Season 2020 Progression World System Progression 14: Tyranny, Riots And Revolution!

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    Fathiyaa Nasir al Romoran
    • Pays 1200 regals to Alaric ‘Keen’ Kreiburg (Noble Edition)

    House Slumberwood
    • 10,000 regals and a 10,000 army is used to deal with the Undead epidemic in Morvinda. This support and the funding was received with grumbles and discontent. Aldermen and local leaders gathered after the mini crisis had been averted to condemn Damon Slumberwood for being a ‘foolish, self-interested and egotistical fop” for having caused the problem to begin with and a call on the feudal council to keep the man in line.
    • Damon personally attends Rumvalia once again to continue seeking Ser Aetos’ killer. Suspects wearing the boutonniere are rounded up and checkpoints are made to prevent anyone of Ithanian birth from leaving the capital. This would not have caused a stir in itself, but under threats of impalement and burning; news soon began to spread and even Damon’s own people were starting to rally against him; accusing him of being a tyrant and having gone mad. What's worse, is later a letter was received by the Clergy that appeared to be orders from Damon to have clergy members rounded up and impaled in they dare speak out against him. The murder investigation was thus interrupted by religious riots sparked by angered and disgruntled holy men who saw their ruler no longer as a viable candidate to lead them; but as a man fixated on the macabre and mutilation. Things had reached the tipping point and all over the capital city targeted religious revolts began to unfold.
    • 10,000 regals are spent on sending an apology to the clergy in Morvinda. However, Damon’s apology to the clergy in Morvinda went largely ignored because of the above.
    • 20,000 regals are used to build a statue of Ser Aetos and his family is asked what is to be engraved on the plaque. They simply replied with “Aetos: Knight for Justice; Destroyer of Tyrants”. The statue was quite lavish and the family were quite happy with this marble piece.

    Andro Brizre Solzas
    • Joins Alaric Kreiburg’s ventures with 1,000 mercenaries at his command.

    House von Drachenburg/Lord Chancellor
    • Authorises the Finance Minister to collect upon the Playero Loan Debt with the Chancellor’s seal; citing the loan agreement at 10% interest and the judgment the Lord Chancellor levied against him as quantified reasoning for the seizing of the funds. Thus, 20,000 regals are absorbed from Isidoro Playero’s bank and placed back into the State’s coffers.
    • Drachenburg sets their State Tax to 30% to be compliant with the Government’s current tax and war tax stipulations.
    • The Drachenburg Airship is sent to the border of Fergfeld to protect against any other attacks from the air from the vampiric structure that has been attacking recently.
    • 15,000 regals are used to propagandize against Kreiburg supporters in favor of von Drachenburg in Fergfeld. In the Drachenburg reasoning, it was said:

      *When Sweating Sickness appeared in neighboring Langthal, it was Drachenburg that saw 50k from the house and state bank go to funding the cure to prevent spread to other Genevaud provinces. Kreiburg was meanwhile fighting against Harhold two realms away, or Viduggla over the province of Ustyeurt, tone deaf to his cultural brethren's sickness. Even a week in, no funds or support came from Kreiburg to their people in need.

    • *Kreiburg originally declared the Cantons magic-less, but eventually flipped course which prompted the Warden movements in. Failing to address the concerns of the people and still focused on foreign wars, the Wardens took control, showing that Kreiburg was unable to hold onto his own territories or take heed to the concerns of the locals. Only after throwing thousands of lives against the de facto controlling force was Kreiburg even able to take Bulgern, relying on another foreign power to help him to do so.

    • *Kreiburg claims Drachenburg is trying to undo Genevaud's way of life, yet it was Drachenburg that just spent 40k on repairing Fergfeld from vampire attacks. How much funding has come from Kreiburg? None.”

      The argument was well received and public opinion of the Kreiburg family in Fergfeld changed significantly. Clergy support fell after the imprisonment of some of the Cantons in Bulgern and this only proved to show the people of Fergfeld that Kreiburg was everything that von Drachenburg was publicising. (See Kreiburg Orders)

    Mufasa Markaz Al Ramal
    • Makes it known he would support the actions of Alaric Kreiburg with his 1000 mercenary band.

    House Von Duerr
    • Von Duerr attempts to use 10,000 regals to invest into the development of a new type of portable, shelf stable opiate painkiller. The investment proved to be far too little however; only capable of hiring the services of a mixture team of 15 doctors and alchemists, bare minimum supplies and a lacklustre location to research it from.

