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    Lok Guthrain
    House Lok-Guthrain dismisses 4,000 troops of its standing army, while buying 1 ship for 10,000 Regals. Their only further action is to enact legislation for all relevant lands, to enforce a conscription of 2 years mandatory service on all young males age 15 and up. The immediate consequence of this is economic downturn, as all age-appropriate apprenticeships in the craft sector are cancelled, and from various farms and stables, their farmhands and stable assistants of that particular age group are forcibly conscripted. With the agrarian and craft sector in turmoil over the sudden loss of workers, the Ailor population of Medway makes their disdain known against this law, while the Orcs welcome it, as it does not affect them anyway given that their youngsters are all conscripted from birth.

    Von Duerr
    House von Duerr spends 20,000 Regals to buy new infrastructure roads in their lands to connect the Calderliga port cities in the hopes of encouraging greater economic expansion. No economic expansion occurs however as whatever gains are made by this venture in terms of economic taxes being raised, is off-set by the cost of maintaining these roads, thus bringing House von Duerr to a net change of 0 Regals, albeit with some new shiny roads that look nicer than the other cobble roads of von Drachenburg owned lands.

    Golden Triumvirate
    Dismisses 10,000 Troops.

    House Viduggla Dismisses 10,000 Troops while paying House Typhonus 10,000 Regals, House Black 6,000 Regals, and Goretaan Throng 4,500 Regals. Furthermore, 10,000 of their active standing troops +1,000 Mercenaries each of Hjalmar and Valbrand Haagenvig are assigned a task force of mercenaries to offer assistance to the northern realms to squash any brigand activities for money. This raises some serious question marks with the puppets of House Viduggla, since these puppets already pay their tithes to House Viduggla, and there is a certain arrangement in their giving away political freedom for the sake of protection by House Viduggla. The additional offer of troops being used to extort more money for an activity that is already expected by contract from House Viduggla is upsetting to some. Finally, House Viduggla spends 15,000 Regals to search for rumors to recuperate financial losses, which ends up being a dud investment. Some Velheim claim there is a pot of gold somewhere in Kintyr, but seeing as that land is about to turn into a warzone, no effort is made to chase after it, while some also claim it’s complete nonsense. Drixagh has been so cut off from the world, especially since Hadrian’s wall makes cross border contact impossible, meaning the locals don’t really hear anything happening outside Drixagh. Viduggla also pays the state 103,000 Regals.

    Marceau Delmotte offers his stipend to the Crown to substitute house Crown Tax, however Marceau Delmotte does not currently have a Crown stipend, so that amounts to 0 Regals donated. Furthermore, Louis Delmotte invests 30,000 Regals into a cultural event conference to invite all Burdigala, Imperial, Ithanian, Toulonne, Anglian, Bragacao, Daendroque and small populations of Altalar to the capital for celebrations. Covertly, in an attempt to see who would best convert to the Imperial Culture. Unfortunately, while everyone loves the party, each of these cultures have unique resistance reasons not to fold to Imperialism, besides the Anglian population due to their close proximity to House Kade. The Toulonne and Ithanians remain staunch in their western ideals, while the Daendroque and Bragacao are uniquely mistrusting of Imperial sentiments, Altalar remain with their own, and the Burdigala do not enjoy the stiffness of the Imperial Court.

    Dismisses 10,000 Troops and gives 3 Ships to House Latimer. Due to the Limited Conflict by House od Albion, a mobilization call is triggered in the Ariramorel Lands. Due to the naval blockade in the Kintyr straits (the Ariramorel fleet is able to disengage and regroup in the Rim Isles before od Albion’s blockade catches them), the forces are hopelessly split up. In Coltyr, the standing army of 10,000 stands alone without General. In Valtyr, only the 3,000 local troops without General are summoned. In the Rim Isle territories, an isolated 10,000 are summoned without General and gather on Rozzatora where the fleet is also anchored.

    House Latimer dismisses 10,000 Troops while paying 15,000 Regals to House Typhonus for the 2 ships bought. 3 ships are accepted from Ariramorel, as well as the 2 from House Typhonus.

