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    Legacy is important to players, as well as groups, but also to the server at large for new players, because these pillars of continuation are important to frame the present time, and also be used in the context of history. Long story short: History is important. As such, we are now accepting submissions for canonization of specific subjects on the Wiki, within certain controlled parameters. These parameters are as followed:
    • Character or Person
      • A page on a specific person, like a politician, gang leader, famous revolutionary, mage, etc. This can really be any person, they don't necessarily have to be famous, they just need to have contributed to the history of the world to some degree.
    • Family or House
      • Same as the above, but more broader relating to whole families and familial institutions. Most Noble Houses are a no-brainer here, but it can also cover Commoner families if they have had a thematic impact on the world around them.
    • Organization or Group
      • Same as the above, but more related to organizations of loose individuals united under one common banner.
    • Server Event or Action
      • Server Events or Actions relate to specific pivotal events, for example: An Assembly where a particular law was accepted that had a wide impact on the player base at large and was often spoken about.
    • Decree or Publication
      • A Decree or Publication, for example by the Government or Synod, which had an impact on the course of history, or the lives of the characters in the city and the world at large.
    • Progression Event
      • A written account of a Progression Post or Submission like they are presented on the Forums. Generally speaking, Progression Posts are easily accepted, since they are canon anyway, and we appreciate the help of players to put that into a Wikipedia content format.
    Finally, the person submitting the request to write the Wiki article will be asked to provide reasoning. While it would be great if every character that ever existed could have a Wiki article dedicated to them, in reality, the majority of them are just not pertinent to day to day roleplay or in the greater scope of things. As such, we funnel the content by requiring a reasoning, a central "Why is this important or why should other players want to read this". Then, the player is prompted to agree to a disclaimer. This disclaimer essentially contains:
    • A surrender of copyrights and property rights
    • An agreement that Lore Staff will change the article
    • An agreement that Lore Staff may reject the article
    • An agreement that Lore Staff may impose changes not reflecting on how things actually happened or are, but because they need to be within the scope of the universe and the needs of the community.
    When a submission has been made, Lore Staff review it every Sunday, where approved and rejected Submissions are picked out. Approved submissions will be sent a Forum PM dictating the Template for the Wiki Article, and additional pointers and requests provided by the Lore Staff. The Player is then expected to write the Article themselves, after which it is submitted to Lore Staff for reviewing, where they will make modifications where necessary. A rejected submitter will not be informed. It is generally safe to assume that if you do not receive a Forum PM within 10 days of submitting a Form, that the Lore Staff have chosen to reject the submission request. In such a case, please do not re-submit a new Submission request, the Lore Staff likely do not want the subject on the Wiki, and will continue to reject repeated submissions. Misuse of this submission form will result in Forum Discipline.

    You can reach the submission form here:
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    • Winner x 6
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    Really cool addition! :))
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    The accounts of surviving a Temple Orphan. Should I try and do.
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