

    - 60k Regals paid to eradicate Void presence in Solleria. The massive investment not only eradicate the sticky Void Cults, but puts so much infrastructure in place to prevent them from returning, unless some paying actor were to do so.

    - 4K troops are stationed to defend local villages. This causes numerous fights to break out between Url and the Standing Army, increasing agitation among the Url.
    - The law on criminal forgiveness is altered to demand military service from the criminals who choose to Symbiosis.
    - The law on hostile symbiosis legalization is completely removed, to the chagrin of the Url.
    - 25K is spent on searching for notable Url who advocate together with the Vultarin missionary for peaceful symbiosis. The Url however disregard much of the peaceful message and defend themselves by saying that "The vast majority of the new Url do not regret the change after Symbiosis, so they should just be allowed to continue". The situation in Carnowayle gets pretty bad as the Url rapidly consume whole villages, bolstering their numbers. The von Drachenburg attack is perceived as a risk on their numbers and their presence, and the local Url start organizing into armies to establish themselves. Most of Carnowayle becomes Url, with the Ailor population rapidly declining into the minority. The Url once again call upon the government of Goretaan to "make the right choice" and let them initiate a civil war with the Highland Ceardians which they are confident they will win. They also encourage the government to convert the standing army to Url to "increase their efficiency".
    - Hal-der-Hal is given to Harhold, while Macdannogh is received by Goretaan.
    - 10k Regals are spent to search for dumped Shoenn materials, and Goretaan manages to fish out the final trinkets of any worth that could be salvaged, giving them 30k Regals worth of materials.

    - Magic is made legal, much to the chagrin of the local ultra conservatives.
    - 10k are spent on preparing for Void Cultists to make their home in Morvinda and to help the Avalorn Void Cultists to settle. The religious factions in Baldmark come together and essentially massacre the Void Cultists shortly after arrival, citing they don't want heathens in their lands.
    - 30k Regals is accepted from Alvania, giving them economic autonomy from Slumberwood.
    - Full religious freedom is granted, though this is a hollow grant, given that religion is already legal. (The lore change was retroactively enforced in history, not a sudden decree).
    - The Coven of the Woven Thorn moves from Hexenblood's lands into Slumberwood's lands where they start feasting on the locals, causing terror.

    - Magic is made illegal, much to the joy of the religious factions.
    - 10k Regals are sent to the state to settle tax debts.
    - All exports of wine, incense and spice are blocked to House Black, which has no effect.
    - 8 Latimer ships, 4 Reinard ships, 2 Ariramorel ships, +1 Latimer's personal ship, +1 Zzolessi's personal ship, +1 Anne Claire's personal ship (17 in total) continue to blockade Kintyr, under Abelhard (25 Admiral)
    - 2K troops in Kintyr are sent home with 10k to investigate the conterfeit goods and confiscate them. The locals get confused since the goods are already confiscated and part of state property, so they just haul the goods out of the warehouse on carts and then once outside proclaim "Malakas!" and "confiscate" the goods back into the warehouse.
    - 500 Regals are sent to Anne Claire.

    - I couldn't understand House Viduggla's order. House Viduggla is currently paying 30% taxes, they can't acknowledge a tax lower than what they are obliged to pay.
    - Donate 10k troops to the State from the Manpower pool.
    - Magic is declared legal in all Northern provinces, but illegal in all Vladno provinces.
    - Pays 35k Regals on the Reinard fortification engineer to build a fortified Palace in Norrlan, which satisfied both the palace oriented nobility and the military.
    - The parish expansion request of the Vladno is declined. The Vladno are obviously unhappy, and even decline the 10k gift as "paltry" and "worthless".
    - 5k Troops will attempt to sail to Ustyeurt to reinforce their army under no General (You cannot put someone without General Tactics Skill as a leader of an army, it will result in negative rolls).
    - Viduggla's 5K under Ardige Viduggla moves to besiege the capital of Ustyeurt
    - 3 Ships under Fritjof Ulfrson, Vedrfolnir Fristvik and Falelijn de Pierre uphold a blockade on the landing.

    - Pay 5k Regals to Novellia Reinard.
    - Pay 5k Regals to Aneair of Basta.
    - Pau 1k to the Regalian Almshouse.

