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    - Alaric Kreiburg and Harric van der Veer's 2,000 retinues are wiped out upon entry into Genevaud by the Wardens.
    - A Vast Vampiric flying Fortress descends from the clouds in Fergfeld, bombarding the local city of Fergfeld and causing an inferno, spreading terror on the locals as Vampire-adjecent beasts descend around the flying Dorkarthi castle raining death Magic down on the city, before disappearing back through the clouds. This demoralizes the Warden control over Fergfeld.

    - The Feudal Council immediately demobilizes the entire army following the peace with Peirgarten.
    - Julius Peirgarten attempts to bribe the Kreiburg loyalists left in Genevaud to become an autonomous region under him which they decline. Another offer sent to the Wardens of the same content is also declined by the Wardens who believe they still have a good chance at remaining independent.
    - All subsequent orders that depend on the Wardens or Kreiburg loyalists flipping sides to Vicieux are null.

    - Humaira Reinard is paid 1,400 Regals.
    - 5,000 Regals are spent to buy 1,000 troops. They are subsequently sent to the State.

    - 12,500 troops are sent along with 20,000 Regals to Rumvalia and clear out the Wardens of Purity.
    - 10,000 Regals are spent to improve the lives of the peasants in the provinces in their wake.

    - The Anglian provinces of Noordelande and Hoogfryse are given local legislative freedom with regards to Dragon Temples. The locals use that loophole by passing a bunch of laws which they claim are for the preservation of local tradition, but actually just end up shutting the provinces down from foreigners getting in without approval from the local aldermen.
    - Markus Delmotte leads 40,000 troops to eject the Wardens from Vixe-Boisse.
    - 10,000 Faulkner soldiers remain in Micelle to prevent Warden growth.
    - Give 3 warships to House Sorenvik for 18,000 Regals.
    - Spend 20,000 Regals on Imperial propaganda in Maisondire, which flips the local culture to Imperial.
    - 10,000 Regals are used along with Aelfric Harhold's personal presence to convince the local clergy that Markus Delmotte is a pious ruler. While the money goes to waste, Aelfric Harhold's personal presence is effective in at least assuaging the clergy's apathy to the ruler, raising the faction to Medium from Low.
    - Mistress of Letters stipend is raised to 1000 Regals.
    - Mistress of Hotiers stipend is raised to 500 Regals.

    - 10,000 soldiers are moved from Dinnan to Vattanais, preventing Warden growth.
    - Avalorn queries advice from Tanaar Ivaelle, which gives none (empty "tell me what to do" orders are bounced).
    - Avaineiral returns from his week long journey to the west. In the far west, the Kathar and the Altalar continue the war on the ground, but there are no major fleet movements to be seen. The south Fin'ullen fleets still stand between the Kathar and the Hadarian region.
    - The Avalorn fleet is returned to private use from the State.
    - Avalorn sends out word that an Elven army stands in Vattanais to accept refugees. While this works, it also does the opposite of funneling the Wardens in a blood frenzy at the Vattanais province to destroy the Elven army. The Avalorn army faces down a massive Warden militia army and is soundly crushed and sent back packing to Solleria. The Wardens take Vattanais, however due to them concentrating so hard on the Elven army, they effectively lose everywhere along the Shoenn to the Fleur d'Magi who beat them back.
    - The Vultdragon Guardians are also capable of wiping the Wardens from Alania Sur because they become isolated.

    - 40,000 Regals are spent to build Unionist churches across Clannadh-Alba.

    - 30,000 Regals from the Northern Development Fund are used for grand reforestation. (Aesling Ability bounced, Permission Powers not registered in the system).
    - Eddair Mac Conall is paid 3,000 Regals.
    - House Delmotte is paid 18,000 Regals for the 3 purchased ships.
    - 2 ships are given to House Peirgarten free of charge, and 1 is given to Kreiburg free of charge.
    - Sorenvik's statements to the Typhonus Feudal Council fall on deaf ears, because the Calembergers do not listen to northerners without a say from their local rulers.

