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    House Slumberwood

    • Purchases 5000 troops.
    • Slumberwood’s 25,000 man army enters the province of Ust Esverh to remove the wardens in the area. For the most part, when the army arrived, most of the Wardens had already vacated the area. The last few that stood their grounds were rounded up and put to an ultimatum: Join the Slumberwood military or be lashed 20 times. Local Leaders who had already been captured smoldered and burned in the distance; so the Wardens, like all other Warden groups across the archipelago, straight up denied the invitation and suffered the punishment. Once the dead were burned, the skulls were placed on pikes in various villages which, like the impaling before, infuriated local clergy.
    • With a sizable retinue of 5,000 of his standing army assisting, Damon Slumberwood entered the capital with funds of 20,000 regals which he spent to assist in his investigation of the death of Ser Aetos. Sadly, any evidence in the Government building was grossly mishandled by some of the 5,000 troops he brought with him; which was naturally far too many soldiers for one murder investigation. Despite his involvement and his funding, the evidence found was very minimal.It was clear that someone tried to cover the entire thing up as much of the actual crime scene was a mess of red herring evidence that didn’t quite make sense. One thing was found however that could give a possible lead; a boutonnière, red and typical of an Ithanian aristocrat of the upper echelons. What this meant would remain a question to be discovered. Government workers noted many people in the area that day and couldn't really decide if there was anyone more suspicious than others but the boutonnière was recognised as having been poised on multiple men that day coming in and out; something relatively unusual for this particular region.
    • 5,000 regals was spent on Ser Aetos’ funeral costs and as a gift for the family. This was a token gesture and the family was well aware of that and wasn’t exactly too taken by it given that the Knight was, as previously mentioned, quite renowned, and something more grand was expected, if anything. Damon could not attend the funeral himself either as he was busy playing cluedo with his retinue in trying to figure out who had ended Ser Aetos’ life.
    • Calls for assistance from the Baron came blaring from Morvinda to do something about this rise in undead that devastated their streets. These calls were not peaceful either, as many of the citizens were aware that this situation had started out of the Baron’s own hubris and called for something to be done immediately.

    House Mac Conall

    • 12,000 regals are sent from House Mac Conall to the Clergy Faction of the Goretaan lands of Clannagh-Alba. The money is received with gracious thanks to House Mac Conall and was immediately funnelled into efforts to combat the Vultdragon missionaries. However, the money was in itself was merely a small donation in comparison to what they’d need to remove this new ecclesiastical group from the region, but it was a start.
    • 4,000 regals were paid to the Highland Ceardian families in need after the conflict in the Goretaan region which, while a kind gesture, when split was barely a few loaves of bread for half a week per household. So while it was welcomed, it didn’t have any lasting effect despite promises of ‘more coming’.

    House Cadieux
    • Paid 2500 Regals to Lucallian Valrel.
    • Spent 15,000 regals to send Wulf Grofsmid, William Arnyn, Lyall Howlester, Avaineiral Rilynnlues and Heidi to Rumvalia to investigate Ser Aetos’ death. The combined skill of the group would have been effective however, when the group specifically started asking around about Ser Aetos’ connections, his usual hangout spots and other information relating to who, what and why someone might have a grudge; their translator was met with angry looks and heightened voices back at them. Heidi explained to Milena and co that the people did not want their kind here and that they didn’t want a bunch of ‘foreign’ nobility and aristocrats meandering their city and investigating a matter that was their own. Soon after, the City Guard shooed the conglomerate out of the city. It was curious though, especially given that it was these same people that called for outside assistance.
    • Give their last ship to House Harhold and christen it the ‘BriarKnight’.

    The Hexenblood Circle

    • Valarosta Ino-Femunn leads 15,000 troops into Libertade to prevent any Covenant of Enlightenment from entering the region. This proved to be unneeded this round, or perhaps proved to be a deterrent, as no Covenant activity was then reported in the region at all.
    • 10,000 regals are used to fund an expedition to Helegen; a town in the North of Drixagh which, three years prior had suffered a mysterious occurrence where their entire inhabitants just vanished. Investigating, Robin of Vallemarck and Anathema was met in the now reviving settlement with side long glances and hesitation though, once it was explained they were merely there to bring good tidings and well wishes, the local Rakhr held audience with the two, celebrating their visit with traditional velheim delicacies and hospitality. When queried about the occurrences, neither he nor the locals had any explanation for what occurred. Despite more investigation; it became apparent, despite one of the party’s abilities that there was nothing left to be found but whispers and rumors of the Gods having damned the region and just plain bad luck. What truly happened had been lost to history; not even spirits of the former inhabitants remained. Nevertheless, for the remainder of their visit the two; who appeared to be sympathetic and curious about the local history and goings on were treated with honor and respect until their eventual departure; being offered bottles of fermented goats milk and baskets of freshly made svele and lefse for their interest.
    • 5,000 regals are spent on funeral gifts for relatives of Ser Aetos in Rumvalia from the Noble Houses from Bastadon. 10,000 additional regals were spent within Rumvalia by representatives of the Houses of Bastadon during their visit. Through talks with the locals about their plight; they learnt that Ser Aetos’ grave was merely a memorial and that his body was still being examined by the city’s coroner until such a time as his corpse is to be sent back to his family’s token estate in the country.
    • 10,000 regals are paid to Abigail Tucker.
    • Purchased 1 airship.
    • A call was put out for the going price for the ‘Cinnochra’ metal which was met with numerous responses by smiths and metallurgists with interest; however more information was required by all offerors as to the amount that was required: I.E. Enough for a dagger? A sword? A suit of armor? For now, the offerors remain waiting for a response.