    Hexenblood spends 15,000 Regals to locate the whereabouts of the Anahera stockpiles, which are pretty easily discovered in some off-marked warehouses in San Selin. These stockpiles give them the following options: A. to sell, without knowing the market value beforehand. B. to conscript 10,000 soldiers for free. C. to purchase 2 ships for free. These stockpiles can be sent to any other Family/Group, and can be saved up until used later also, or cashed in immediately. 30,000 troops are dismissed from the standing army, while Crown tax is also set to 8%.

    Von Drachenburg
    House von Drachenburg dismisses 10,000 Troops while also scuttling 3 of their ships. 77,640 Regals of the State Bank are paid out to House Avalorn. An additional change in State legislation allows House Viduggla to purchase up to 2 ships, but only on the condition they pay 103,000 Regals to the State.

    House Slumberwood dismissesd 8,000 troops and scuttles 3 ships, while paying 3,000 Regals to House von Duerr.

    House Peirgarten sets their Crown Tax to 10%, while dedicating 13,724 Regals to the State Bank. House Peirgarten spends another 20,000 Regals to celebrate Croissenpatisdag Festival, particularly inviting the Lion’s Fold, part of the Typhonus Government Opposition to celebrate with them as guests of honor, no doubt to woo a group that politically strives to have House Peirgarten ejected from Brissiaud. Naturally, the Ravenstads cannot pass up this opportunity to show up in style, which they do with Medard of Saint Lucia heading the delegation. The proceedings are cordial, and they appear also as guests when the countess Peirgarten announces her familial conversion to Conservative beliefs, ordering all Lorhauser (Capital only) Institutions to purge members of non-Unionist and Aberrant sympathizing crowds. City Guards are also ordered to root out any heretics, void-worshipers and anti-unionists as well as jacobins, while using forced conversion on those that are found. Immediately, these changes are received under great jubilee, even to the approving looks of the Ravenstad delegation as the Assembly erupts in cheers, praising house Peirgarten.

    On the ground, the local population is lukewarm to welcoming to the changes, with Vultarin “heretics” going underground and hiding their faith, and non-Unionists and jacobin leaning members purged from the administration. There is some unease coming from the Vixhall provinces, remarking that the Conservative agenda is a strong departure from the Countess’s liberal progressive views that the Ithanians were fond of, but nothing major happens yet since the Countess only rolled out her legislation to Lorhauser. Finally however, Medard de Saint Lucia raises his ring studded finger, the same finger that once declared Ulric Typhonus a Heretic, and remarks to the Countess just after she has finished ordering the Guards to seize upon Aberrant sympathizers: “One supposes that the Countess aims to exempt herself and her warm-blooded consort from her laws regarding those who sympathize with the occult and magical and mutated, seeing as she permits her consort by her side to flaunt his new magical hand!”, causing the whole Assembly to suddenly fall to complete silence and look to the Countess for some sort of declaration on her husband’s Artifact which has been so widely used in Regalia that the whole of Lorhauser knows he has it.

    Od Albion
    House od Albion commences a limited conflict with Ariramorel by circumventing their Feudal Council and launching a military campaign with their fleet and troops. 5 ships (including the 3 given by House Typhonus) are put under the command of Admiral Wolvard od Albion and sent to blockade the Ariramorel capital, along with 5 supporting Harhold ships, who joins the conflict.

    4,000 troops of the Acting Army are put under the command of Coen Hood, along with his 1,000 mercenary band, and sent to Alos from where they enter Valtyr with intent to besiege the local fortifications. This invasion force is met by the 3,000 Valtyr local troops that are hastile cobbled together, which manage to repulse Coen Hood back to Alos after his invasion of their land, denying him the ability to start any sieges this turn. Despite the Ariramorel owned troops being leaderless, and despite being outnumbered by 2,000 troops, and despite Coen Hood’s skilled command over his own Mercenary Regiment, putting a Commander in charge of an army that should be led by a General has disastrous effects on the army’s command structure, with Coen Hood losing control over the battlefield while he is right in the middle of it and unable to see what is happening around him. Due to Coen Hood's unclear and uninformed orders, the army ends up performing even worse than the Valtyr defence force that doesn't even have a General. With roughly equal losses on both sides, the Valtyr troops dig into their capital, while Coen Hood is forced to retreat to Alos’s border region.