    - Julius Peirgarten, Exuro Weismann and Oscar Theodard attempt to land on Contyr with a civilian vessel while House Black attacks the Ariramorel fleet.
    - The Clergy do not accept the involvement of Aelfric Harhold, but on the second offer, accept just paying the 20K Regals for the government offices.
    - 10K Regals are paid to Hexenblood.

    - 5K Troops of the Hexenblood standing army are given to Vicieux.
    - 50K Regals are spent with ther assistance of Vaell'ae and Khayri, a magical Academy is built in the capital of Adridia, building the prettiest and largest magical academy on account of having hired actual architects to do so. All Magic forms are permitted, but with certain restrictions on Darkness and Chaos.
    - Hexenblood sets their Crown Tax to 10%.
    - An investigation is launched into the Latimer Merchant who bequeathed his wealth to the Latimer State. Nothing is discovered however, meaning it was all on the books, fine and legal.

    - 34K combined forces under Emmeline Latimer are ordered to attack Harhold's forces.
    - 10k Regals are spent to propagandize the miracle of Servon to sow unrest against Harhold. The news is slow to spread, and without actual visual evidence, most of the regions remain unaffected by this propoganda drive.
    - 4k Regals paid to Kreiburg.
    - Magic is banned by Ariramorel, but in a similar issue with Huron, the locals cannot tell apart the difference between Primal and Planar (as this theory is even just theory among those who could tell the difference) and so everyone is just snapped with the same twig.

    - 50K Paid out to the State.
    - 15 Ships are sent up to Kintyr to attack the Ariramorel blockade. Edrick Black (15 Admiral) leads the fleet.
    - 5 Ships are put under Kreiburg's command
    - Riots break out by both pro and anti magic leagues of rioters who demand that House Black makes a stance on Magic banning.

    - The Vlissinghelm army is split in equal parts, one led by Cinna Eledhwen, and the other by Deo dei Termini. They both attack the 30K Harhold army from two different sides. Aeawyn Syllbess's Permission doc is not registered as a roll booster for progressions.
    - Reinard Kintyr force continues to besiege Valtyr with Vulmar.
    - 4K Regals paid to Vulmar.
    - Riots break out in Reinard by both pro and anti magic leagues who demand that House Reinard takes a stance on pro or anti Magic.

    Finance Minister
    - Give Viduggla a 15k Regals loan.
    - 15K Regals spent on searching for trade deals. Nothing is found. There is a trade meltdown.
    - After the Black blockade disappeared, the economy recovered by 10%.

    - 3 ships lended to Kreiburg.

    - 2K troops from Kintyr move to Veerle to besiege the city, 8K total led by Leon Claudio (20 General).
    - Harric van der Veer and his 1K retinue are sent on a patrol through the Veer to announce the liberation of the Veer from Harhold. Nobody listens however, since this show of force is pitiful.
    - All reinard ships led by no Admiral +1 ship from Athalon Elfessi join up to attack Viduggla's fleet to replace the blockade.
    - If the Blockade succeeds, Anika Kreiburg retreats with 1,000 troops to Ryazigrad.

    - Recall 10K troops and ships from Harhold service.
    - Send 2k Regals to Gallovian Court.
    - The Elves continue to riot, outraged by the lack of a proper response beyond "Wait".
    - House Typhonus bans Magic.
    - Information regarding Cadar is released with the Dread Dragon being blamed. This causes outrage against the Typhonuses in Anglia, particularly mad because Cadar died due to the "weakness of man", not the greater politics of Dragons that they could not dare to understand.

    - Magic is outlawed in Vlissinghelm. Nym'vrae's name is whitewashed through propaganda to make the people believe she's a Unionist blessed Ailor peasant. Her name quickly spreads among the local population as "Nimme Vrij", a name that roughly translates to "the virtuous mistress of freedom", becoming a rallying cry among the Harhold revanchists who want to retake their lands.
    - Hengest retreats to the capital with his 30K but is caught by the Reinard army.
    - Wolvard od Albion takes charge of the fleet of 14 ships (25 Admiral) and attacks the Kintyr blockade.

    All military orders passed to Billy. Should be processed by Tuesday latest.

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