    House Peirgarten

    • Rodrigo Peirgarten with Florian Peirgarten at his side marched 30,000 men into the province of the Hinterlands to eject the Wardens from the area. The size of the army overwhelmed the Wardens who had hunkered down and the combined force of the Peirgarten entourage made quick work of rounding these rowdy peasants up and expelling them from the region.
    • A final attempt at peace with the Wardens was attempted by Amelina Peirgarten and once again, no matter what was offered in their proposal, the Wardens rejected such. These disenfranchised peasants were not all too keen on working with the same people who sought to kill them only weeks ago and thus remained stalwart. It should however be noted that the number of Wardens had dwindled throughout the entire region.
    • Pays House Delmotte 10,000 regals.
    • Pays 10,000 troops from its manpower to the State.

    House Delmotte

    • 40,000 Delmotte soldiers expect to combine with 5000 du Triege and 10,000 Faulkner mercenaries which don’t seem to arrive at all. (Mercenary commanders must submit their own orders and can't rely on other families to do it for them.) Nevertheless, this large host of 40,000 was commanded and headed by Markus Delmotte himself, readying itself for conflict.
    • Rendezvousing with Etienne Demotte, 15 warships and the entire 40,000 host lands in the Peirgarten province of Ennas and rooted out the Wardens who had made this province the recent victim to their riots. Ennas was now completely warden free.
    • Hand over the Anglian provinces of Hoogfryse and Noordelande to House Reinard.

    House Viduggla

    • Pays Kreiburg 40,000 regals for the province of Ustyeurt.
    • Fritjog Ulfrsson is sent to assist the Kreiburg 5 warship fleet in blockading Ustyeurt, Valvosko and Tsland region with strict orders to prevent foreign aid from incoming.
    • 20,000 additional regals are spent on propaganda against Kaya Sorenvik throughout the North. Much like the last attempt, the size of the North and the funds invested were far too spread out and propaganda accusing her of financial appropriation of moneys of the Velheim Development Fund. Not much changed at all; the same people remained cautionary and the same factions maintained the same opinions. Resolute action remained stagnant and despite the financial injection; the accusations started to become very ‘boy who cried wolf’ from Viduggla. Some notable Rahkr of the region did call for Sorenvik to account for the 35,000 supposedly sent by Viduggla for Velheim Development but no action took place this turn. Additionally, in response to the 10,000 Sorenvik spend on repairing Upplanda and Ferderike, Viduggla contests this is only being done after being called out and is further sign of guilt; which results in the same consequences as the other propaganda released.

    House Kreiburg
    • House Kreiburg transfers Ustyeurt to House Viduggla.
    • House Kreiburg’s 5 warship fleet remains in the vicinity of Ustyeurt and, as per House Viduggla’s attempts; intercept a merchant ship coming into the region under the guise of such. This does prove effective as, while acting as a blockade a merchant vessel was happened upon and seized carrying 20,000 regals into Tuva. This was noted to potentially be foreign aid and although it was unknown where this money came from, it was assumed to be foreign aid disguised as they predicted and seized by Kreiburg. Despite Viduggla’s man being involved in the fleet’s organisation, the Kreiburg captains refused to surrender the money to Viduggla control; letting the Kreiburg House Leader decide what should be done with it. The sheer amount of funding however was unusual for a regular merchant vessel but one captain noted it could just be an irregular trade as some of the people aboard the ship claimed which was meant for Sorenvik.
    • Pays House Delmotte 10,000 regals.
    • Theopold Kreiburg leads an army of 12,000 troops into the province of Bulgern with the assistance of 10,000 Reinard troops. Though the battle was bloody, Kreiburg was finally able to push the Wardens out of that region and into neighbouring Genevaud provinces; retaking the province under their control with their combined force of 22,000. Although Delmotte reinforcements were expecting to assist; none came.
    • After the battle, 10,000 regals are spent on publishing various essays and writings by House Kreiburg denouncing House von Drachenburg and accusing them of creating a ‘secret bloc’ and funding the Wardens; which were perceived as terrorists -- seeking to try and empower the Wardens in ousting the Canonal Government of Genevaud entirely. Despite the injection; the essays and writings went mostly unnoticed and uncared; as most were just happy that Kreiburg were now finally doing something to exert their control once more. Calls to rise up, issued to both Wardens and the people of the region against the Warden hierarchy went ignored also, as many still under occupation began to see Kreiburg as a damp squib; unable to properly lead and defend their integrity from something as lowly as untrained angry conservative peasants.
    • The province of Langthal is met with more bombardment from the Vampiric castle; disrupting movement and communication along many of their major roads being destroyed in the onslaught before the castle disappears once again into the clouds, preventing easy access to the region and communications from outside regions significantly..