    Hexenblood Circle
    • The request for two Cinnochra daggers was heard and the lowest returning offer was 20,000 regals for the two.
    • Pays 25,000 regals to House Viduggla.
    • Anathema and Robin of Vallemark head to the Magical Academy in their capital of Adrida for the purposes of examining progress thus far. The Deans of the Academy took both on a tour of their facilities, showcasing their lavish classrooms and open-top amphitheatre where the more adept students would showcase their magical abilities. Overall, the conditions were good and they were comfortable in the knowledge that should the covenants or wardens come to the region; they’d be adequately protected by their liege. Attendance was low, however it was explained that this would need to be expected; that magic acceptance is still in its birthing stage, and many mages may still be remaining in the shadows until the situation everywhere is more comfortable for them to make themselves known.
    • 15,000 troops are placed on standby within the Hexenblood lands; ready to move at their command should the Warden situation in Genevaud escalate even further, pending consultation with the other local lords.
    • Sets State Tax to 30%, the 20% regular taxation and 10% war tax.

    • Pays Szofia Kovacmann 1,000 regals.

    House Delmotte
    • Reduces Crown Tax to 2%
    • Increases State Tax to 30% to facilitate the War Tax of 10%.
    • The Delmotte army returns home and, with the Wardens having been dealt with, the Feudal Council immediately demobilised all troops.
    • Donates 10,000 soldiers to the Sendras War effort.
    • Pays House Kreiburg 10,000 regals.
    • 30,000 regals are used to convince the Unionist Clergy in Bragacao that the Golden Triumvirate is a cabal of vampires which are either the same people as or are colluding with House di Ortiz. Evidence in the form of two letters; the first -- A letter from Sir Danillo Marin, signing himself as a member of the Golden Triumvirate and bartering with di Ortiz lands, after having been spotted accompanying House di Ortiz in their booth at the noble assembly; The second -- A confession from Theopold Kreiburg who reports di Ortiz attempting to blackmail him out of his entire navy, or have Genevaud suffer devastation at the hands of a flying fortress.

      This receiving of this information was mixed; The clergy immediately held conclave to discuss the news; eventually announcing that while the letters are conspicuous, they will not place any emphasis or trust in the words of Theopold Kreiburg for what he has done in Genevaud. Nevertheless, Clergy opinion of the Triumvirate began to waver into critical condition; with calls for di Ortiz to answer these allegations immediately.

    House Vicieux
    • 6,000 regals are sent to House Black.
    • Julius calls upon his Feudal Council to mobilize troops in order to remove the Warden population from the province of Meuberge. A letter was submitted to the conglomerate stating:

      “My esteemed Feudal Council. It is not often that I will call upon you to mobilize our forces. However, at this moment there is a need to deal with a rising problem to our west. The province of Meuberge is flooded with Wardens whom I have tried to reason with and make offers to numerous times. Now, I rely on you all to make the right decision and mobilize our forces so that I can ensure the safety of our people within the province and peacefully evacuate the Wardens from it."

    • The Feudal council requested a few hours to deliberate on the matter and; in that time, news reached Julius that the Wardens had laid down their arms and abandoned their position in the region citing the number of massive armies around making their goals unreachworthy. Thus, mobilisation was refused but in the same vein, the Wardens were now gone from Meuberge.

    House Mac Conall
    • Pay the Gallovian Royal Court 5,000 regals.

    House Black
    • Pays 10,000 regals to the Elba Merchants. The gift was taken and immediately placed into funding better trade routes and conditions, however the merchants were less pleased with the House Black Manifesto. The head of this Merchant revolt tore up the Manifesto before a crowd of people after explaining it to be nothing more than a ‘How to be a Black family member’ guide with no real political efficiency. He cited the House Black’s own words and distaste for Highland Culture in their Manifesto, before gesturing toward Narlas with a boney finger and declaring her a Highlander born woman herself. He then went on to chastise the woman who proclaims their House conservative but wishes then to also expand magic to the military and even form an academy for it . Riddled with inadequacy and inconsistency, the manifesto was condemned enmasse and the Merchants that night coordinated three more attacks across the Black’s lands; calling for Dianne’s removal. The damage set House Black another 2,500 regals in income; netting them a loss of 5,000 regals a week until these now rebels were dealt with.
    • 30,000 troops sent to Julius Peirgarten were immediately demobilised for being used against the rallying reason that the Feudal Council was originally given. That being Wardens in Black lands.
    • Sets their Tax from 20% to 30% to fit the new War Tax scheme.

    House Peirgarten
    • The Peirgarten 30,000 men headed into the province of Elane with Eilaria Peirgarten and wiped out the Wardens in the region. After this defeat; the Wardens in the surrounding regions began to lay down their arms. Their protests were futile and with the threat of the Covenants of Enlightenment as a threat also; it wasn't worth losing their lives over.
    • 20,000 regals were used on a business endeavor.
    • Sets their state tax to 30% in compliance with the new War Tax.

    Finance Director Maximillian Black
    • Sends 10,000 regals to House Drachenburg.
    • Collects the 20,000 regals from the Playero Estate with Lord Chancellor backing.
    • Declares a 10% mandatory Empire wide War Tax save for Sovereign Realms such as Lampero.

