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    How is Character inactivity declared?
    • Server logs are filtered with an algorithm which returns a so called "Activity Lines". this number is compared to an "Activity minimum" (say 500). Anyone under 500 is discounted as inactive, anyone over is permitted on orders. 500 lines is considered roughly equal to 3-6 hrs of rp in the past 5 weeks. The algorithm counts past activity in 5 weeks. In comparison, most nobles have activity ranging from 2000 to 4000, whith extremes up to 7000 and up to 15000. 500 has been considered areasonable medium, and most inactive tagged people on this post have 100-300 lines. A character that on average shows up half an hour to an hour every 5 weeks, does not get to pad dice numbers for stuff that affects people with more activity on a daily basis. This is fair. The nobles voted overwhelmingly for it last time the policy was considered. We will now be punishing families for adding inactive members to their retinues by reducing their dice odds negatively for assigning retinues that don't show up.
    Other Notes
    • Only a clean process this week. Last week and coming week will be hectic, especially because of the loss of 1 week of data that still isn't put in. To speed up the process, a simple process this time, with combat data delegated to a later day during the week by Billy. This is not a standard, just a compromise to keep the orders going in a timely fashion while the data catches up.

    od Albion
    • od Albion saves the military philosopher, losing support from the religious class in the process.
    • Amorak Oakenforge (10 General) is the new general of the Valtyr Siege.
    • Tyrael initiates the siege of Almoral Capital with Military philosopher in tow.
    • 12k under Aldebrand Ludendorf (25 General Drahl, Discounted, INACTIVE DISCOUNTED) attack Reinard held Ara (Army without General). (will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • 5 Vulmar, Alaric and Coen continue to guard the coastal regions of Coltyr, Vulmar is paid 2k, Alaric and Coen 1k.(will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • 6 Wolvard od Albion (Admiral 25) continue the blockade, with +6 Black ships (if arrive, pay 20k to Black). (will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • Viduggla give Black 6k
    • Viduggla buy 10k worth of Lampero Coal, buying half the stockpile.
    • 10k to pay for url to go to clannadh alba. They leave, with aid of the Goretaan Throng.
    • pay 15k plus military to attack novolgar corruption. Corruption is ended, but the Vladno are upset that this Velheimer has come to impose his ways in lands that are "ruled by our ways". What is deemed corruption to the Velheim isn't exactly corruption to the Vladno (their rulers anyway).
    von Drachenburg
    • 20k to invite Hinterlande to join Drachenburg. Hinterlande declines, on account of still being loyal to Peirgarten, making the investment evaporate as long as Peirgarten is still conservative.
    • 10k to pay Drachenwald church to cut down minor portions of forest in magde. This satisfies the locals and the conservationists.
    • Eject url Tourists with 1k troops under Erwin Braunschweiger. Since von Duerr is throwing them a party, they gladly leave.
    • 10k to produce incindiaries, which fails horribly, reminding Latimer of the previous failed attempts to produce ((greek)) fire on warships, and how this would likely always fail.
    • Abelhard Latimer (10 ships + Molly Lykke ship, + Athalon Desryl ship, + Abelhard ship (13 total)) move to Valtyr to transport troops 10k and ariramorel to Valtyr avoiding specifically the entire blockade but only just enough to smash through the blockade (no general), Cephalia does not show up to help. (will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • 6k troops under Emmeline Latimer to Westbroek to attack Harhold lands and loot (will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • 2k more troops to religious ordinances
    • comply to state tax
    • pass legislation to make wearbeastism and vampirism a second offence execution
    • Hengest Harhold return to Vlissinghelm and take up defensive position with 24k 2 miles away from the capital, leaving it empty and without defenses. Orders for food processing are ignored since no payment is made for them.
    • 10k on rumors to kintyr lands to blame Reinard of preferring vampires. Rumors are ineffective since od Albion just invaded them, and the locals are far too busy defending themselves (further orders continue to invalidate propaganda attempts).
    • 60k regals to Delmotte.
    • 30k to measure the military competency of Killarallis. Investigators return information that they have "At least 100,000 active bodied militia, and that invading Killarallis, a nation with high separatism and revolt risk, is generally ill-advised unless Delmotte wants to deal with 1000 years of rebellions".
    • 10k to give the Toulonnese a response, allowing them their right as long as they are constructive about it. They don't want to be constructive, so they get mad that the ruler won't give them what they want off the bat.
    • 15 warships under Reghinald Typhonus to aid the Kintyr Blockade Keval specifically, also delineating that the blockade will only attack military ships, not civilian ships.
    Renee Delmotte
    • Give all Court stipend back to House Delmotte

    • 2 ships borrowed to od Albion
    • 10k to Silmark to distribute money back for pirate attacks. Merchants take the money, but they remain petulant.

