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    Golden Triumvirate
    - Legalize Magic
    - Purchase 1 ship for 10k
    - An astronomer predicts a catastrophy to strike Golden Triumvirate lands. His predictions however are largely ignored because astronomy is not considered a valid science in Regalia.
    - Another astronomer predicts a glorious event to strike Golden Triumvirate lands. Same response as above (legit got two opposing random flashpoints in the dice rolls).

    - 20k to propogandize against the Golden Triumvirate. Propoganda is not as effective, Triumvirate has been encouraging Void worship in the region for quite a while, however the Bragacao people become uncomfortable with the advertisement of Vampire acceptance among the ruling classes of the islands.
    - 10 Ships set to blockade the Shoenn river preventing "any ships from passing this area", meaning including the mouth of the Shoenn River, the central artery of Empire wide trade. The Shoenn River trade crisis initiates, dozens of trade companies are met with a blockade, and having to opt for timetables that are really tight, end up dumping crates upon crates of goods into the Shoenn River, while others moor in Narlas and bulk-sell their wares at a micro-cost just to reduce the loss of profits. Trade houses across the Archipelago suffer a sudden interruption of their sceduled shipments, and have to cut losses across the board. The real sudden and unannounced shock to the Shoenn river's trade passage extends beyond the Empire as well, where various trade networks have to cut losses and not import as much Regalian goods back, as these trade vessels can no longer reach pack isle, the only location where foreigners can legally buy goods from the State. This again knocks down the State's budgets for goods sales, who reduce sale on Archipelago goods, which also start stockpiling or spoiling. All in all, the economy of the Archipelago's trade network suffers, dropping all tax based incomes by 50% and causing a recession due to the huge trade capital that is lost.
    - A comet is sighted flying over Dragenthal lands. The people are happy it doesn't crash in Dragenthal.
    - A race riot occurs in Dragenthal following the Trade Crisis, with Dwarven tradesmen particularly harsly hit by the effects of the recession, rioting against Ailor businesses.

    von Duerr
    - Magic is outlawed
    - A noble is assassinated in von Duerr lands, leading to an increase of conern among the Nobility again over the fact that von Duerr has not yet established additional security for the aristocracy and is allowing this to continue.
    - A Merchant expedition of a shrewd merchant is successful, abusing the current Trade Crisis to hand von Duerr 20,000 Regals in sharploanining revenue.

    - Attacks Ustyeurt with 5k private army +2k retinues under Ardige Viduggla (20 Gen), escorted by 3 Prof warships with Galelijn de Pierre as Admiral (25 adm). The fleet engages with 1 Kreiburg ship without an Admiral. The Kreiburg vessel is forced to retreat under a far superior enemy fleet, and Viduggla's army invades Ustyeurt. The army faces 2,000 Kreiburg soldiers without General.
    - Hosue Viduggla makes a hollow proclamation of Kreiburg being the aggressor, however Kreiburg due to sovereign territories would have been permitted to prevent a foreign military force from landing with hostile intent, so the proclamation is met with bluster and House Viduggla is now the aggressor in a military conflict against Kreiburg, whose Feudal Council mobilizes a minimal force as the Genevaud don't care much for the far away split off land.
    - Attempts to convince the locals to abandon Kreiburg are ignored, as this foreign non-religion compatible non-culture compatible invader is the aggressor and Kreiburg did nothing wrong.
    - The peasants in the Vladno lands are asking for expanded parishes for the Etosian church in the traditionally Old Gods Zastorzy lands, petitioning Viduggla to give them more land in the north.
    - The local nobles are becoming restless at the lack of grandeur in the far north. They petition Viduggla to build a grand northern Velheim palace in Norrland to establish a court culture, being tired of being ruled by a barbarian living out of tents and lodges.

    -10k spent on magic research. No details are discovered, many of the Mages still choose to keep their identities a secret, and whatever little information is discovered points out that it's extremely varied, entirely random even.
    - Another Dance Macabre occurs, creating the Coven of the Woven Thorn that establishes itself in Matanarca.
    - A non enforcement of ordinances among the local Sancellist parishes causes a rush of Vultarin missionaries to pop up in Hexenblood lands. They are not actually converting anyone yet, but request that the leaders of the land officially support Vultarin conversion in line with the pro-Magic Vultaro for "greater Supremoclast influence in the southern region to homogenise Spiritual beliefs".