    House Vicieux

    • 30,000 regals were sent to House Delmotte.
    • 40,000 regals were used to spread advertisements to the Wardens of an incoming army which the Wardens took and immediately utilised in digging into the other Genevaud provinces after losing the province of Bulgern to Kreiburg.
    • Immediately after this Julius himself turns up on Lavoyare’s doorstep with 5,000 of his own men and 30,000 House Black troops. Despite having warned the Wardens in advance, and wishing to PEACEFULLY move Wardens from the region into Meuberge. After some small skirmishes between this army and the Wardens; the intent was achieved and Wardens were pushed into Meuberge; concentrating Wardens in that particular region while completely freeing Lavoyare of Warden control. Julius’s proclamation attempting to warn and rally the Wardens previously then turns sour in his own lands and Vicieux is then seen as an enemy of the Wardens for pushing them out of Lavoyare.
    • State Tax 20%.
    • Vicieux upon consultation with Avalorn pulls out of his attempts to disenfranchise the Altalar in his lands.


    • An expedition or Cain, funded with 10,000 regals, attempted to try and locate unlooted Seraph ruins and loot them. The funds and manpower is only token and despite locating some ruins; they were mostly well, ruined and unusable with nothing of value. Seen as graverobbers and looters; they are quickly discovered by local townlands and brigands and are forcefully ejected from the region with a warning that if they return; they’ll be met with a much more versatile force.

    House Black
    • Dianne Black along with Maxmilian Black head to Elba to discuss the recent Merchant incident in the region. 10,000 regals are used as an olive branch gift to the Merchants with a promise of another 10,000 regals to be used for Merchantile improvements. While the Merchants broke bread with the ruler; they made it clear that the problems they are uprising against arent purely mercantile and that these problems are a symptom of an underlying disease: Her leadership. They demand that House Black release a manifesto of their beliefs and policies for their people else face more retaliation for her flip-floppy politics that is often perceived to be fixable by mere injection of funding. The meeting ends shortly after and the Merchants waited for a response. The merchants in question did however stop trading Black’s goods until their demands were met, resulting in a loss of 2,500 regals a week until such time.
    • Hands over 30,000 troops to Julius Peirgarten Vicieux.

    Ingemar Syllbess
    • 2,000 regals are paid to Humaira Reinard.

    Aeawyn Syllbess
    • 2,000 regals are paid to Humaira Reinard.

    House Avalorn

    • Corresponds with the Altalar that had petitioned her the week before denoting that the Julius Peirgarten Vicieux has been adequately dealt with and that they can comfortably go about their lives once more unhindered.
    • 20,000 regals are pushed into the Intelligence Agency in their region to finally cut off all Covenant activity. With the disruption caused from insiders in high positions, the Covenant nearly entirely dissipates from a combination of a lack of organisation and multiple large armies around the Archipelago taking up arms and forcing both them and the Wardens out. With the Warden’s expansion halted; the Covenant nearly entirely puts themselves to rest.

    Loriella Haaven

    • (Ship purchase bounced as non entities (Entities with only regals, i.e non aristocrat, noble or clandestine, cannot own system warships).
    • The 10,000 regals is instead used to fund an expedition to the Cliffton Forts with materials purchased with an additional 10,000 regals. The group under Loreilla see to burying any bodies they can find around the battered fort and begin fixing up the area with the materials they purchased and the manpower they hired with their funds. The funding was token and the result moreso. While some of the walls were fixed; the dilapidation of the area was much more than bargained for and thus, this would stand to be a project for a long length of time at the current rate.

    House Latimer

    • Stations the 8,000 troops from Kintyr in Hellaria to protect the construction of the Citadel in the region, the defence force now number 12,000 troops.
    • Stations 4,000 troops in Athos to prevent the Poppy’s Wall from entering his lands and this proves effective as Avalorn essentially fizzles out after the Covenant all over the Archipelago collapses. For now.
    • 4,000 troops are stationed in Limnarra to hold back any undead from Baldmark making note that ‘There will not be another Bone King’.