    von Duerr
    • 20k spending on calderliga Marktag celebration inviting the wandering Url to peddle game stuff. Url now start roving in von Duerr lands. Calderliga are less bothered by their presence than the von Drachenburg locals.
    • 20k on buying lampero coal (only 10K) 10k returned to treasury, since coal ran out.
    • 2 invite lorhauser altalar to join Avalorn which they do. All Lorhauser business move to Avalorn, providing a temporary boost in income.
    • pay 30k for painting piece of the sol from the lok guthrain painter (after lok Guthrain buys him a nice dinner (is this a date??)). He starts painting.
    • 20k to buy off gem boomers. They are bought off and shut up.
    • Ascertain safety of western part of Teled Methen. They just don't know.
    Golden Triumvirate
    • pay 30% tax
    • pay 5k to state
    • permit pro-magic curates to preach.
    • pay 10k for luna sangre to move to golden triumvirate. Vampires don't mind where their home is, and love the local spicy blood.
    • Pay 10k to clergy for non Ailor conversion, which doesn't really do anything.
    • pay 10k to embargo Kreiburg lands, gutting Kreiburg's profit from Black lands and giving them an equal loss of income. Unlike what Trump wants you to believe, in a tariff war, everyone loses.
    Finance minister
    • Send 10k to Typhonus
    • Send 20k to Isodoro Playero
    • pay 1k to move the url after a few touristic trips. They move, because Viduggla already came to retrieve them.
    • more military practice. Doesn't really do much.
    • both ships to Latimer fleet, avoiding Delmotte fleet specifically (they know about the delmotte blockade) (will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • 10k troops under Sylvia Reinard (20 general tactics) to lift the siege of Valtyr (will be processed by Billy at a later stage)
    • Comply to state tax
    Isidoro Playero
    • Ibrahim Batunoglu INACTIVE
    • Sylveia Maevirr INACTIVE
    • Caeda T'leuryn INACTIVE
    • Xabi Playero INACTIVE
    • Natalia Ombre INACTIVE
    • Arrive in Zemlith and declare sovereignty under house Playero, which is declared an autonomous region under House Kreiburg. The locals are outraged, as Zemlith is still an independent Kingdom, and the forts leased to the Regalian Empire were under the federal arrangement. In the process of annexing land of a federal entity of the federation of the Regalian Empire, House Playero and Kreiburg have declared war on a fellow brother-nation in the Empire's umbrella structure. The locals gather up troops and attack the Playero led Kreiburg army of 2,000 troops, which is pushed back, notably as reinforcements from Yervonth are called also, despite the locals being starved of food. 3 guys that were engaged in fishing managed to gather exactly 14 fish on their way from Regalia to Zemlith, so 14 fish are rationed for 2000 people + Playero retinues. The party is forced to retreat to the forts previously held by the Regalian Imperial Navy, which is now their capital. This incurs the weekly upkeep cost of Zemlith (which was disabled during the last Mist Crisis) of 50,000 Regals per week on House Playero. There is a scuffle where William Arnyn protests with his morals about attacking starved poor people for their land like the paragon of moral virtue that he is, proclaiming all of this evil and unjust. Isodoro Player luckily put veto orders in place for Anika Kreiburg, who summarily ejects William Arnyn from the task force, and sends him on a ship back to Regalia. House Playero pays 10% Crown Tax (which due to 0 income defaults to 0), and makes 0 tax income (due to the fact that the only inhabitants of Playero owned territory are currently Kreiburg troops and the 10 odd people they brought along). Kingdom of Mull V2 is quickly denounced by the Imperial Court, which after communicating with the Chancellor (the Chancellor indicated he has no part in this, and that Playero acted on his own accord in defiance, or wild misinterpretation of the Chancellor's orders) declares the entire adventure treasonous for attacking a nation under the sovereign protection of the Emperor, while also in violation of a land-lease treaty between the State and the Zemlith Kingdom regarding the coastal forts. Kreiburg is declared responsible for Playero also as Ward, so the whole party (minus Arnyn who was ejected on a little boat back to Regalia, and the declared inactive participants above who were not calculated into the system) are declare traitors "to be imprisoned until further notice by the Chancellor". Issue warrants against:
    • - The Entire house Kreiburg - The Entire house Playero - Sandro Drakoz - Ingrid Lagerkvist - Galelijn de Pierre - Osira Lae'rinsyr - Azrhael Gomorrha - Gerralt Gem - Jack Velcantine - Darian Ralokan
    • The Chancellor has full prerogative to investigate and judge these individuals. The Emperor wishes not to be involved, but will accept if the Chancellor concludes many of the parties wanted were in fact ignorant and innocent to the actions taken by their superiors.