    - The Wardens take the land offer for Ibilisi, Trabzon and Verkilis as well as a 15,000 Regal alms donation, in exchange for ceasing their actions in Latimer lands, creating the first such scenario of a ruler actually peacefully solving the Wardens without threat or annihilation. This does however create the East-Atolia faction, a faction of highly volatile and militarized peasants that for the time being are positively disposed to Latimer, all with the assistance of Fleur Latimer's diplomacy.
    - The Feudal Council approves another 10,000 Troops to be mobilized for the fight against The Poppy Wall.
    - 20,000 Regals are paid to Ariramorel.
    - 8,000 Troops in Kintyr cannot be sent to the State because Harhold's blockade remains.
    - The Belliard Guild is offered 30,000 Regals for a crate of Musketes, but they decline to this "Non-Ailor cretin".
    - 1,500 Regals are paid to Fjellyn Sorenvik
    - 500 Regals are paid to Muzhu Keel-Yaotl.
    - 500 Regals are paid to Athalon Elfessi.
    - The Latimer State flate moves around scouting the lands of Hadar. It is difficult to properly scout them, as these islands are numerous and quite dense, making it nearly impossible to see what is going on beyond the coastline due to the thick jungles. Each time the Regalian fleet moves, the Sendrassians move in their wake to other islands unnoticed, while the locals in Hadar are also not wonderfully helpful with a somewhat anti-state stance to Regalian involvement, not wanting to be seen as if they need the nanny state assistance of the Regalian Empire to hold their own borders.
    - 10 ships from the state are sent into Admiral Sangiovese's control. This order is bounced, as Latimer does not have control over the State Fleets anymore, that is given to the Logistic Minister.

    - 5,000 troops are returned to Hexenblood lands.
    - 15,000 mobilized troops are stationed in Libertade, preventing the spread of the Covenants.
    - 3 ships are sent to the State.
    - Anathema travels to the city seen during Klaus Typhonus's visit to Yaotl, finding it largely occupied by the Sendrassians. Anathema manages to avoid their detection purely on the virtue of being Void infested themselves and thus not being noticed by the strange Void cultist priests that wander the city. The city is largely abandoned, the bastion walls of the city did not hold, though from some locals, Anathema overhears that while Yaotl held the city, as soon as Yaotl moved the army to an adjecent city, the Sendrassians sent in another attack and captured the city. A few crashed Yaotl airships are littered on the beaches, but nothing in particular can be learned, aside from the locals saying that it is "Yaotl's invention", which roughly means that he personally championed their development, but that the actual inventor is close to his court and probably in his grasp.

    Ardige Viduggla
    - The Logistic Minister grants Latimer 20 warhips for use in his campaign.

    - 10,000 Regals are given to Maximillian Black to travel to Ipsola to discuss expanding trade in the Rim Isles. No worthwhile conversaion flows out of this diplomatic mission however, because Ipsola is immensely isolated, and a trade expansion could not work without Ariramorel and Golden Triumvirate assisting.
    - 10,000 Regals are sent to the Gallovian Court.
    - Edric Black is sent with 4 ships to inspect travel between Ipsola and Port Pirtais, but nothing of noteworthy interest is found.

    von Drachenburg
    - 10,000 troops are sent to the State.
    - Crown tax is lowered to 10%.
    - 20,000 Regals sent to Poltern and Duerrstein to convince them to become loyal to von Drachenburg fail.