    Logistics Minister Ardige Viduggla
    • The Logistics Ministry received and now approves a request for 45 Ships and 90,000 troops from Grand Marshal Reimar Typhonus for use by the Marshal Cabinet’s members in the war against the Sendrassian Allar. The division of troops and ships are as follows:

    Julius Peirgarten - 20,000 men
    Eddair Mac Connal - 20,000 men
    Cinna Eledhwen - 20,000 men
    Theopold Kreiburg - 20,000 men
    Valarosta - 10,000 men

    Edrick Black - 15 ships
    Abelhard Latimer - 15 ships
    Valentino Sangiovese - 15 ships

    Goretaan Throng
    • 20,000 regals are used to fund the Vultdragon mercenaries in the region; inviting more Vultdragon missionaries and ensuring their set up in the Clannadh-Alba provinces. This funding outdid the funding pumped into the local clergy by House Mac Conall, and provided much needed additional assistance for the missionaries to start spreading at a slow, but sturdy rate. While of the same faith; adaptation to a completely new faith would take some time.
    • 10,000 regals are used to provide more workers to the Howlester Mining Consort. This was primarily used to funnel Url into the Regional Mines to increase productivity. While the support was received and the Consort was grateful, they reiterated their stance on the Goretaan Rulership. “Stop screwing up the Highlands.”
    • 10,000 regals are then used by Quinn and Einherjar to search for “Blood Cairns” in the region after hearing rumors of these pieces in Gallovia. After much trekking and searching, they were guided to the only one known to be on the Isle. Sadly, it wasn't in the best condition; with only a stone podium and a receptacle on top. As for mentions of ‘Wardens of the Moon’ the highlanders were blissfully unaware of these references. The podium and receptacle could not be moved from its position.
    • Sets their tax to 30%

    House Avalorn
    • Increases their State Tax to 30% to encompass the new War Tax.
    • Designated Tehrathel Avalorn as their official heir.
    • 20,000 regals are spent by Vivana on a business venture. Purchasing 20,000 regals worth of the salt stockpile in Daenshore and directly re-selling it in Regalia at a Premium. This would have been a clever move if the fact that the Empire’s trade laws weren't so strict. Despite a legal advisor, Cyrillian, being on the trip; this legal conundrum was rather bamboozling. The trade went through regardless and netted a 40,000 regal profit, 60,000 regals back in total; however, 20,000 was deemed to be complete and total tax evasion by bypassing the tenpenny tax and other minor taxes the State has on its feudal subjects.

    House Typhonus
    • 3,000 regals are paid to Cal for their rescue mission.
    • 3,000 regals are paid to Sophie Perrot.
    • State Tax obligation was raised to 30% to encompass the war tax.
    • 3 Warships were sent to the State.
    • Reimar leads 25,000 troops into Boss-Nen, eliminating the Wardens from the area.

    House Latimer
    • Pays Magni 4000 regals.
    • Sets State Tax to 30% to encompass the 10% War Tax.
    • 10,000 regals are spent speeding up the Citadel’s construction; shaving off a week's worth of work.

    The Golden Triumvirate
    • Declares that scientific experimentation will be used as a legal alternative to putting undead to the stake if the undead consents. If they do not, they are to be burned. For now, nothing changed; however with Delmotte’s rumors circulating, this may change (See Delmotte Orders).
    • Sends 8 warships to join the upcoming war effort.
    • Complies with the war tax, increasing state tax to 30%.

    Nym’vrae Helvath
    • Pays Wulf Grofsmid 400 regals.
    • Pays Szofia Kovacmann 600 regals.
    • Pay Kuzma 600 regals.
    • Pay Folen Thaynore 200 regals.
    • Pay Nefer 200 regals.

    Abigail Tucker
    • Pays the Kathar Nevaria 4000 regals.

    House Cadieux
    • Pays Wulf Grofsmid 1000 regals.
    • Pays Lucallian Valrel 2500 regals.
    • (20 regal order bounced. We do not process anything less than 100 regals and only in increments of 50 or 100)

    House Viduggla
    • House Viduggla sets their State tax to 20%.
    • House Viduggla sends House Kreiburg 2,000 regals.
    • House Viduggla uses 40,000 regals to host a lavish tournament and festival to celebrate the Autumn Equinox called ‘Varldaug’. The festivities celebrate the coming of the harvest season and largely involve the Oldt Fayth deity of Varld, God of the Earth and Soil. Taking place in the capital; the local nobility across Drixagh were invited to come, as well as common folk having the freedom to also join in and observe. With protection from 10,000 troops and with religious and cultural overtones throughout, On top of typical known festival events including feasts, dancing & revelry, House Viduggla incorporated multiple forms of other entertainment throughout the event in an attempt to cater towards each cultural people invited. To cater to the more military inclined Velheim & Vladno people, a melee tournament will be held to crown the Warrior of Autumn.