    • Give 1 ship & 5k to Golden triumvirate for helping with the plague.
    • 2 Legalize magic, socery and aberrancy excluding vampirism and werebeastism, still illegal to harm others with magic, equating magic crimes with sword inflicted crimes.
    • 20k on mage party. Lots of people invited. Abigail Tucker, Fyndela, Denzel Waydwood, Aesling Sylfina, Mercirio, especially Abigail Tucker throws down some mad dancefloor moves. Mages are happy. Tons of Mages from other lands are moving into Hexenblood owned territories to make a life in the south away from the repressive regimes and the ambiguous realms. This calls upon other nations and families to dictate their stances, whether to ban magic, to allow it, or whether to remain ambiguous about it. Because Mages live everywhere, and you never know when they might become a problem, or become a benefit.
    • Pay 10k for propoganda to end anti pacifism. Has no effect. Locals are like. Yo we just got rid of Amelina for being a fascist, why should we then remove our culture under you.
    • Julius wants de-pacification with his speech. It's equally ineffective.
    1. Pro Typhonus anti Slumberwood propaganda in Silmark 10k. 4 Provinces that were loyal to the Songaskian wife of Slumberwood whom he recently divorced are displeased with the divorce, and now doubly more so with Typhonus propaganda. Alvania, Morelle, Boss-sarve and Bulvakia become disloyal subjects of Slumberwood.
    2. 20k to continue investigation to Cadar. More hints point to Huron owned Dragon temples, more and more indicators urging that the Hintercallem Kingdom never existed, and that the battle that killed Cadar never took place, and that a lot of regional history is based on a farce. To discover more, the party will have to travel to Huron owned Temples in Anglia, which are specifically blockaded by Huron soldiers from entry. Historians become uncomfortable. Warn that there is still enough time to make this all go away with a public statement that it was all a mistake made by Tommen Howlester in translating Alt-Regalian dialects, and that this needn't be looked into further.
    3. Ithania diplomacy mission 10k to ask for tax for trade. Ithanians gently remind Regalians that they are already part of the Regalian internal market system and that a free trade agreement with the Empire is not theirs to grant since it would be in violation of the trade laws of the Empire. The diplomatic mission fails.
    Goretaan Throng
    • 1 pay 5k to Viduggla
    • Remove the recent draft with a minimum 2 year guard draft which does very little.
    • give the court painter a nice dinner and then send him off to Sol Avalorn (the one that got away)
    • 2k troops to Ceardia under Playero
    • Pay 5k to Playero
    • All magic usage is banned in Genevaud. But the celebrations lack finances to complete.
    • 5 Kreiburg warships start raiding the Harhold coastline. Blockade doesn't do much however since most trade is already waning, but some coastal ports are shelled, causing the locals to be upset.
    • Peirgarten army to 32k and scuttle 1 ship.
    • local churches take authority over bonfires of vanity, starting the burning of further pro-non-Ailor documentations. Conservativism++
    • Word sent to the Genevaud government to remove tarrifs, but since Kreiburg controls all that land, the governments just sort of go "lolwhut" and refer Amelina to Theopold Kreiburg.
    • Ithania is reminded by the Typhonus mission that they have Peirgarten to thank for the full legalization of their regicide, so Ithania pays Peirgarten a gift sum of 30k Regals.
    • 15k under Augustin Reinard defend Baarlowe, but in lack of attack, attack Keelburg
    • Sends a letter to Harhold Bannermen. Harhold Bannermen kindly tell Reinard to go fuck himself, and to give back their land (much of the land owned by Reinard was once theirs).
    • 40k under Deo dei Termini +1k Termini regiment to Vlissinghelm. Parks in a siege camp outside of Vlissinghelm, in sight of the 20k Harhold troops+Harhold.
    • Reinard fleet top Vlissinghelm to Blockade. After Kreiburg raided the coast, there isn't much to blockade. Everything burns.
    • Novellia Reinard slips through the blockade as Delmotte ships don't block civilian transports and pleasure yachts, arriving in Keval. While in Keval, she brings news of the attack, and mobilizes the troops. This coincides after the od Albion attack on Ara, while she also unleashes a letter written by od Albion to Cordilaire of Duntot, promising the burning of the Breizh village of Duntot, as well as the tomb of the legendary Breizh hero Gaelfry. The locals are outraged at this betrayal of Breizh culture, and mass mobilize to defend their land against od Albion. Ara province mobilization is denied because it is under siege, but the other two mobilize 100% and gather 4k in Keval. The letter is later verified as authentic by cross referencing od Albion paperwork, establishing its legitimacy through writing.
    • Attempts to help the philosopher in Kintyr escape od Albion lands, but cannot since he's already in od Albion service.
    • Powerful Powerful x 24
    • Winner Winner x 2
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