    - Rodrigo's 30,000 troops are stationed in the capital and prevent further collapse. The capital of Lorhauser is cleared of Wardens, however to the west, Elane and Essire fall into the hands of Genevaud Wardens, causing Peirgarten to lose control over these provinces. (Armies can only be assigned to 1 province, or moved from 1 province to another 1 province with minimal interactive orders on the way. If orders are given to focus on multiple provinces, the most important prrovince instead if chosen by the processor, which in this case is the capital.)
    - (Order to invest in destitute people and build a University is bounced. You cannot send in an order doing 2 different things and then not specifying how much of each split goes to what order. A University is not addressing the woes of the destitute farmers, and spending money on destitute farmers is not going to promote Dressolini cultural values. Building major important architectural marvels requires specific investment amounts and cannot be clumped into other pre-existing orders)
    - 30,000 Regals are paid to Vicieux. (again, addendum order of "attempting to address the Ithanian losses" is bounced. This order is very clearly a treaty payment to House Vicieux as the treaty demands, you cannot mask it as something that it isn't. It will never satisfy the Ithanians because the money is going into Julius Peirgarten's personal bank account and that does not address the Ithanian losses in any way).

    Golden Triumvirate
    - 2 Ships are bought for 20,000 Regals.
    - 25,000 Regals are spent on eradicating the Luna Sangre Coven from Golden Triumvirate lands.
    - 20,000 Regals are used to establish an academy of Magical acceptance, joining the 4 other Magical schools, albeit becoming their half-funded cousin, as the others were all valued aty 40-50k Regals.
    - 20,000 Regals are spent on advertising safe Magic usage in Isla Nublera, while also declaring Magic an important Unionist tool. All efforts moving the locals into being more pro-Magic, but also pissing off the church.
    - 5,000 Troops are stationed in Isla Nublera for peacekeeping reasons.

    - Julius Peirgarten is paid 2,500 Regals.
    - 20,000 Regals are spent on a royal expedition to Talahm Gall by Tommen Howlester, carrying messages from Angelica and Genevieve Howlester from the Prince, along the lines of preservation, facilitation and protection of traditions of Talahm Gall. The Howlesters eventually meet up with the Madadh-Howl family, one of the distant cousin branches, and are given tours around the rather destitute looking capital of Mordavigh. When commenting on the state however, the locals say that they are quite content, and understand that living conditions in Kinwry are different, and that luxuries are different there, but that any protection they receive "comes from the moon". This particular statement doesn't draw too much attention, the group assuming it has something to do with the local traditions and folklore. When the subject of the Blood Cairns is raised, the ruler of the Madadh-Howl clan leads the group to the Forest Spirit temple. This temple built on the edges of the capital contains a full Bloodcairn, which involved up to five recepticles and several statues of wolf-men in various states of combat with other demonic figures, and one curating the five bowls, a far cry from the arm-less and damaged statue found in Ceardia.

    Some comments are made about the faith beyond the understanding of the group, but the lord tells them that these Cairns exist all over Talahm Gall, deep into the Crag Fenns, which are the mountain passes, and also beyond what they consider is safe to travel through, as the areas are deeply snow-logged and filled with wild beasts that do not always shy away from attacking travelers "if the moonlight does not shine right". They eventually go packing back to Regalia with a few charts showing some known locations of Cairns which were supposedly placed on Talahm Gall, but comments that many more probably exist as well in Clannadh Alba, Ceardia, Dragenthal, and Silverwind, each holding some sort of knowledge, placed by what the lord refers to as the "Wardens of the Moon", without going into specifics.
    - 20,000 Regals are paid for a great work of art, a painting or Sculpture relating to Gallovia. Geneviveve has the idea to send an artist to Talahm Gall to make a marble copy of the Blood Cairn in the Forest Spirit Temple, depicting the five Wolf-men fighting four demons and one holding out the five bowls inlaid with gold. The statue scene (it's rather big for a single statue) is displayed at the Howlester estate, with the bowls filled with water and red roses.

