Wintertide Workshop: Ornament & Toy Making

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    We are often reminded what the Wintertide season is all about but one of the main things would be giving back to those in need. With this said, House Nordhjem is inviting the public to a workshop creating wooden ornaments and toys which will be sent to less fortunate families across Regalia to make this season just a bit more jolly. Not adept in carving? We are in need of painters as well! Wish to just support those working? Bring a good attitude and friendly conversation! I think everyone is in need of some extra Wintertide cheer this year!



    When? December 14th, 5pm EST
    Where? The Nordhjem Estate (Prismatic Shard named “Vyzal Estate” in fast travel)
    Why? Who doesn’t love spreading that jolly energy even if it’s in roleplay!
    Who? Any and all who wish to help! (Guards will be on sight for any Grinches!)
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