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    -= A Wind Carried Notice =-
    The following notice would be found posted out and about Petal Court for the Ciellonian community to view.
    My friends of the All-Mother, I write this notice if you require Alchemical Services. In addition to providing services, I am willing to provide those of the garden with Alchemy Lessons. As you perhaps know me, I am Darian Ralokan and have studied the practice for many years. I am happy to assist as I can. My alchemy lab and home is located on Petal Court 21. Please find me there if you need any services and I will be happily able to assist. In addition, I do not carry a charge on my services for those of the garden.

    If you come across this notice and are not accustom to the Court, I am still happy to provide services. Since there are many alchemists in the city, I require a charge of 10-50 Regals per craft. You will find my craft to be delicate, and efficient. However, as prior stated, all services for Petal Court residents are free of any charge. All you must do is demonstrate proof of address or be a frequenter of the Court. I provide exceptions for any personal friends and can make these exceptions on a case by case basis for extreme medical and/or financial need.

    With Great Thanks, and All-Mother Guide,
    Darian Esva Ralokan
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