Noble Progression Story World System Progression 16: The Genevaud Revolution

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    Kuzmich Ustinra
    • Pays Humaira Reinard 600 regals.

    House von Drachenburg
    • The Drachenburg airship hovers over the area Fergfeld airspace in preparation for any possible vampire assaults. What actually occurs is Drachenburg banners appear across all the major city walls (See Kreiburg Orders)
    • The secondary airship is sent to the Bulgern Province specifically to aid with the siege of the appropriately named capital to assist with the Drachenburg siege. The airship begins laying fire on a vacant area of the battlefield as warning shots in an attempt to strike fear into the defenders, who, surprisingly for some reason, were all in good spirits; dancing, drinking and generally jiving from their battlements. They didn't much care for the airship at all.
    • Once the battlelines were set, the von Drachenburg force set to besieging the capital of Bulgern. Erwin Braunshweiger led his 1,000 man archery regiment to bombard the defenders atop the walls while cavalry provided cover from the grounds against the attackers that stormed through the gates to meet them. 15,000 von Drachenburg troops bombarded the city walls as they set in for a full siege of the area. No high profile targets were taken, for now.

    Digmaan Vyzal
    • Dedicates 10,000 men to the Sendrassian War Effort, with a preference for them to be used by Rodrigo Peirgarten; however the Cabinet itself will have the final say.

    House Cadieux
    • Pays 2,000 regals to Sephekh for the return of Milena’s stolen rings using the name "Carina" to do so, sending along with the funds a bouquet of roses with pink tipped petals, hand painted.

    House Slumberwood
    • 10,000 regals was used to begin restoration of cathedrals within Rumvalia. This only is perceived as a show of repenting with little effect as many of the cathedrals were already in decent condition, unaffected by the riots.
    • 10,000 regals was donated to the clergy, which again, didn’t affect much given the fact that it was perceived as a blatant attempt to bribe the clergy and as such, their opinions remained firmly as they were.
    • The 10,000 man Slumberwood army was sent to break up riots in Rumvalia with direct instruction not to use lethal force but to arrest anyone who attempted to take a soldier's life. This was moderately more successful and half of Rumvalia’s riots ceased after a few major protestors were arrested and the rest of the riots were dispersed.

    Humaira Reinard
    • Pays 250 regals to Henrik Norrvakt to be admitted into the Pit Fighter’s Guild.
    • 10,000 regals was spent looking for Cinnochra offers for usage in Reinard’s forge. Once again, the major offerors made it clear they needed to know exact quantities, for example a daggers worth? A longsword? Broadsword? More specifics were needed but the interest of the woman was noted by other dealers.

    House Latimer
    • Abelhard Latimer has a letter distributed to the Feudal Council stating:

    “Honorable Feudal Council,​

    In advance, I apologize for being unable to show up in Athos for some time, as i've duties to fulfill on the field of battle for the Empire. To those who came to the defense of my name, I will not forget you, and I thank you with sincerity and gratefulness. To those who decided to believe the information which you received, your fears are not unfounded, as I did have a Slizzar in my booth at the assembly. However, the situation being painted for you was undoubtedly, incomplete. In response to these accusations, I inform you all that the Slizzar in question was my Court Mage, who was acting within the terms laid out by the Imperial Decree of the Magi, and that she was within my booth to fill any gaps of knowledge I would be missing in the terms of the arcane. However, because this alone may not satisfy you, I have officially fired Susan Burch, House Latimer's Court Mage. I also implore you to expose the liar who gave you this information, as someone who so willingly sows despair and disarray on the homefront in the midst of a war against void worshippers, must surely be a saboteur of the Empire. I will not fight your choice to demobilize, as that is your right, and not mine, but I will remind you that the army was initially raised to protect against the Poppy's Wall and Covenants of Enlightenment, which reside within Slumberwood lands to our North, which grow less stable by the day.​

    Spirit Protect You, Abelhard Latimer
    Baron of Athos,
    Secretary of the Arcanum,
    Wing-Admiral of The Regalian Navy”​