    Tyrael od Albion leads the 6,000 standing Army remaining with the assistance of 1,000 Mercenaries from Alaric Keen, Amorak Oakenforge and Zzhao Cro-Azulon into the Mountains of Alstyr, eventually disappearing somewhere in the mountain passes, while leaving behind a warning for the capital to prepare for a siege from the enemy. (Isa Ibin Alard Kettson, Cenric of Hookton, Ronnard od Orwyn, Markus Stoneeater, Focus Ironfist and Tyr Tsavong have all been discounted from orders because these players all have a mixture of too little roleplay in the past 5 weeks, not having logged on for weeks, playing other characters 95% of the time, or simply not being active enough to be included in orders. Orders only process player retinues of players who are active MassiveCraft played characters.) Because of this discrepancy, mercenary band payments of 11,000 Regals are stalled until the Baron can review which Mercenaries actually help out.

    Finally, House od Albion promises double the wage for the mercenaries in comparison to his own army, while also reassuring commanders that money will keep coming, and that if all mercenaries see the conflict through to the end, that the Baron will award them with gifted land, small homesteads across the Kintyr countryside. This particularly disturbs the locals across Kintyr, since much if not all of the land in Kintyr is used up by landlords, farmsteads or owners. In order to comply with his promise, the Baron would have to evict Breizh people who have lived on their own land, probably their families for hundreds of years, to accommodate land grants for these mercenaries who comprise a mixture of Dwarves, Allar and Ailor. The idea of the Baron not only inviting non-Ailor to fight his conflict for him, but then also promising land to them in Kintyr, essentially progressing non-Ailor, non-Unionist immigration to Kintyr, rubs a lot of people the wrong way and is raised up by the Opposition Purists as well as the Supporter Supremacists as a crime in waiting to the Breizh people on the part of the Baron, pleading him to rescind his words and proclaim Kintyr for the Breizh people, not for diminutive Dwarves, wretched Orcs or slimy Allar lizards, and promise the Feudal Council that there will be no land seizures by codifying the right for multi-generation land ownership to be upheld as Breizh tradition.

    House Typhonus
    House Typhonus sets their Crown Tax to 1%, sends 10,000 troops to the State Army, and sells 2 ships to Latimer, giving 3 to od Albion, and pays 10,000 Regals to von Drachenburg.

    House Black
    House Black Scuttles 10 Ships and sets Crown Tax to 7% and pays 10,000 to the state bank.

    House Reinard pays 45,000 Regals to House Delmotte, while setting Crown Tax to 10%. House Reinard also encourages the literary growth of the relatively peasant-minded Baarlowe by spending 20,000 regals to accommodate literary minds from Doorinner, attempting to create a pro-literacy movement and academia oriented culture in the Reinard court in Baarlowe. The move is somewhat successful, with some notable playwrights moving to Baarlowe, finding that the local peasants are easier to please with less complicated stageplays, and the literary environment in Baarlowe is less competitive than in Doorinner.

    House Sorenvik purchases 5,000 troops for 25,000 Regals, sets Crown Tax to 10%, and gives 3 ships to House Black, who already set their fleet to a fixed number, so instead these ships are just destroyed.

    Huron’s Post
    Huron’s Post dismisses 4,000 troops while settling the remaining 6,000 on rotating guard duty in each province, stationing them in and around Dragon sites (Temples, old ruins, etc), denying any would be graverobber, archeologist of scholar entry. Furthermore, Huron’s Post ships start patrolling the waters, demanding intent from all passing ships, and turning back ships that have any intent to go near Dragon related sites, thus creating a complete black-out on all Dragon sites in their lands, particularly the massive complexes in Draackenpost and Hoogberge, the Crown Plateau of the Blue Crown Dragons.

    House Kreiburg pays Huron’s Post 2,000 Regals and sets Crown Tax to 10%. 1,000 Acting Army troops are sent to garrison Lunnais with Alaric Keen as commander, however Alaric Keen never shows up since he is mercenary soldiering in Kintyr, while Leon Claudio is appointed Field General. Further garrisons are divided among Genevaud provinces, while the fleet is docked in Arta.