    Goretaan Throng
    • Pays Einherjar 2000 regals.

    Foreign Minister Klaus Typhonus

    • Klaus and Harald von Drachenburg returend to King Krumme in Nordskag with an expenditure of 20,000 regals. Krumme was informed that when Regalian Scouts were sent to the region, the Ailor settlements were found to be completely under Isldar control in their entirety and the scouts were met with instant hostility.
    • An offer was made to King Krumme, ratified by the Lord Chancellor: In exchange for Krumme’s military assistance in Ellador and in future war efforts in Ellador, Krumme and Nordskag will be permitted hegemony over the Ailor colonies he desired while allowing the Ailor kingdoms to maintain their sovereignty once re-secured. Krumme responds in kind that this offer is only a lame duck. A Hegemony without full executive control is no hegemony at all and rejects the offer sending the delegation home with no deal whatsoever.

    House von Drachenburg

    • The Drachenburg airship is sent to the borders of Fergfeld to protect the Dracheburg side of the border and to prevent any further air attacks on the province. This proves effective as no attack happens in that specific region. Instead, the castle assaults the province of Langthal, well out of the range of where the airship is stationed.
    • 20,000 regals are used to assist repairing the damage in Fergeld which is met again with a modicum of gratitude. Dietrich personally works with local aldermen and warns them of an incoming force into the region which further bolsters Julius’ efforts; hunkering the wardens down even harder. An offer is made to the people by Drachenburg for protection from any adversaries as a client state, an offer which is further extended to the Wardens which is received well and expected once this force is on their borders but they make it clear they are not succumbing to von Drachenburg rulership in any capacity until these promises come to fruition and even then, is subject to scrutiny dependent on affairs and how they pan out in the coming weeks but it is considered.

    Valentino Sangiovese
    • Pays 5000 regals to Humaira Reinard.

    Finance Minister Maximilian Black
    • Pays 20,000 regals to Klaus Typhonus
    • Pays 10,000 regals to House von Drachenburg.
    • Sends state workers to collect the owed 20,000 regals from the Isidoro Playero estate which they refuse until such a time as the Government authorises this action as whether the loan was actually a loan as per the terms or a gift is still up for debate. In short, they refuse until further action is taken.

    House Sorenvik
    • 10,000 regals are paid to Humaira Reinard.
    • 30,000 regals are paid to House Reinard.
    • House Sorenvik expects a delivery that does not come. Kaya is later made aware that a shipment was seized off the coast of Vlavosko by the Kreiburg blockade (See Kreiburg Orders).
    • 10,000 regals are spent in repairing in equal amounts of 5000 regals, Upplanda and Ferderike; noting that despite Viduggla’s proclamations, these funds are used to repair minimal damages as not much damage, as Kaya proclaims, was actually taken and that the sum remaining can be better spent on improvements throughout the North which are incoming.

    The Golden Triumverate
    • Pays 15,000 regals on a venture.
    • In response to the growth of Sancellist churches in the region; the Triumverate allows the church to grow with little detriment. These clergymen for the moment seem harmless. 5,000 troops were stationed there for protection of these churchmen.

    House Reinard
    • 70,000 regals are paid to Delmotte for the provinces of Hoogfryse and Noordelande.
    • 4,000 regals are paid to Abigail Tucker.
    • 5 Reinard ships are sent to the State.
    • Reinard attempts to court the covenant and are rejected again as the Covenant for the same reasons as before and the fact that the Covenant are practically done with their pursuit now the the Wardens are being dealt with.
    • 20,000 troops with the Archblood regiments are to Maarde under Deo dei Termini to prevent covenant movement which succeeds as the Covenant has fizzled down thanks to the efforts of Avalorn and the large armies combatting the Wardens.
    • 10,000 troops are sent to join Kreiburg and land successfully under their control.
    • 20,000 regals are spent on a business venture.

    House Typhonus
    • Typhonus attempt to bribe Wardens to leave the Typhonus lands to combat the Poppy’s Wall in Morelle and Alvania provinces with 20,000 regals which they decline.
    • 25,000 troops under Reimar Typhonus march into Parchstadt to remove the Wardens of Purity which succeeds.
    • 13,000 troops are sent to the State on top of their previous donations, totalling 30,000 in all.

    House Harhold
    • The Harhold fleet continues to protect Anglian and Lokkenland borders from escaping Latimer troops which they are later informed of have gone home.
    • Harhold declares that MacFarlinh opens its borders for ailor refugees from Goretaan lands with 15,000 regals spent on ensuring accomodations. Some disenfranchised Highlanders agree but the majority refuse, stating that Highlanders, while not entirely, can sometimes be of Pagan faiths and given what Harhold is alleged to have done before to such faith followers; they’d rather cut their losses.
    • 8,000 troops enter Vlissinghelm and ensure the complete removal of the Covenant for good.

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