    While the letter appeared on the face of it to be opportunistic, they did accept this as a last chance saloon gesture and mimicked the merchants demands to House Black by requesting that House Latimer publish a manifesto to be held to.. What's more, they refused mobilisation again as the Wardens were now gone from Slumberwoods lands. Lastly, they refused outright to oust their informants as it appeared that these very same whistleblowers were the ones keeping Latimer in check. Better and more decisive, respectable leadership was desired but calm did settle over the region once more. .​
    • 20,000 regals were invested into advertising and hosting a cultural festival for the Etosian people. A focus was pressed on folklore of notable city states on Etosil, commemorating the Herons of ages past, and large competitions with awards and trophies in the three major sports of the Etosians; Running, Swimming, and Javelin throwing, with Javelin throwing taking the forefront of the games. This had the effect of calming the peasantry for the moment as peace began to resettle across the lands but with all eyes on Latimer all the while to see what his next move will be.
    • [[Im not taking Aelfric Harhold letters without the letter actually being attached]]
    • House Latimer releases a denouncement of House Slumberwood, accusing them of being “homicidal, unholy tyrants” and offers refuge to the clergy within his lands should they wish to escape Damon. 15,000 regals was invested in this endeavor with very little pay off, as most fancied their chances with Damon rather than Latimer, as Latimer seemed like an equally as poor option given the recent denouncements within his own lands.
    Rowena Kade
    • 7,000 regals paid to Julius Peirgarten Vicieux.
    • 4,000 regals paid to Lucallian Valrel.
    • 1,000 regals paid to Haeddi Harhold.

    House Sorenvik
    • Sets State Tax to 30%.
    • Spends 85,000 regals (5,000 from the Northern Development Fund) to begin construction on a large slave trading hub with a market, docklands and a large holding area for breaking slaves in. Settling began immediately and the foundations were set for what would appear to be the North's only slave trading market as traditionally, most households kept their slaves and treated them well, or sold them off privately with no established market. Opinions began to grow from all of Sorenvik’s factions about this endeavor. The Velheim were mixed on this new hub; opting to want to stick to the older traditions rather than fill Southern slave traders pockets, of which would undoubtedly take advantage of this. The Vladno, needless to say were quite happy about it and expected to see more wealth line their pockets. By the end of construction, it was expected that the investment would see a significant townland develop and perhaps a boon to come along with it. Time would tell.
    • 5,000 Sorenvik troops and the Sorenvik fleet are set to protect the construction and defend the delivery of the first few shipments of slaves.

    House Black
    • House Black lowers its crown tax to 0%.
    • House Black confirms to the merchants of her lands that their manifesto had been published. This placated the merchants entirely and the riots ceased with the note that she will be expected to abide by her manifesto for the foreseeable future.
    • 10,000 regals were invested to improve trade routes to San Girobalda which has practically no effect aside from giving their transport ships better sails and some flashier hulls.
    • House Black sends 10,000 troops (standing army) and 4 ships to House Kreiburg for their war.

    House Delmotte
    • 20,000 regals are once again invested in causing a fuss in the lands of House di Ortiz [The Golden Triumvirate]. The following arguments were made:
    1. House Delmotte’s interactions with the Golden Triumvirate have been few and far in-between, there has been no constant relationship between the two, and were only for the purpose of land-exchange deals.
    2. The excerpt which requests a mundane and non-criminal representative served the purpose to inform the Golden Triumvirate that House Delmotte was unwilling to deal with vampiric agents, that we have no interest in their underworld dealings, and was not in reference to their Daen subjects. House di Ortiz ought to be ashamed of themselves for purposefully misconstruing the contents of my letter and perpetuating cultural misconceptions and generalizations against their own subjects.
    3. House di Ortiz only acted to eliminate the dance macabre of vampires in their lands after I personally confronted them in front of a noble assembly about the cultivation of Void Cultism in Bragacao, and how the Luna Sangre had been invited to feed on people in Bragacao for two months. They would still be running about murdering and feeding on innocents had I not brought the matter to attention.
    4. I have since been approached by an individual known as Valentino Sangiovese, who is an Admiral in the Regalian Marshal Cabinet. In this letter, he details previous interactions with the Golden Triumvirate, or more specifically an individual who made himself known as ‘Sir Marin.’