    Leufred du Trieg
    - Hollow "We wanna do research" orders are largely ignored. Players are encouraged to have specific topics to broach, as there are hundreds of Dragon sites in Anglia, many of them not even known to the locals or hidden, and a blanket order is too much of a carte blanche to be processed.

    House Sorenvik
    - A law is passed to make log cutting illegal in deforested areas.
    - A sale of offices results in 20,000 Regals for House Sorenvik as pointless offices are handed out to those willing to pay for them.
    - The Bourgeoisie in the Upplanda region request to be excempt from Velheim Rakr legislation, to maintain their own Unionist courts that enforces Unionist State Law on them, instead of Old Gods Velheim law.

    - Julius Peirgarten joins Harhold as General.
    - Julius Peirgarten's 2k diplomacy mission to Vultaro is kindly told to scram, and that Vultaro will not negotiate with autonomous region of Peirgarten property, and that above that he isn't interested in giving back the land as it was rightfully part of the Vultar Kingdom that precedes the Duchy before the Empire was founded.
    - Financial Investment is not possible. Read the rules.
    - A group fo clergy offer to buy local offices for 20,000 Regals. If the offer is accepted, this does risk giving the clergy a lot of power on the Feudal Council and a potential change in state politics.
    - Several anti-Delmotte dissidents flee from Irvelle to Vicieux, asking for asylum and safety in Vicieux lands to continue their subterfuge against what they see as Delmotte oppression.

    - 2k Kreiburg troops sent to Valtyr.
    - 2k remain in Coltyr.
    - 14k +20k Latimer (34 total) attack Harhold army under Emmeline Latimer (15 Gen).
    - Ariramorel ships blockade Kintyr.
    - 8k regals to Delmotteg
    - 4k regals to Kreibur
    - A miracle is witnessed in the small town of Servon, Alstyr, of an angel-lady offering a weapon of shining silver to one of the Ariramorel soldiers. The weapon in the possession of the Ariramorel Army greatly boosts their morale.
    - A heretical Baron in Contyr professes his conversion to the Divinarian Unionism, proclaiming the need to purge and burn all the heretical non-Ailor, and he starts looking for any non-Ailor he can find to put on a pyre.

    - Delmotte fleet returns to Basta.
    - Delmotte sends 30k to fund a new magical academy in Basta. Though there is a lack of magical law in Basta currently, legislators assume that because the ruler has started building a Magical Academy that Magic is Legal in these lands unless proven otherwise.
    - 20k spent to explore a cave in which the professions were found a few weeks back, however nothing else is found. The cave was likely used as storage in an emergency, and whoever left them there did not want to be identified, and probably could not retrieve them due to an unfortunate end.
    - The Toulonne continue to hammer a request for legal excemption from Delmotte state law, the right to veto laws adopted by the wider realm in case they are repugnant to Toulonne ideals. This time they seem more agitated.
    - Foreign trade competition in the Shoenn Crisis particularly hits Delmotte hard, suffering another 10% income loss as trade companies fold from the cut-throat foreign competition in a market that is rapidly shrinking due to the Black blockade.

    - Spends 40k on eradicating the Werebeasts and Covens in in the Baldmark deep wald. While this was originally intended as a show of force, it ends up being a massive slog and kicking a hornets nest of hit-and-run tactics in the forest. The domestic standing army is insufficient at handling the situation, and the money is essentially squandered as no effect is achieved.
    - A drill instructor offers his services to anyone willing to pay 20,000 Regals. He is not particularly loyal to Slumberwood, and will accept any offer of service to the first coming customer.
    - The local baronets in Alvania offer Slumberwood an export licence agreement. This agreement would net Slumberwood 30,000 Regals, but would give Alvania considerable export licenses that it could use to seize economic independence from Slumberwood if the situation was right.

    - 8 Ships to blockade Kintyr with abelhard as Admiral (25 Adm)
    - 12k Regals to Delmotte
    - Magic is legalized, much to the severe chagrin of the Etosian church which lodges numerous borderline harassment complaints to the Latimer family demanding a reversal.
    - I don't like "Tell me what to do" orders so I'm going to stop processing for everyone from here-on out. It's a game about being politically clever with the information provided, not asking DM's the right steps to win.
    - 500 Regals paid to Anne-Claire.
    - As a result of the Shoenn Crisis, smugglers start running rampant on Etolia, bringing in illegal goods to the Empire. This nets Latimer 50,000 Regals, but it's very obvious and provable on paper that Latimer subjects are now swimming in cheap foreign and highly illegal merchandise that circumvented state taxation, committing tax fraud crimes to the State.
    - A powerful merchant dies, leaving Latimer 15,000 Regals in his will.