      Many participated in the games and throughout the mismatch of contestants from all forms of Northern cultures; Trove, Marikka and Tuija Viduggla used this opportunity to start forming connections with more notable individuals in attendance. Overall, the festivities proved good for most cultures that attended; the Fridurfolk having the least attendance for some reason unstated. Morale throughout rose in the Viduggla lands for a time and even despite the large amount of money invested; the payoff was a couple of weeks of unchanging opinion of the Viduggla House.

    • House Viduggla donates 10,000 troops to the State.

    House Sorenvik
    • Sends a ship to follow the Kreiburg Fleet however the fleet which transferred the finances to House Reinard.
    • Sets tax to 0%.
    • Pays the state 5,800 regals as Tax.
    • Sends 10,000 soldiers to the State.

    House Reinard
    • Sets state tax to 30% incorporating the 10% War Tax.
    • A request is made for the feudal council to keep partial mobilization which is denied; seeing no need to continue keeping men active and ready when the Wardens are already practically eradicated. In fact, the entire army is ordered to demobilize.
    • The 10,000 troops with Kreiburg return home after being demobilised for being used for a purpose not originally raised for.
    • Augustin Reinard writes a manifesto of leadership 'with the intent of providing both clarification for his own actions, and a good example to his fellow peerage.' This manifesto describes the Reinard belief of rational leadership, full respects provided to all cultures under their guardianship, the respect of equal but different roles of the three social classes (which are officially listened to in the governmental structure of the Estates), and the affirmation of a moralistic worldview in which what is considered right and just should be sought primarily, though with pragmatic wisdom influencing how this is achieved. It is occasionally laced with Heartlander cultural tells.
    • An individual attempted to use this Manifesto to turn the Elba Merchants; citing Reinard as being a better leader for multiple reasons. However, this individual is laughed out and told that they’d rather continue to suffer under a Black than bend the knee to someone who couldn’t even with the help of two other families crush the illiterate Hound Lord.

    House Harhold
    • 20,000 men are dedicated to the State War effort.
    • 8 ships are dedicated to the war effort.
    • 15,000 regals are used to recruit merchants from Elba to Vlissinghelm with moderate success. Harhold cities that they would be granted favourable trading privileges and lenient taxes in exchange for some trade from the Black region which they comply with; boosting the Harhold economy by 2,000 regals a week for the time being.

    House Kreiburg
    • The 20,000 regals taken from the merchants near the Sorenvik lands are sent to House Reinard.
    • Theopold Kreiburg declares Bulgern returned to Kreiburg control and business is returned to normal. Theopold furthermore frees the Bulgern Cantons from captivity and offers to return them to their former seats of power so long as they agree to aid House Kreiburg in any way possible of ridding the Cantons of the Wardens of Purity and mobilizing the Bulgern citizenry against them, as such also requesting they mobilize their 2,000 Bulgern levies in addition to any civilian militias that can be raised. The Cantons immediately disagreed and Theopold ordered their detainment and incarceration; declaring martial law. This bold move did not go unnoticed and a letter was snuck from the imprisoned Canton’s to the other lands declaring that they have lost faith in Kreiburg rule; denouncing him as a ‘fool, tyrant and incompetent’. Furthermore, they pledge that the region will support von Drachenburg rule if von Drachenburg liberates them from Kreiburg imprisonment. The people begin to react harshly to this new rule and the army is called to put down numerous riots with 22,000 troops under Leon Claudio, in the streets with the province divulging into chaos.
    • To add insult to injury; the vampire castle attacks and bombards Langthal, scorching the words ‘peace among ashes’ within the hillside and destroying winter crops.
    • Alaric Kreiburg is sent with his personal retinue of 1,000 men to scout the mountain passages leading from Bulgern into Fergfeld, providing his findings to Anika, Augustin, and Mufasa. A small passage was found that could support a small number of troops however it wasn’t ideal given the urgency of the current situation in the region.
    • Anika Kreiburg , Augustin Mohren, and Mufasa and their personal retinues of 3,000 men are to be placed along the Fergfeld border in hopes of assessing Warden activity. The Wardens kept them at bay by attacking the troupe at dusk and in guerrilla style; attacking then fleeing, rinse and repeat before repelling the conglomerate. They estimated that the Wardens had at least 25,000 men ready and waiting in the region from what they were able to scout out before being pushed back.
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    "To the Baron of Rumvalia,

    I bring you greetings from the Ursus Maritimus II. I am currently at sea, halfway between Regalia and the continent of Farah'deen, on my way home to take some rest leave in the city among family and friends.

    I have heard of your troubles, and kindly offer to lift your burden, and take Rumvalia off of your hands. It is the least that I can do for a fellow nobleman. We should talk, in person.​

    Christopher Black."

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