    By this point, the Clergy of the region were not interested in listening to either side; as much of what was being argued was hearsay with half evidence and attempts at undermining one side or the other and attempts by both sides to try and cover up potential wrongdoing. They specifically cite that Valentino Sangiovese as not exactly the pinnacle of truthfulness as the Clergy recall when this very same man plotted to murder Chancellor Freya Lo for personal gain alongside a cabal of other State dissidents. Instead, the Clergy made one thing very clear to House di Ortiz “Solve our problems here or salvation will be decidingly difficult.”​

    • 15,000 regals were spent on funding an investigation into one of the previous financial ventures of a certain noble house which turns up nothing for the time being, despite Augustin Mohren, Amdros Solzas, Alaric Keen and Kaelaenn Ruvair trotting about. The Government buildings in question; specifically in House di Ortiz’ lands rejected this troupe outright and refused to hand over documentation that they were not legally privy to.

    Abigail Tucker
    • Abigail travels to the province of Bulgern and begins to start yet another party across the city. The resulting festivities and good humor, despite von Drachenburg battering down the walls of the city, stalled all the riots within the region; meaning that no dissident attacks from within would happen for the foreseeable future.

    House de Azciossia - [Hexenblood Circle]
    • 600 regals are paid to Natalia Ombre.
    • 600 regals are paid to Caspierann Delasáar.
    • 200 regals are paid to Llewyn Omaberos.
    • 200 regals are paid to Rennyn Caranis.
    • House de Azciossia pays 10,000 regals to House Sorenvik.

    House Eledhwen
    • 14,000 regals are paid to House di Ortiz [Golden Triumvirate].
    • [[Orders requesting “what should I do?” are always bounced in the system. The WS factions are there for feedback not guidance so order is bounced]]
    • Cinna Eledhwen attempts to sway with her status as a Lion Pelt Knight and native to Osteiermark through her connections to sway Leutz individuals into coming to her lands, which, with no funding, fails entirely. Most didn’t care to leave where they had made their lives on the word of an upjump.

    House Kreiburg
    • Pay 7,500 regals to the Regalian State.
    • Pay 3,000 regals to Abigail Tucker.
    • 5 Kreiburg Warships accompanied by 4 Black Warships blockade the waters near Berge and Frus in the von Drachenburg lands. They immediately sought to engage the last remaining von Drachenburg warship which was not in the waters when they turned up. The blockade did not allow trade or resources to enter or leave, which only had a modicum effect as von Drachenburg lands were landlocked, and trade merely went south, east and west instead, finding alternative routes to Regalia and provinces to the North.
    • The 12,000 Kreiburg army, joined by 10,000 Reinard troops and 10,000 Black troops, along with the 1,000 men personal retinues of Jayden Beahan, Kealaenn Ruvair, Hanz Rosenguart, Leon Claudio and James Larkson. Deo dei Termini takes command of Oskar Sorenvik’s troops and his own personal regiment totalling the force to 39,000 men and begin to march on the Warden forces of Bad. (You cannot “blitz” two provinces. You may only attack one province a turn). The Wardens in Bad are defeated in a bloody and slaughterous massacre. Why occupation you may ask? Well…
    • House Kreiburg declares War on House von Drachenburg with von Drachenburg as the aggressor. Kreiburg cites their cultural and political independence being at risk, which is immediately disregarded by the Genevaud peoples, as von Drachenburg has had control of a Genevaud province for some time now and no change has come to them at all. Secondly, House Kreiburg announces that their lands will never surrender to foreign invasion, despite House Kreiburg being unable to control and unify the provinces for months now. Overall, Kreiburg wants to keep the lands as they were, culturally and politically.. Yet in the same vein…
    • Kreiburg makes an offer to the imprisoned Cantons of Bulgern, offering them a Liberum Veto for their freedom provided they support Kreiburg against von Drachenburg and the Wardens, essentially strongarming the Cantons, the cultural and political icons of the regions, for his own whims. Naturally, the Cantons refuse even with perceived empty promises of political autonomy. House Kreiburg states they do not want to rule as a despot, yet the people and the Cantons noted that they have both been suffering under despot actions from House Kreiburg for some time now. Kreiburg then promises to liberate cantons from Wardens provided they do not defect to House von Drachenburg.
    • The final kicker in this political mess was an announcement that any cantons that support von Drachenburg in removing Kreiburg are declared traitors to the Genevaud people and their culture and the cantonian system itself. Kreiburg further explains that “House Kreiburg announces this war will see all Cantons liberated under their rule and the system and country returned to its former glory. In order to achieve this, House Kreiburg is calling on long rooted Genevaud mercenary companies to join the Kreiburg army and help fight in this war to protect their independence. Mercenary commanders who take the offer and do well in war for House Kreiburg will be offered the lands of the Cantons who defected, these Commanders becoming Cantons themselves until their death in which new Cantons will be elected” No mercenaries came and all across Genevaud, this announcement combined with the other blunders and mistakes Kreiburg had made caused a massive uprising against their rule, with peasants burning Kreiburg banners and calling for liberation of Genevaud once more as a unified, separate entity.
    • The province of Fergfeld upon hearing these Kreiburg announcements immediately defected to von Drachenburg.
    • The provinces of Bulgern did not declare their independence but only due in part because they were too busy partying and thus remained loyal.
    • Bad declared its independence despite being occupied by the Kreiburg forces; riots breaking out in the streets against pro-Kreiburg military men and officials, calling for freedom from the House’s tyranny.
    • The mess was noted abroad also in the province of Arta, bordering the Latimer, Avalorn and Slumberwood lands. With Kreiburg unable to keep their home region under control, and their lack of tact in dealing with a centuries old tradition and culture, Arta defected to the only stable lands bordering it: Avalorn.
    • The last province to make a statement was the Kreiburg home province of Langthal. The officials here were also considering complete revolution against Kreiburg however, they lingered on the idea. Instead, they gave Kreiburg one last chance attempt before declaring their independence as well. “Sort this out, now. We will not wait any longer.”
    • 20,000 regals were spent on trying to improve situations but alas, with the above retaliation to Kreiburg’s recent actions, it was all for naught.
    House Avalorn
    • A delegation was sent to Finaëllamaar by Avalorn but was immediately turned back around with the representatives of the Princessdom stating that "Finaëllamaar isn't interested in contact with Sollerian nobility". The record scouring also does not succeed as the required skills were not met to uncover the information desired. [[Avoid trying to do 3 things in a single order. I will not process these in the future]]