    - Pay 40k to keep the Typhonus research a secret. The Typhoni party arrives and makes the necessary [Redacted] discovery in the Cathedral of Praag, delving deeper into [Redacted] where they find [Redacted], revealing that Cadar [Redacted] by [Redacted]. This information could [Redacted], and is independently received by both Drachenburg and Typhonus.
    - Due to the close proximity to the Shoenn, several industrious invididuals end up salvaging much of the overboard tossed minerals that coat the Shoenn river's relatively shallow riverbed. The sudden influx of minerals produces an industrial boom in Drachenburg lands, where the Belliard Guild immediately latches onto R&D with the Treppeweitz military researchers that von Drachenburg failed to pay several months back for their research. The Belliard Guild eventually produces several experimental weapons called "Muskete", named after the darkwald bird the sparrowhawk. This weapon shows some promise for mass-deployment, allowing a small metal projectile to be shot in a straight line at a target. While inaccurate, the weapon produces a lot of smoke, and certainly causes fear even in those testing the weapons with their loud noises (and current fail-rate at mis-fires and breaking).
    - A storm of Heronic Iconoclasm occurs in Drachenwald lands, particularly aimed at the more modern Herons ratified by the Etosian Church. Mobs attack a variety of churches and smash statues of Etosian styled herons, including Vlaas Kade. The clergy is outraged at the vandalism in their churches, and even some priests are attacked that try to protect the statues. The anger seems largely caused by sectarian differences, and the fact that no Etosians are present in Drachenwald lands to protect the statues.

    - I ignore "you decide what to pay for this" Orders.
    - Amends the law to disallow Url to symbiosis on those who wish to die of old age. The Url population continues to increase. Url forces stage a hostile take-over in various villages where they are in the majority, and clashes break out between Url and non-Url over forced Symbiosis on the locals. The Url petition the Throng to remain passive and do nothing and "let them to do the work", while the Highland Ceardians call out to anyone willing to aid them to preserve their Ailorhood.
    - A skilled privateer admiral has been captured, imprisoned in Goretaan lands.
    - Supremoclast influence rises in the Highland Ceardian realm that was always traditionally Sancellian. Vultarin missionaries pop up, particularly of the Horopadosi Cult, which is obviously quickly accepted by the Url population.

    - Pay 50k into building a Magical Academy in the capital of Avalorn's lands.
    - Subsects of Void Cults start growing in Avalorn lands, probably from osmosis generated by Golden Triumvirate's nearbyness.
    - A Fortification engineer is available in Avalorn's lands, offering his one time service for 30,000 Regals at least. He has no loyalty to Avalorn, and will take any first takers.

    - 4k placed under Vulmar command.
    - Reinard merges the 40k+15k into a 55k force under Deo dei Termini (20 Gen) and marches it forward to attack Harhold's 30k under lead from Reimar Typhonus(25 Gen), without Arnyn or Nymvrae this time.
    - 15k Regals to Delmotte
    - Reinard's wife is now legally recognized as his perpetual regent in absence.
    - An astronomer predicts catastrophy following the meteor flying over Dragenthal, proclaiming the clickers have returned, causing concern and panic in Baarlowe.
    - A Fortification engineer is available in Avalorn's lands, offering his one time service for 30,000 Regals at least. He has no loyalty to Reinard, and will take any first takers.

    House Typhonus
    - 20k Regals sent to Drachenburg
    - 10k troops and 5 ships borrowed to Harhold.
    - A new flagship is launched in Typhonus lands, resulting in a free ship, with 3 weeks of cost covered by enthusiasts (3,000 Regals).
    - A race riot occurs in Typhonus lands, particularly by the few Elves in their lands. The Elves demand more presence in government and more acknowledgement for their participation in the Calemberg state, claiming (against accepted belief) that it was not the Imperial Dragon that built Hadrian's Mountains, but the Elves.