    - A mission to the G├╝neyliler people is declined by the locals. They refuse to even meet Klaus Typhonus on the notion that they are faring peacefully as Sendras ignores them, and they like to keep it that way, and would not like to be seen even courting Regalian diplomats to risk drawing their ire.
    - Typhonus invests 35,000 Regals in an attempt to improve the lot of the locals, declared the southern recovery fund, which eases some of the locals burdens.
    - The Wardens lay down their militant practices, for the time being, but continue to spread in Typhonus lands, using the lull to move ahead, while also clashing with the Poppy's Wall in Slumberwood territory.
    - 10,000 troops under Reimar Typhonus move to Orienburg to prevent Warden spread (You cannot command an army to split up into 4 seperate armies and then position in 4 provinces all at once, an army can only go to 1 province at a time).
    - The Feudal Council approves a 20,000 troop mobilization request from the Typhonus family in the wake of the Sorenvik road to the mountains.
    - 10,000 Regals are spent on placating the Altalar by essentially acknowledging their part, and granting them some sort of minority representation in the Calemberg court. This inevitably upsets the Feudal Council, the 14 Families, and the Clergy, who were more than content continuing to believe the Imperial Dragon version of events, and keeping the Altalar out of government offices, fearing future "spine-less responses from Typhonuses against petty civil riots that should be put down by the sword in the name of the aristocracy". Nothing major galvanizes however, and the Faction relations stay roughly stable.
    - House Typhonus proclaims that the road construction was not approved, and that any movement between Frederike and Calemberg will be blocked until a proper treaty can be created.

    Valentino Sangiovese
    - As Latimer does not run into any ships, nor does Sangiovese.

    - Kreiburg gives the warship Sorenvik gave back to Sorenvik.
    - The locals in Ara and Ustyeurt finally buckle and approve a mobilization of 4,000 troops.
    - Theopold Kreiburg's 10,000 strong amy is ejected from entering Langthal from Lorenthaus, making it obvious once more that the army is simply too small to push back the Wardens, who are being funneled into the area by Black and Drachenburg. At this point Genevaud has become so infested by them, also paid for and encouraged by Vicieux, that Kreiburg cannot alone reconquer these provinces, nor even with the help of Peirgarten who is slowly getting occupied also in the heartland of the Wardens.

    - 2,000 troops move to Valtyr.
    - 6,000 troops cannot leave Kintyr, as the Harhold blockade is still in effect.
    - Lzalizali's mission is largely ineffective, because Hadar is far too big a place for a single person to cover, and the front moves too quickly.
    - 40,000 Regals are paid to Harhold.

    Finance Minister
    -10,000 Regals are sent to Klaus Typhonus.

    - Augustin Reinard creates a legislative chamber including representation of the peasantry and the clergy, from each Kintyr and Anglia, into the Feudal Council. While the Feudal Council retains exective authority with their decisions (for as far as they can decide on things such as mobilizations), the "lesser" parties are included for the sake of societal cohesion and input. The move essentially creates a very dilluted parliament in Kintyr, with two sides of Kintyr and Anglia. While the peasants and clergy are obviously happy, the Feudal Council isn't all too pleased with their legislative chamber having the noise of the "lesser" classes included in their dialogue, even if they do not have any actual power beyond the right to speak and have an opinion.
    - (Requests to NPC forces to "Tell me what to do" are bounced). When queried about the "impending civil crisis", without specifying it, the Council just sort of argues with each other abnout what this crisis supposedly is, and eventually concludes it probably is the Wardens and the Covenants. The Anglians make it very obvious they systematically hate the Covenants and have strong sympathies to the Wardens, while the Breizh say they have "some" understanding for the Covenants, but are more aligned with the Wardens, yet disapprove of their antics. The Feudal Council maintains the army as mobilized for this explicit goal, even if they are not asked to keep the army mobilized. (Further attempts to filter an agenda from the factions is again declined, above reasons)
    - Reinard essentially creates Archblood death squads in his lands, which is welcomed by some of the Dragon fanatics, but looked at with a concerning eye by the clergy who do not trust the, what they call "undead".

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