    Logistics Minister Ardige Viduggla
    • Approves 80 ships (of the 82 currently remaining dedicated to the State) and 140,000 (of the 144,800 currently remaining dedicated to the State) troops for usage by the Marshal Cabinet’s members in the war against the Sendrassian Allar.
    Additionally, the following families have lost troops and ships.

    6,200 men
    1,000 - Lampero
    1,000 - Peirgarten
    1,000 - Harhold
    1,000 - Typhonus
    1,000 - Delmotte
    1,200 - Viduggla

    7 Ships
    1 - State
    1 - Harhold
    1 - Black
    1 - Delmotte
    1 - Avalorn
    1 - Latimer
    1 - Golden Triumvirate​

    Aesling Sylfina
    • Give 1,000 regals to Natalia Ombre.

    Goretaan Throng
    • 7,000 Url Troops are dedicated to the war effort.

    House di Ortiz [The Golden Triumvirate]
    • House di Ortiz announces that the law permitting experimentation on undead in place of execution will be suspended indefinitely.
    • 4,000 regals were paid to Steward Arathorn Yllanorin’s bank account.
    • 10,000 regals were paid to the Regalian State.
    • The Clergy make a demand after Delmotte releases a statement [See Delmotte Orders]

    House Reinard
    • Reinard sends its 10,000 standing army to link up with Kreiburgs troops under Deo dei Termini.
    • Sets Crown Tax to 2%.

    House Typhonus
    • House Typhonus demobilised its 20,000 troops.
    • [[Orders requesting “what should I do?” are always bounced in the system. The WS factions are there for feedback not guidance so order is bounced]]
    • 10,000 regals are invested in a diplomatic mission by Cecille Typhonus to discern the damages done to the Southern Minorities. For the vast majority of the areas, the Wardens had done intensive damage. Overall assessment of damages was near 40,000 regals to put back to normal.
    • 4,000 regals to the Gallovian Royal Court.

    House Vicieux
    • Taxes set to 30%.
    • Winner Winner x 12
    • Cuddles! Cuddles! x 1
    • Powerful Powerful x 1
    • Agree Agree x 1
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