    House Kreiburg
    - False orders are pressed to the Kreiburg standing army, somehow smuggled into the Genevaud Cantons, and passed to the Kreiburg military. The orders contained specific instructions to start raiding Peirgarten lands, Lavoyare to be precise, to provoke a military conflict. Whoever sent the false orders however, forgot to double check the location of the Kreiburg standing army. This subterfuge would have panned out perfectly, had it not been for Kreiburg's army currently being deployed in Kintyr, the Veer and Ustyeurt, thus leaving no soldiers behind in Genevaud to fulfill the orders to raid Lavoyare. Whoever spent money on the subterfuge is probably pulling their hairs out that they wasted money due to such a miniscule oversight.
    - 6k in Veer consolate into one army. Leon Claudio is removed from retinue, as another one of his characters is already active in Reinard service. They start the siege of Veerle.
    - The 2k in Ustyeurt attempts to retreat but is unable to due to the arrival of Viduggla ships, and Sorenvik specifically prevents Krieburg retreat through their lands.
    - Kreiburg ships continue to blockade the south of Anglia under Reinard command.
    - Sweating sickness rears its ugly head in Langthal, spreading among the population if left unchecked.

    - attempts a blockade breakout with his fleet to escort the army away from Kintyr. 10 Latimer led ships with admiral Latimer (25 Adm) versus 14 Harhold ships without Admiral. Before the troops can board the fleet (if they defeat the Latimer blockade) they have to face off against Ariramorel's army. If the fleet succeeds, Reinard's order has an order to "flee if a superior fleet is seen", meaning if Harhold fleet has more than 10 ships, Reinard ships will flee, and Harhold's army (30k) lands in Vlissinghelm, but does not participate in the battle.
    - The military becomes bitterly divided due to Harhold's use of Magic. They cannot deny that without Magic, the first battle would have been lost, but many are still fanatic, believing Magic to be evil, and that using evil to fight Reinard is an unacceptable compromise to the soul. The general cabinet asks Harhold to take a stance on Magic, whether to legalize it in Vlissinghelm, or whether to outlaw it completely.
    - Local Aldermen elections in Hal-der-Hal (Goretaan owned) present a unique opportunity due to a pro-Harhold Benefactor to have harhold pay 10,000 Regals to influence the elections. If Harhold accepts, Hal-der-Hal will become disloyal to Goretaan, and should Harhold acquire the province through any way, it will default to High loyalty for him. This offer is only open to Harhold.

    - Orders too late again. I let it slip this time because DM's were slow with their processing, but this is the last mercy to overstepping the deadline.
    - 4k Reinard troops join under Vulmar's command. This force is now 6,000 troops (No General)Don't try to game the system, it comes across as really snarky in your orders)).
    - Vulmar's 6k cross to Valtyr where they are "liberating townships for Reinard", which causes a modicum of confusion? The land is owned by Ariramorel, not Reinard. Eventually the force arrives at the city of Valtyr, where Kreiburg is already besieging the capital. Vulmar's troops join the siege, and nothing much else happens.

    - A resource value soar in Peirgarten Fruit causes Peirgarten to suffer 10% less income loss from the Trade Crisis.
    - A tea party dumping occurs against Avalorn teas, particularly to punish Avalorn for accepting to Altalar traitors from Peirgarten lands. The incurred financial losses for Avalorn amount to 15,000 Regals.

    - Exceptional tax returns occur due to the Polorcs not being affected by the trade crisis. Lok-Guthrain is 100% not affected by the Trade Crisis due to the self-sufficiency of the Orcen population, their willingness to share with the Ailor, and the fact that the Orcs in the Polorcs save for the Orkon have no ownership and property rights anyway.
    - A tea party dumping occurs of both Peirgarten and Avalorn teas. Not many people drink tea in these lands however, so both only end up losing 5,000 Regals.

    - Local Aldermen elections in Aksfort (Reinard owned) present a unique opportunity due to a pro-Huron Benefactor to have Huron pay 10,000 Regals to influence the elections. If Huron accepts, Hal-der-Hal will become disloyal to Reianrd, and should Huron acquire the province through any way, it will default to High loyalty for him. This offer is only open to Huron.
    - Supremoclast influence is on the rise in Huron lands, particularly with the pro-Dragon heritage stance of the rulers. Vultarin missionaries request support from the Huron rulers to start spreading Vultdragon Unionism among the locals with their official support.

    Mage Status. Get your Magic Laws up. Or face the consequences.
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