    House Avalorn sets their Crown Tax to 2%, while also re-establishing their consulate in Tanaar Ivaëlle. It is discovered there however that both the passage of time and recent developments between the Suvial and Kathar in their conflict have caused most if not all the Princedoms save for Tanaar Ivaëlle to pull back from any communication with the Regalian Empire. This final act, save for the single line of communication between Avalorn and a single Altalar Princedom, indefinitely puts to rest the opportunity of Regalia to induce the Altalar states to join the Empire, consigning the failing of Louis Delmotte as Chancellor to keep the dialogue open to history.

    Goretaan Throng
    The Goretaan Throng dismisses 10,000 troops and scuttles 3 ships.

    House Harhold pays 6960 Regals to the Regalian State, while initiating a limited conflict alongside house od Albion against Ariramorel by using their 5 ships to blockade the Kintyr straits.

    Random Flashpoints
    • Peirgarten 91
      • There is a minor Altalar race riot in Lorhauser. While the Altalar population is very miniscule, the few that do live there are wealthy, and are very unhappy with the unclear enforcement of anti-aberrancy legislation as the guards cannot tell the difference between a non-magical and magical Altalar.
    • Harhold 6
      • A local baronet's family goes extinct, resulting in a sale of titles. House Harhold gains 15,000 Regals from the sale of titles.
    • Typhonus 54
      • A local baron has seemingly been misbehaving, imprisoning peasant arbitrarily and extorting their money. Various groups of peasants appeal to the Typhonus family rectify this baron's abuse of the peasantry, but the Feudal Council tells the Typohonuses to turn a blind eye to this aristocratic exercise of rights.
    • Black 74
      • Heavy storms terrorize the Shoenn River, blocking the Black fleet from leaving port next turn.
    • Viduggla 35
      • A local uncooperative philosopher who is aggressively denouncing Velheim culture and Old Gods faith is being chased by the guards, seeking asylum in foreign nations (and likely a salary). This philosopher is particularly anti-Viduggla, spewing a lot of negative commentary about them to their cult.
    • von Drachenburg 68
      • von Drachenburg's lineage is shaken due to some papers unearthing an unclear lineage of immigrants, however von Drachenburg's Cadar artifact completely negates the effect of this flashpoint and restores the lineage authority.
    • Delmotte 24
      • In some caves of Basta, once belonging to a notable Reverend in the early Unionist Church, some creed professions are translated that result in a notable shift towards atheism in the minority populations.
    • Avalorn 88
      • Local Ailor peasants petition the Sol to confiscate some unused lands owned by the Elven land owners, to grant to the Priscelle Unionist Church to establish Priscelle parishes for the benefit of the spiritual guidance of the peasants.
    • Reinard 38
      • The death of a powerful merchant nets House Reinard 15,000 Regals from a donation in his will.
    • Slumberwood 28
      • The merchants in Silmark are harassed by Songaskian pirates, petitioning the Slumberwood family to send at least 10 ships out on a mission to the Silbrae coasts.
    • Sorenvik 63
      • A new flagship is donated to the Sorenvik family by some locals for free. This ship, unlike other normal Velheim ships, is a formal battleship designed by Anglian proportions and specifications.
    • von Duerr 3
      • a noble is assassinated in von Duerr lands, leading to a momentary scare among the aristocracy for their safety.
    • Latimer 7
      • Athos suffers from the non-enforcement of Ordinances, leading to erosion of the Etosian Church's power structure. The Etosian clergy requests that Latimer dedicate some troops to ensure the enforcements of their ordinances.
    • Lok-Guthrain 27
      • A trading company bubble bursts in Medway, causing a loss of 10,000 Regals from Lok-Guthrain's bank due to collapsing investment funds.
    • Golden Triumvirate 56
      • Nothing happens.
    • od Albion 52
      • Nothing happens.
    • Kreiburg 43
      • Nothing happens.
    • Goretaan 47
      • Nothing happens.
    • Huron 30
      • A local baronet has seemingly gone insane, condemning some random people to execution. Before these are executed, they appeal to Huron's Post to set hem free, claiming that there is no cause to imprison them, and that the baronet has gone insane, while petitioning any other foreign power to come and liberate them.
    • Ariramorel 57
      • Nothing happens.
    • Hexenblood 43
      • Sweating sickness erupts in San Girobalda's port cities, causing a sudden uptick of miasma in the streets and sickness that risks spreading to the adjacent countryside.
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