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What feature(s) do you like the most?

  1. Dead plants/leaves

  2. Snowy half-slabs

  3. Connected textures

  4. The music

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    What is Winterpatch?
    • Winterpatch is a resource pack meant to make Regalia look more festive and wintery. It included new textures, some title screen music, and models!
    Does it require Optifine?
    • For some of the features, like connected textures, yes. However, the custom models and music are able to be used in Vanilla.
    Does it work with Massivebound?
    • Yes! Just put it above Massivebound in the resource pack folder. Also, I'm working on a full release for Massivebound 1.15. However, I have preview version here.
    How does it run?
    • It runs fairly well on my PC. However, I cannot guarantee it'll work on all computers, as I only have one. Test it out and see how its runs. There are custom leaf models, so those might cause some framerate issues, as Regalia uses a lot of leaves.
    Music? Can I hear some before I download?
    • I have uploaded a piece onto the RP Community Discord. Just search "from: indyfan98#7933 has: sound" in the Search Bar. It should pop up.
    What's added?
    • Pack Icon (It's blue and has a snowflake, so you can see it easier in the menu)
    • New textures for sapling at both growth stages
    • Custom models for Birch, Oak, and Dark Oak Leaves to make them look bare and leafless
    • Snow on top of Smooth Stone, Stone Brick and Cobblestone Slabs
    • Better ice textures
    • Connected ice
    • Stone looks snowier
    • Title screen music
    • Grass in the city made to look snow-covered
    • New flower textures to look dead
    I don't like x feature or texture!
    • Send me a message on Discord (indyfan98#7933). I'll walk you through removing the file(s) you don't like. If enough people contact me about a single feature, I may make a version without that feature.
    How to I install this resource pack?
    • Download from the link at the top of the page and unzip the folder. Place the unzipped file into the resource packs folder in .minecraft. Launch the game, and go to the resource pack menu. Select the pack and have it at the top of the active packs.
    The lily pads are still green!
    • I got tired of banging my head against the wall with this issue. I tried everything to make the lily pads look like floating ice. Nothing worked. The textures are in the pack, animated and everything. If you can get them working, please let me know...
    Where do the textures come from?
    • Some are made by me, but most are the Massivecraft pack and/or Conquest textures, which may be recolored to fit the theme.
    Who wrote the songs?
    • I did. I compose music sometimes, and did so for this pack.
    This makes x district and my house look horrible!
    • I can't enter every home, nor look everywhere in Regalia. I just made sure it looks okay for most of the city at the most common places people visit (bars, taverns, other major building). If you find yourself roleplaying somewhere that doesn't look right with the pack, you can always disable it. It loads slow, however, so I don't recommend this.

    If you have any other questions, please ask below! Comments keep this at the top, and make it so more people will have the pack this holiday season. Happy Wintertide, and have a Massive day!
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